Thursday, December 24, 2020

Meowwy Christmas


I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and New Year's Eve.

May 2021 bring great tidings of joy to us all.

In other news... I have something special to celebrate. My company lost so many people before and after the sale, they had to take measures to keep those they had left. For me, that included a rather nice raise! I'd done whatever I could to position myself this past year as an employee worth keeping; my manager told me that my dedication had not gone unnoticed. 

Random timing or that special Christmas magic? I'll let you decide. I already know what I think.

The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God."

Luke 1:35. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

I Always Thought....


that cats were challenging enough when making up a bed. 

Attempting to, anyway.

Enter the 63 lb dog. Sigh.

Monday, November 2, 2020

A Very Good Day

 Thank you so much to everyone who provided encouragement and sympathy with my last post. I know we are all going through something this year. 

I do have big news - my company is saved. They found the money needed to not only keep us alive, but also thriving for years to come. I am very, very grateful but also very tired. 

Brekke understands tired too. 

She got a night trip to the beach on Halloween night, she came back very happy but wiped out.

Vina did not accompany the beach expedition, but as always, looks beautiful and regal.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

It's Been Rough

 I haven't been around much, I know, either posting or visiting. I'm sorry about that.

My depression and anxiety was kicked into high gear even before this week's news...

My company is most likely going to be in the hands of the state next week. Unless investors with very deep pockets step forward, which is possible but time is running out. 

Trying to find a new job in the midst of a pandemic and high unemployment rates is not good. At which point I may be looking at being homeless. I can't even fathom that reality.

I don't think I have ever felt so low. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

A Face Like This....

 breaking news: Ruth B. Ginsberg has died. Rest in peace; you did your best for us all.

would never do any wrong, right? Ha. 

Her mom just got back from a week long trip. I looked after the furries' inside needs, and a service was engaged to walk Brekke. Oh my Ceiling Cat, this dog turned full on heathen while her mom was away!

She tried to scale the fence out back to go walkabout. I left her alone for literally two minutes. I caught her hanging from her front paws, her head looking back at me, as if to say "oops. You weren't supposed to see this..."

She destroyed toys. Hers AND Vina's. Brand new bouncy ball that V loves, too.

Worst of all - she knocked over the garbage can. With the chicken bones. At least four pieces. Yes, she ate EVERY SCRAP. We speculate that she was chasing Vina, and took advantage of the mess she created. She's never done this in the time I've lived here, so I wasn't prepared. 

I can feel every pet parent reading this cringing. I was absolutely horrified when I got home and realized what she had done. So far, it seems that she is fine from her very poor life decision from early Thursday. 

To be fair, it was a trying week for her. She is a highly active dog denied proper walks and exercise; she is very storm averse and we had weather related to H. Sally; there was separation anxiety from her human; and she was just plain bored. 

A note about pet sitting services - be very, very aware of just what you are getting. She needed a young, energetic person to walk her and play with her, and that is what was paid for. But the service owner sent her elderly parents, who were lovely people but simply not able to properly attend to this big, active dog. I almost feel like this was a case of bait and switch, though I am not a lawyer.

Oh, and if you wondered what Vina was up to this week...

being a purrfect angel. Of course.

Monday, September 7, 2020

What No One Wants In Florida...


If you answered "AC going out in September" you win the grand prize.
The house HVAC decided it was going on vacation, and went.

Thankfully, my garage has a window unit AC that is still working quite well. Being that it was in the mid 80s with high humidity here, Miss Vina got brought into my room first. She was very much not pleased at the indignity of curtailed freedom. But with that thick coat... she didn't get a meow in this. The picture above was right after she sat in front of the door for about five minutes, expecting it to open. (That's a Publix store bag. She enjoys sitting on it).

However, she did settle in to sleep without too much fuss, making herself at home on the Tower o Boxes, on the highest box. Brekke eventually decided she'd had enough of the heat and humidity and came in too. Her mom was considering going to a hotel with B, and leaving V with me, as cats have more difficulty with residence changes. She decided to stay.

We hope the repairman will come today. He's been notified. I really hope it's just a fix and not an entire unit replacement. 

Happy Labor Day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

No Jetta For YOU!

