Sunday, September 20, 2015

Easy - Well, It's Sunday, Anyway....

So, Mom has been searching for the Cpt. Phasma action figure from the upcoming Star Wars movie (December). And she is a SHE - a stormtrooper officer, and a villain. Apparently, in the world of (some) hoomins, this is a very big deal. The line just got released on Sept. 3, we're told, and certain toys are just absolutely impossible to find. Like Phasma.

*** Mom says she much prefers the Jango clones, but she wanted this one before she knew Phasma was a girl - she just really liked the armor and the cloak. Mostly it was the cloak, she's a nut about medieval stuff.

Anyway, Mom has been checking online stores repeatedly, and going into stores here, with no success. Amazon even ran out, though you can find affiliated sellers scalping them from $19 to as much as $55; the toy itself is $7.99. That buys a lot of kitteh food, y'all.
Apparently Ceiling Cat has a big sense of humor, because Mom actually found this in Target this morning.

Here she is, invading our breakfast nomming. At least Leia is in the picture!

Oh, thank you VERY much, Mom!
This is NOT funny.



  1. No it's not but our mom's are capable of these indignities! I oughta know. MY mom is a Star TREK fan as much as yours is Star Wars. Maybe they could have a battle one day...warp factor 2.

    1. Oohhhh SW vs ST - one of the greatest rivalries!!

  2. Humans and their weird fixations! It's not even a cat toy.

  3. Wow, selling $7.99 item for $55! That's crazy! Glad your mom found one at local store :-)

  4. I am glad your Mom found one at the normal price. I hate it when people buy stuff and sell it for so much instead of leaving it in the store to be bought at a normal price.

  5. I am glad your mum was able to get it, even if she does put it on you.

  6. We're glad your mom found her toy, but it woulda been better if she bought a toy for you guys. Unless she lets you play with Phasma.

  7. MOL I wonder someone will make a movie !
    " The Way to The Furr "...tee...heh

  8. Although Star Wars is interesting, some of us are waiting for The X-Files series in January! Haven't searched for action figures on that yet...

  9. As long as she doesn't eat your food, kids!

  10. Hooray for Mom finding Phasma at Target! Boo for Phasma interrupting your mealtime! :)