Friday, September 18, 2020

A Face Like This....

 breaking news: Ruth B. Ginsberg has died. Rest in peace; you did your best for us all.

would never do any wrong, right? Ha. 

Her mom just got back from a week long trip. I looked after the furries' inside needs, and a service was engaged to walk Brekke. Oh my Ceiling Cat, this dog turned full on heathen while her mom was away!

She tried to scale the fence out back to go walkabout. I left her alone for literally two minutes. I caught her hanging from her front paws, her head looking back at me, as if to say "oops. You weren't supposed to see this..."

She destroyed toys. Hers AND Vina's. Brand new bouncy ball that V loves, too.

Worst of all - she knocked over the garbage can. With the chicken bones. At least four pieces. Yes, she ate EVERY SCRAP. We speculate that she was chasing Vina, and took advantage of the mess she created. She's never done this in the time I've lived here, so I wasn't prepared. 

I can feel every pet parent reading this cringing. I was absolutely horrified when I got home and realized what she had done. So far, it seems that she is fine from her very poor life decision from early Thursday. 

To be fair, it was a trying week for her. She is a highly active dog denied proper walks and exercise; she is very storm averse and we had weather related to H. Sally; there was separation anxiety from her human; and she was just plain bored. 

A note about pet sitting services - be very, very aware of just what you are getting. She needed a young, energetic person to walk her and play with her, and that is what was paid for. But the service owner sent her elderly parents, who were lovely people but simply not able to properly attend to this big, active dog. I almost feel like this was a case of bait and switch, though I am not a lawyer.

Oh, and if you wondered what Vina was up to this week...

being a purrfect angel. Of course.

Monday, September 7, 2020

What No One Wants In Florida...


If you answered "AC going out in September" you win the grand prize.
The house HVAC decided it was going on vacation, and went.

Thankfully, my garage has a window unit AC that is still working quite well. Being that it was in the mid 80s with high humidity here, Miss Vina got brought into my room first. She was very much not pleased at the indignity of curtailed freedom. But with that thick coat... she didn't get a meow in this. The picture above was right after she sat in front of the door for about five minutes, expecting it to open. (That's a Publix store bag. She enjoys sitting on it).

However, she did settle in to sleep without too much fuss, making herself at home on the Tower o Boxes, on the highest box. Brekke eventually decided she'd had enough of the heat and humidity and came in too. Her mom was considering going to a hotel with B, and leaving V with me, as cats have more difficulty with residence changes. She decided to stay.

We hope the repairman will come today. He's been notified. I really hope it's just a fix and not an entire unit replacement. 

Happy Labor Day!