Sunday, June 28, 2015

Oh, No, She DIDN"T!!!

I confess - I'm really not a shy sort of mancat. If Mom is in the bathroom and I need to utilize the facilities area, I go for it.

But today.... oh, it was awful... she was washing her hands in the sink. I went in and was going about my business when I felt RAINDROPS on my head! She had turned around to reach for the towel and dripped water ALL OVER ME.

She swears she didn't know I was there, but really Mom? How would you like water on YOUR head during such a private moment??

Friday, June 26, 2015

Finally Friday

(This is a very old picture. We were just young 'uns here!)
Happy Friday and Caturday and almost Sunday to all our furriends! May we all have cool days ahead; there has been way too much of the hots lately for most of us.

Yesterday was our Mom's birthday. In hoomin years she is now 44. We tried to add that up in kitteh years, but Leia & I just don't have enough paws, or toesies, for that. But we're pretty sure that makes her really, really ancient.

She wanted to thank everyone again who stopped by Facebook to wish her a good day.

PS: we just found out that today is Jan of the Funny Farm's birthday. Happy Birthday, Jan. 1.

And this is what Auntie Mary got her from Triple T Studios:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

PS: We know it's Cat World Domination Day - and to celebrate my Mom stepped on me TWICE! Each time she swears it was an accident, but clearly we have a great deal of training to do in THIS house.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday, Monday

Being that I am such a generous and kind soul, I've decided to forgive the
Orange Behemoth for his rudeness. 

He is, after all, only a boy underneath the yards of ginger fur.

Happy Monday to all our furriends and their families.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


I have to whisper here, cuz I'm in hiding, on account of telling everybody about Leia's...facilities issues. She's NOT happy with me. I'm hanging out behind the covers on MY chair. It worked really well - until Mom discovered I was here by kicking the lump as she walked by. Which turned out to be me. She swears it was an accident. Apparently she realized something was odd when her foot connected with something squishy.

Revenge... I will haz it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mom Says...

I'm not allowed to tell that SOME KITTEH had an.... umm... facilities issue this morning.

At 3 am.

There was scootching; the bathroom mat was Ground Zero, so Mom didn't even try to salvage it.

There was general mess and hullabaloo, too.  I would have added shenanigans to it, but it didn't seem quite the right time for that.

And best of all - it wasn't me!

Oh, dear, did I let the kitteh out of the bag??

PS: I really liked that mat, too. MOUSES!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Dreamy Leia

Toby has been fussy for DAYS over that introoder tomcat. Of course I am too!

Except.... just between us ladies.... I wonder if he was tall, dark and handsome??

A girl can dream.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Introoder Alert!

Furriends, I am so mad at Mom, you wouldn't believe. It's just not right, not at all.

This morning she went out for her own breakfast noms, and when she came back, I greeted her at the door. And smelled a TERRIBLE smell - a tomcat had left his scent! At MY doorstep! The rudeness of it. I stood in the doorway area and hissed, to show my mancatliness.

And do you know what Mom said? DO YOU??

"You better not add to the smell." As if I were some low down tomcat slinking around vandalizing others' property. I can't defend my territory? How unfair is that? He can leave his scent but *I* can't??

You've earned the Back of Disrespect, Mom.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's Wednesday!

Mom thinks I'm doing this on purpose to make her smile. As if!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sort of Selfie Sunday

We were just too sacked out to take our own selfie, so Mom did it for us.
In other news....
Mom bought some very cool kitteh inspired earrings from Triple T Studios. We're not sure but we think we found out about their website from the blog of Katie & Waffles originally.

They arrived in this very nice box, but do you think Mom let US have the pretty silver ribbon? NO !

If you want to see them better, they can be found here.
PS: Mom was not compensated in any way, she bought these herself,
we just wanted to pass on something interesting.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy Caturday

Good morning, furriends! We hope everyone haz a wonderful weekend.

We're pleased to report that Toby's tooth is much better. Mom pried his jaws apart; there is only a small amount of pale pink flesh, hardly noticeable now. We really hope this was a one off event, like maybe he just scratched the flesh while he was playing with a toy or something.

And now... we would like to ask for your purrayers and good thoughts for our Mom. We're on Special Nursing Duty for the next week or so. She says the bugs making her sick aren't in her body, and she's seeing a special sort of Stabby Place person to help her with this. She's off work for at least a week. We don't really understand this, but that's ok, we will be here to snuggle and shed and purr for as long as we need to.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Leia on Thursday

Hi ! I'm back, did you miss me? And I'm TAKING OVER today. I am getting really good at TAKING OVER.

Um..... ::blinks:: I got nothing, really.

I could show you our new raised feeding stations:

All of us really liked the modern ones we see online, but Mom says they cost more green papers than we can spend on something like that right now, so they are on the Official Wish List. But we had these old Tupperwares hanging around and while they aren't nearly so pretty, they are just as functional as the nice ones.

We took to using them right away, and Mom says they are better for us to use than on the floor, so we are all happy.

Now, my furriends, go furth and shed everywhere! And remember, you too, can TAKE OVER!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And the Answer Is....

Gingival Hyperplasia. 

This is where the flesh grows up around the tooth. In and of itself, benign, but could possibly grow to cover the tooth, in which case the extra flesh will need to be removed. The word 'cauterization" was mentioned. Toby got a depo. cortisone shot in his leg muscle, which made him limp.

And he's already showing signs of redness around his upper gum line, so we will probably have to do yearly dentals. The joy, it's overwhelming.

Toby's Note: Yeah, she took me in, can you believe it? All the way there, I tried to tell her we didn't need to go, but it didn't stop her. Oh, and in case Tiny Tabby Girl meows it differently, I was NOT scared. Yes, I kept tucking my head under Mom's arm in the exam room, but only cuz it was so LOUD. All those woofies booming. And one squawking kitten tot. Amazing how something that weighs ounces could be so loud, but there it is.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mancat Monday - Warning: Graphic Picture Ahead!

Today's post is not for the kitten tots or faint of hearts!

First, I'm posting a handsome picture to give people a chance to back out....

See? Aren't I so very handsome? Now, on to the Main Event:

Last night I yawned and Mom saw my bottom big tooth. I wish she hadn't because that's led to several attempts to pry open my mouth, and this morning, she had the bright idea to take pictures for the Stabby Place lady. We have four to show her, all blurry because did she really think I'd cooperate?!, but at least it's something.

You can see the red gum around it, thought not very well. She wants to know if any other cat Moms or Dads might know what we're looking at. I had my dental back in November, and it all went well, so we're a bit surprised that there might be an issue now.