So, my co worker has never been called back to retrieve Miss J., so let's hope that wherever she is, she is doing well and is happy. I think she probably is. I suspect that the foster mom just fell in love with the fluff ball, and couldn't part with her.

Also on the subject of rescuing black fluffballs...

I had a Zoom team meeting on Monday. We got to see the cutest little black kitten named Ellie. She was rescued from the side of the road during their trip back from celebrating the 4th. The vet aged her about 6 weeks old, so thankfully past the bottle feeding stage. They already had a ten year old resident feline who was not amused at this tiny interloper, but after they bathed both of them in the same shampoo, peace was restored to the valley.

Ellie insisted on being held like a baby during the meeting, which was very entertaining, and quite in line with other such Zoom meetings I've read about.

Paws up for black felines! May all cats of every color and stripe find their forever homes. 

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Vina Gets Out, and Brekke Makes a Furriend

Happy 4th! For sure an odd one this year.

First up - Miss Sylvina got out into the backyard. By herself. I passed by the laundry room, noticed the door was open - which it never is - and investigated. There she was, sitting calmly in the grass, just looking at me. I called to her mom, and we got her back inside with no trouble. I was afaid she'd take off but she was ok with coming back in. Most likely Brekke got the door opened, and the cat decided to enjoy a late July afternoon.

Later, I explained that she is a Princess, and must never go out alone, without her bodyguard and attendants. It's simply not done

Brekke had a visitor today, Mr Bojangles. He's about 4 years old, a recently adopted rescue pit bull mix, half her size. He's due to begin heartworm treatment next week, and has just been neutered. Today was their first meeting. It went well, mostly; she is very socialized and enjoys company. They spent their time running around the yard and doing various dog things.

However, the "mostly" did have one hitch. I've been warned that Brekke does NOT put up with any male... shenanigans.. and will react very aggressively if one tries to show dominance. Mr B did try to prove that he was a male, but her very fierce snarling put an end to that game right away. I was actually quite impressed; she's such a sweet dog but do NOT play that with her. She's been known to put males on the ground at the dog park if they won't back off.

Here's hoping we all have a quiet and peaceful evening.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Brekke Wants Everyone To Know..

how horrible and awful and no-good thunder is.

That is all.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Neko Atsume

I'm not personally a fan of video or computer games, so when my roommate (the one who has two feet) reccommended this app called Neko Atsume, I was reluctant. But yesterday, I downloaded it. 

It is VERY cute.

It's not really a game. You don't do much, and neither do the cats. There is a yard where you place food and toys, and bags, etc. if see if they come. They won't if you are watching, you have to close it and come back periodically to see if you've been visited by a feline.

When they are there, you can take pics of them if you want for their album. Sometimes they leave you gifts, in return for the stuff you left out for them, and you can use that to "buy" more stuff. You can also use real money to buy things, but I'm not doing that. So far I've been visited by six felines. 

I have an Android. I don't know if there is an iPhone version.

Anyway, it's adorable and gentle and very low key. Who among us doesn't get all gooey when we see a lovely kitteh???

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Jetta Update

Happy Caturday to all.

Jetta should have gone to her new home two weeks ago but I found out Friday that she hasn't. The woman who is fostering her doesn't want to give her up, and has been avoiding my coworker's phone calls.

So... I'm of two minds on this. 

On the one paw, my coworker was responsible for saving Jetta, and getting her into experienced hands to care for her early weeks. And her two young children have been eagerly awaiting her arrival. The daughter has been drawing pictures of her kitten-to-be.

But there is the pesky back paw to be heard from.

This would be the first cat ever for this household. And young children are not always that careful. Also, Jetta will likely be emotionally and medically needy throughout her life, as well as remaining quite small. Purrhaps they would be better suited to a robust kitten who is of standard size and had their mom during the critical time. I can tell you from Toby's experience, these things matter. 

In the end, I don't think the rescue / fosterer has the right to make this decision for my coworker. Sometimes they can be very rigid and controlling, though with good intentions. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Oh NO, They Did NOT !

Yes, yes they did, my dear Sylvina.

Her mom's friend brought a tiny dog with him.
So small, he's about HER size.

She is not amused. 

