Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy Caturday

Don't you just hate it when there's a line at the exhibit?!

How can I study the composition, the textures, the deeper meaning of what the artist
was really trying to say here, with someone's tiny ears in the way??

Finally, it's my turn. No distractions!

Mom luffs this time of year. She always goes out and looks for
cool new stuff to clutter up add to our environment.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cornelius, Negotiator

Good morning! We have a conundrum here at Chez Whiskeratti.  So the Lady asked me to see if I could help....

Two days ago a noisy stranger showed up and scared my bestie Toby ... wait.... whispers... ok, Toby was really checking security upstairs, he wasn't scared at all. Anyway, when Mom went looking for him, she found him where he shouldn't have been.

This lovely lady is Chloe, of The Secret Life of Pets fame. She graciously agreed to create a dramatic re-enactment of where Toby was found. (We're lucky to have her, she's quite the talented actress!). "Save it green boy, I'm just here for the cream puffs".

Toby, being the brilliant (and motivated) feline he is, neatly bypassed the first two stair blockades,
but he couldn't manage to actually get into the attic itself.  So he perched here.
Until the Lady dragged him down and - this is where the problem arises -
shut the bedroom door entirely. Now nobody can get in. 

Not while it's brutally hot. We can't risk another Medical Adventure.

And this is really ticking off the Princess, she of the snout smacking tendencies.
She can't go in and lounge on the bed as she loves to do. So she's mad at my bestie.

And my boy Toby isn't happy about being denied access either. 

On the plus side.... I think Chloe kinda likes me!

Hmm... I could like you a whole lot more if you ordered me a pizza...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mancat Monday

Mom says this entire week is gonna be full of mega H O T T s.

So we're planning on relaxing a lot. Which is pretty much what we do anyway.

You know, there is nothing at all un-mancat-ly about liking a little bit of lace.

Just sayin'.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Happy Caturday....

or, Dude, my head!!! If you heard a rumor that Chez Whiskeratti had a MAJOR nip party, you heard right.

In fact, we had such a great time Mom STILL can't find Leia's little blue hamster.

Just between us, we aren't even sure where it went. Seriously, it was a wild night.

And after all great parties.... comes a whole lot of sleep.

Have a great weekend, furriends (just watch the nip usage!)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Mom wanted me to thank all our furriends who expressed concern for me. I thanked her this morning by doing something I haven't done in maybe 7 years.. I brought my favoritest nip toy to her while she was in bed.  I used to do that constantly, but we moved and I stopped.

However, *I* want you to know that moms are TOTAL fussbudgets. I was fine, really. Ok, a little wobbly, and there was that heavy panting thing, but honestly I was gonna get up and walk it off ANY minute there.

Anyways, would you look at what they DID TO ME??

They.. they...  DENUDED me! Both legs! Do you KNOW how long it's going to take for all my handsome orange furs to grow back? !

Meow about over reaction. Honestly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Miss Purritto Presents

Wordless Wednesday

Things That Happened Tuesday (on Monday)

First, we want to extend our deepest sympathies to Random Felines in the loss of their tiny foster boy, Trillium.

Yesterday, Toby was rushed off to the vet because of almost-heatstroke. I found him in the attic after a repairman left, his paws and forelegs covered in sweat, panting, and not wanting to come to me. They gave him fluids and monitored him for the afternoon. I was told that when I went to pick him up, there was difficulty in getting him out of the cage. He wanted to take off their faces at that point.

Had I not been home that day because I wasn't feeling well, had it just been my landlord waiting with the repairman, this would have been a very different post. When he got home, he kept walking around, totally stressed, panting. Eventually he calmed down and wanted me to cuddle him.

And poor Leia STILL has no idea what all the fuss was about!

** PS: Toby is now banned from the attic. I expect some protesting of this executive decision.
PPS: I killed my car battery getting him to the vet as soon as possible. I rushed in and... was emotional, let us say. This was not "put me in line and I'll wait". This was RIGHT NOW!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mancat Monday

So last night, I sensed that Mom needed MEGA cat help making up the bed.

So I helped. And then Leia helped. And we both kept helping. Because that's just how we are.

For some reason Mom just wasn't that receptive to our helpfulness.
Sure, it stretched out into the half hour mark or more,
but so what ? And would you believe she gave up and
started making up the bed around us??

