Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Haz Suspicions....

My furriends, I'm not sure what to think. I've always thought my Mom was a pretty good egg but lately, I've started thinking maybe she is being a bit... ohhhh.... what is that hoomin word - sarcastic?

Like this afternoon, she was teasing me about being awake for my one hour. Sure I like to sleep a lot. It makes me happy. So what's wrong with that?

Makes me wonder what else she's been sarcastic about....

So how about y'all? Any of you have an experience like this?

- Toby


  1. This is not good... not good at all... We cats NEED our sleeps. It's how we keep ourselves so beautiful! Our sleeps should never be mocked. It's just not right.

  2. Ours Mommy is sawcastic all the time. Like when she says we ate a WHOLE chicken leg. It was more like a few measly bites. We has to keep a keen eye (and ear) on our Mommy!

  3. We have a tiny idea that our Mommy really isn't happy about our gooey furballs.

  4. No sarcasm here. Lot of exasperation, though!

  5. Yup, we get sarcasm from our mum too.

  6. We haven't experienced sarcasm yet, but we're still kittens. We just get exasperation!

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. Our mom has made some sarcastic remarks about how we always wanna eat and stuff. Hey, we're hungry!!

  8. Oh! Not at All! My mommy is never sarcastic! And if yous believes that --- she can lick her toes just like me can!!!

  9. You stayed awake for an hour? We're impressed!!!

    The Florida Furkids