So I've offered her sanctuary in my garage, which was graciously accepted.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Finally Friday

Hidey-ho furriends!

Not much going on here, just trying to get through each day as it comes.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

It's Caturday

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. 

First up, the Princess:

My wall of boxes changed recently, so it gave the Royal Explorer more opportunities to indulge her desires to go UP. She very much appreciated my recent reorganization.

Also, speaking of exploring, Sylvina has been going outside lately! She gets buckled into her harness, put on a leash and transported to the back yard. She absolutely loves this. With Miss Summer as the  example, I've been encouraging her mom to do this. Summer has shown has that cats do indeed love their adventures. The only problem is that she is kind of addicted to outside now, and wants out constantly. 

Unfortunately for Brekke, we've become rather stormy here, which is typical of this time of year. But it does wear her out. I came home this afternoon during a storm and there she was, hanging out on my bed, just looking at me. Which surprised me because I had closed my door when I left, but her mom does have a standing invitation to let her in my garage during storms, so that was ok. Just kind of funny.

I saw a pic of tiny Jetta yesterday. So cute! And doing very well. She can't quite manage dry food yet but eats wet or smooshed food just fine. She'll go to her forever home in about three weeks. It will be my co worker's family's first cat, so they are in for an experience. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Here She Is!

This was taken the day Jetta was found, last Thursday.

She's a smart girl; no resistance whatsoever to being scooped up and placed into the foster system. 
No, she recognized right away this was a Good Thing, and just rolled with it. I'm happy to report that she is doing well.

Jetta had her first vet visit this week. She is indeed a she. And there was one big surprise...

Her age. She's not two-three weeks like we all thought. Nope, she's five weeks!

So very, very tiny. How could she be only five weeks? I started worrying a bit when I heard that, because I know that failure to thrive is a concern for the tiniest. But I will keep praying for her and will believe that she will ultimately be fine.

Also, happy Finally Friday.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Kitten Update

Happy Monday!

Tiny Jetta was passed on, again, this time to a rescue group where she will definitely stay until her adoption. One of my coworkers will be adopting her when she's ready.

And yes, I'm told the official determination is female. But I don't know that she's seen a vet yet so...

Also, she's been paired with another orphan tot also in need, so hopefully she won't be lonely.  I have every reason to be optimistic about her future.

And there's your bit of good news, if you needed some.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Yep, It's Kitten Season

My workplace is bordered by woods, as is most of Tallahassee. Yesterday afternoon some of my co workers went for a walk on their break and came back with.... a tiny black bit of fluff. Maybe two weeks? Old enough for the eyes to be open, anyway.

There was much cooing and squeeing, of course. He already has at least a foster home, if not permanent. After work the adoptive mom went off to Petsmart for milk and other needs. I helped as I could; I sent them a link for the KMR and also one for bottle baby instructions, from the Kitten Lady. I also donated my desk sweater for the baby nesting box. 

The ladies went back out to the parking lot to look for more kittens, but found none. I'm guessing this little guy just got so hungry he went looking for mom or food on his own. Thankfully he was scooped up by kind humans. Now, Jetta has a good shot at a long, healthy life.

In these uncertain and anxious times, I found comfort and reassurance in knowing that this tiny life was spared. May he be blessed with a long, happy one.

Happy Finally Friday.

** Update: Jetta was passed on to another co-worker who is working from home. The lady has six cats of her own and is very knowledgeable. Jetta is doing as well as can be.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Happy Birthday Sylvina

The princess celebrated four years on Tuesday. 

Here she is with what she described as the BEST PRESENT EVER - 
a box! A fine box, and it has red crinkly paper inside.

She meowed that this made it an extra special experience.

In other news...

Like many dogs, Brekke has a strong aversion to storms. She requires a thunder shirt and medication, and long ago determined that my garage is her storm shelter. I put the blankie over her to help calm her. I don't know if it worked. She came over to stand by me. I think people are her answer to scary things.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

What a Doggo Must Endure

Look at me! WHY do hoomans love to do this sort of thing?
No dignity, I swear. And it messes with my napping too.

It's not even FIRST merchandise either, it's leftover discounted St Patrick's Day stuff.