So of course we had to move.
We did eventually come back, but darn, we were worn 
OUT with all of our helpfulness.

Ungrateful hoomins.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Caturday

Mom's new tote bag arrived today. It's from the ever popular - and always expensive - Triple T Studios. She's wanted this bag for AGES but... again... expensive.

Naturally we sprang right into Official Inspection Mode.

Including Toby, who is surprisingly involved with women's fashions and accessories. He has very high standards, you know.

It passed! We didn't get a pic of the other side, but it has a housepanther walking. Very pawsome.

Enjoy your weekend.

** If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get, usually, an email a week with a discount code. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Leia on Tuesday

Good morning, furriends!

We recently acquired a new toy.

It has fun jingly bell balls inside that go round and round.
I, being a brilliant ladycat - but still kitten-ish - learned instantly how to use it.

Toby still hasn't quite got the spin of it.

He says his paws are too big.  I think he needs to watch ME to see how it's done.

In other news...

When Mom started calling me Miss Purrito, I thought it was just more of her silliness.
I should have paid attention. She tried to make one! TWICE!!! On two separate days.

Well, I just put my tiny, delicate paw down firmly on that idea.

I won!

Mom's note:
Not really, Miss Purrito. Now you have to make three trips to the vet to get your ear meds.
That girl is an amazing fighter. Toby is much, much easier to medicate.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mancat Monday

Ask not for whom the PTU opens.... Just get the frak out of the living room!

I'm happy to report that this time, it wasn't for me. It's always me, so I think that's fair, don't you?

Turns out, the Princess had to get her dainty ears checked. Mom says she has a mild bacterial infection. She's not pleased by this turn of events, I might add. But she was.....pawse.... ok, fine, I quote "a very good patient, striking them all with her great beauty and sweet nature. They were in awe of the honor of caring for such a regal presence."... end quote.

Ha. Guess who made me say that!

In other news, I had to inspect some new drapes Mom bought this weekend.
They passed with flying colors. ha ha meow! See what I did there?

I crack me up.

Happy Monday, furriends.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy Finally Friday

Because pretty much all our hoomins luff this day:

So I'm doing pretty good with this new medicine that was forced on me. I'm getting back to my old tricks - including my infamous 3 am Mom Wake Up Call.

And of course, ongoing investigations of... well.. pretty much everything.

Mom thought this was very funny but she fails to take me seriously as a Feline Professional.
It's a bit humiliating, and I think we may need a manager-hoomin meeting soon to discuss her
shortcomings. And her insubordination.

Enjoy your weekend, furriends!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday is Here

Welcome, furriends, to another edition of... Thursday.
Mom says it comes every week, like clockwork.

I'm Toby, your host for today. 

First up - the garden. The alleged garden, anyway. Some new stuff.

She added some seascape creatures - a seahorse, a crab, a starfish and a lobster. 
(All hard plastic, really, but don't tell her that.
We don't want to shatter her illusions; hoomins can be so fragile.)

It rained the other day and she told us that the critters were really happy about that.

Sighs. What could we say? Sure Mom, whatever makes you happy.

And now we come to Leia.

Lately, Mom has been calling her "my great beauty". 
Leia approves of this.  

Me, I just try to sleep my way through the Alternate Reality World I live in.


Monday, July 4, 2016

An Indignant Princess Tuesday

Happy week, new bloggie furriends!

I've been tasked by the Lady to post on this breaking news story, but I'm carefully staying out of snout-smacking range. The Princess is....not pleased. Really not pleased. As in, seriously hissed off.

You see, it's all about a chair. A chair that her Highness claimed long ago as her own.
The Lady wants to move the chair outside, says P. L. doesn't need it, she has two beds in that room.

P. L. tells a very different story:

It's MINE, mom! You can't take it away. 
I will hold a grudge for.. for... an entire HOUR if you....

Drat. She took it.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

We WON!!!!! We won!!!!

Take THAT, mean hoomins who don't like cats.

Break out the party hats!

PS: thanks, Summer, for letting us know about this. 
We signed the petition and emailed all the council members. 
As did many, many others, we have no doubt.

Saturday, July 2, 2016