Monday, April 13, 2020

Today's Staff Meeting

Mr. E Bun and I met first thing this morning at work.
We decided that he should stay on the job with me for awhile longer.

When polled about their feelings.....

cats across America had this response.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Happy Finally Friday / Good Friday / Random Stuff

First up, fur people pics:

This is Miss B and her very, very heavy head.
She is a born lap dog in spirit but physically, oh my stars, she weighs a lot.
But is so sweet, you just let her. She also loves laying on the back of the couch and staring out the window, as she is doing here. 

The princess scored a few hours of quiet naptime on my bed.
I confess I shut out B so she could be undisturbed for awhile.

Right at the end of a night's sleep, needing "just five more minutes!"


Current events: There is a Lincoln commercial playing right now. Young mother in her remote mountain home, awaiting delivery of her luxury vehicle. It's very nice and pretty and yeaa for her, that she is above it all. Honestly though, it's tone deaf with our society crumbling more every day, hurtling towards the second Depression if the gov. doesn't stop their power plays. I think if I were well off I'd want to keep my head down. ** this is not a slam against those who have worked hard and have earned their financial security, it's just not a time for advertisers to dangle such things to the masses. French Revolution ring any bells?


Very sad news: Iza from Mark's Mews has gone to the Bridge, as of today. Please visit, if you can. 


Today is Good Friday

Monday, April 6, 2020

Oh Those Achy Bits.... !!

Happy Monday to all. 

On Caturday morning, early, I bent over and OOOWWWWW evil bees! Evil bees!

Also known as a pulled muscle in my lower back. Google says technically, pulled back muscles are rare, this is really a nerve issue but I. Do. Not. Care. It HURT!

On the plus side, I used the new telemedicine app my company subscribed to for us, as of April 1, and while I lay in bed on a heating pad, talked to a very nice doctor who prescribed the good Motrin and a steriod for inflammation. Getting in my car to pick it up just about made me cry but I managed, and now on Monday morning, I'm a lot better. Still hurting but much more manageable. However, I am off today, since I can't really sit more than two hours at most. 

Incidentally, bee stings are pretty much what it feels like to sit for too long. 

In other news..

I watched Queen Elizabeth's national address. Can she lead us too ? Please? 
(apologies to our founders but you had no idea what was coming so.... )

Also, I started watching The Good Fight on CBS yesterday. I was hooked 20 minutes into the first ep. Excellent show. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sylvina's Brief Adventure

So the other night, my roommate was doing a final tail check before bed. How often we all do that!
And realized she was one short. This kicked off a frantic hour long search for one small cat.

We looked everywhere, including the back yard and in the front. Finally we decided that somehow she must have gotten outside, because where else could she be? She's not the type of cat to hide, she's quite sociable. And then, while roomie was out back one last time, I heard....

a faint meow. And I knew she was inside somewhere.

Turns out, she got herself into a kitchen cabinet while her mom was getting something out of it, and got closed up. Her mom did check all the cabinets, but I guess Syl wasn't ready to emerge from exploring. This was a corner cabinet with murky depths.

She had to endure hugs from both of us after she was found, but did get some treats so I think she was ok with that. I'm profoundly grateful that she did not in fact get out. 

In other news...

May I present my newest co-worker, Mr E. Bun? His job is to sit with me at reception and make me smile. He does this quite well, and is very needed. Normally I'm the backup to the backup receptionist, so I'm not downstairs much. But the receptionist is an older lady in the high risk group, so she's on leave for the duration. The second receptionist is working from home now, quarantined after a beach vacation (not sick, just a precaution). So I'm it, and I have to tell you, our callers are getting more and more irate, and impatient with hold times. It's very wearing on the spirit. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020

Finally Friday: The Princess Box

No matter what, it's still Friday.

This box is kept under my desk and is half full of papers. For reasons known only to felines, Sylvina loved getting into it. But of course, could never get comfortable. Because it was lumpy and cold.

The box is still under my desk, but has undergone major renovation. It now has the seal of approval from HRH.

The papers were evicted and stuffed into a drawer. Seriously stuffed! But one does what one must in the course of duty to our feline overlords.

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Brekke hates two things:
being alone, and waking up/getting out of bed.

Usually I wake up and she's with me. My bed is comfy PLUS it has an electric blanket, so yeah, she's there.

But in the mornings, I make her leave before I go to work. She detests this, and it's always a struggle. It's hard not to laugh at her total reluctance to get up, it's just like watching a teen get out of bed.

I have to drag her partly off the bed to get her started. Then she does this thing where she puts her front paws down first, her back legs stretched out behind her, and then as slowly as anyone possibly could, she sliiiiides off the bed entirely. Then she walks away, her tail wagging. I assume she's saying she knows I've done this terrible thing - again - but she forgives me. Again.

Yesterday she got to the end of the hall and stopped, turned her head to look at me, like she was saying "how COULD you??" before walking away. 

The lovely Sylvina usually sleeps elsewhere but pops up somewhere around 5 am. She wants feeding and cuddles. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

And The World Keeps Turning

I went to a drive through for dinner, and saw something that made me very happy. And I wanted to share this.

This drive through is right next to a Chinese buffet, and near a Publix. Also some tiny patch of woods. I've seen cats, or a cat, hanging out there. Of course I've worried about them.

But today, I saw two ladies putting a drop trap in the back of their SUV, with at least one kitteh. I hope this is one that will get a chance at a real home.

I thought we could all use some good news today.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Finally Friday

Good luck finding any!

Happy Finally Friday.

Sunday, March 8, 2020


are better with an open window and a nice comfy seating area.

The Princess is utterly, madly, absolutely obssesed with open windows. 
Today I put out Leia's bed in the hopes that she would see the benefits of it.
It sure does beat a cold, hard windowsill.

So far she has. I hope she continues to use it. It makes me happy.

I hope everyone has a good week, and most especially stays healthy.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

It's Wednesday

Sylvina spent quite some time in front of the mirror admiring her beauty and making sure her furs are all in place.

Well, she is justified. She's a gorgeous cat, with a sweet, laid back demeanor. She enjoys coming into my room early and asking for cuddles. 

I took Brekke out in the back yard for some playtime. She really enjoys herself, believe me. Mad zoomies and fierce battles with toys. She has this sweet method of getting me to play with her. She brings a big ball over and waits for me to get hold of it, then goes to town on it. When she pulls it out of my hand, she brings it back and waits patiently for me to grab onto it again. It's very gentle, and patient. She's quite a good dog, but taking care of them this past weekend just reminded me why I'm better suited to cats. 

Friday, February 21, 2020

Florida's Great Big Secret

Do you want to know? Are you ready? Here it is: it rains here. A lot. Many summers, every single afternoon. We're a subtropical state, of course we get a lot of rain. Even here in N. Florida. Though lately there has been a bit of a drought.

Here is why this matters today, or really, last night - my roommate went out of town. I agreed to provide inside care for the fur kids, mostly meal service, treat administration and litterbox attendance. No problem. A dog walker was scheduled to show up twice daily to take Brekke for walks.

Last night, it rained. Not even big rain, no hurricane, tropical storm or a storm that is almost bad enough to be a tropical storm. But special snowflake, flaked, and just couldn't bring themselves to come out in this non-torrential rain (here, snowflake can be any age at all). So I had to make three attempts, in cold rain, to get the dog to pee. I'm getting over a cold and still have a congested cough. Let's say that I was.... not pleased. 

Brekke has a very nice fleece lined raincoat. I do not have a very nice fleece lined raincoat. 

People, when your profession is providing care for living beings, you show up and do that job. It's that simple.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Happy Birthday Brekke !

Her birthday was yesterday, Feb 14. She turned 6 years old.

As you see, Brekke got this pawsome birthday bandana to wear, which she kept on all day. And what a day! She went to work with her mom, as she usually does, and was kept busy receiving good wishes and posing for pictures - she is a bit of a doggo celeb there.

And THEN she went to church last night, where there was a pizza party, and got some bits of pizza crust. We're pretty sure she was convinced that was her party. 

A very full day, and this was her reaction to it all shortly after she got home, like any 6 year old:

In other news...

This face wants her breakfast NOW. Now is good, five minutes ago was better.
And she'll scratch down any door to get it done too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020