Monday, February 29, 2016

Mancat Monday

Mom asked me to pose with stuff again. Since it's been awhile, I graciously agreed.

And promptly wished I hadn't. Seriously Mom? You spent your our hard earned green papers on.... on... medieval themed rubber duckies?? Holy Furminator, why?!

Oh.. ok... she said she actually didn't spend any real green papers, the company sent her a promotional gift card (none of us have any idea why). I guess we can live with that.

But even Leia thinks this was weird. 

PS: Mom forgot to add the very ending of my Fix It Day story last week. I came home that night, exhausted, sore, and scared. And I have to admit I smelled pretty bad, because I did wee in the PTU. Well, I was just a little guy, after all. Anyway, Mom wanted to clean me up, but all I wanted was to climb into her hair, put my front legs around her neck and just sleep. Which I did for about an hour.
So I guess.. yeah... if she wants me to pose with a few silly things, I can manage that.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Looking for Opinions

Our Mom's brother adopted two kittehs in need from a friend.
This is Aurora. They've been told these are Sealpoint Siamese, but
our Mom was wondering if they are truly purebeds.

Merely a question of idle curiousity, but we're wondering if any
of our furriends might know?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finally Friday

We can tell you, Mom is doing the happy dance in THIS house.

What are WE doing? Umm...

A whole lot of this, of course!

Yesterday, we visited Summer's blog and read about the supremely stupid, highly biased "study" some researcher did about hoomins, cats and dogs. It was unflattering, unfair and untrue!, with regards to cats. So we have a message for that "researcher", which we believe reflects the opinion of most, if not all, felines in the Cat Blogosphere:

Kiss. This.

- Sincerely, cats everywhere

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Story Time On World Spay Day

We're very strong supporters of being fixed in THIS house. For oh so many reasons. We would luff to live in a world where people are fighting over puppies and kittens, because there are so few.

Leia was spayed before we even brought her home from the Stabby Place to be my companion. She was living there waiting for someone to adopt her. Mom didn't want her to even meet me until her operation, since *I* wasn't fixed yet (too young).

And now, here's my story - which we don't think we've ever shared - about MY Fix It Day when I was oh so tender in months, but old enough. Mom made the appointment, denied me noms - meanie! - and took me in, protesting. BUT I had a fever that day! Ha. They couldn't snip me! I was very pleased with myself.

Until I went back two days later, and the snipping was successfully done. Mouses!

Mom's note: I swear he did it on purpose. No sign of illness at all, EXCEPT that morning when they took his temperature. But that's Toby for you.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Caturday Art - Destroyed!

Can you believe this? Recently Mom bought this new thing - it's a carpet spotcleaner with power brushes. And it removes stuff like our yaks - all of it! She plugs it in and in just a few short minutes, clean carpet.

This is not fair. We work hard to produce this stuff, y'know, we really can't approve her thoughtless actions.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This Is My Serious Face

We are very pleased to announce a third new CB resident - Itty from Colehaus Cats,
a beautiful ginger girl who is fostering there. Welcome, welcome, and thrice welcome!

Kittens, you will never believe what happened here! The perfidy of hoomins! Not a one of 'em can be trusted, they really can't.

Last night, I was all sleepy on the back of the couch when my ears and nose realized something was a-paw - something that seemed an awful lot like SOMEONE was partaking of fried chick-hen. But no, how could that be? Mom ALWAYS shares the chick-hen with us. But the nose never lies...

So I marched my orangeness into the kitchen where sure enough, that woman was trying to eat - without letting us know! Ok, so Leia doesn't need to know but *I* surely do. I sat down, gave her my most serious, stern face - like you see above - and gave that faithless wench a STERN talking to. She gave a few poor defenses - like there is barely any meat on a tiny drumstick anyway, and it tends to be tougher than the bigger pieces when it's warmed up - but I brushed that nonsense aside and DEMANDED my share.

I admit, it was cold - she didn't want to advertise that she was sneaking noms so she didn't warm it up - and it was a bit tough. But I am certain my firmness will result in this travesty never happening again.

She did swear on Ceiling Cat's nose that she'd never done this before but I haz my doubts...

So the moral of this story : y'all better keep close watch on what your people are up to!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two-Fur Tuesday

Good morning, furriends! We wanted to help spread the word about two new Kitteh Blogosphere residents - Kylo Ren from Kitty Cat Chronicles, and Connor from Following Cats. Welcome! We know y'all will have lots to meow about once you're all settled in.

In the meantime.... WE will be continuing our.. discussion... about manners and who really owns this spot on the end of the couch.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Caturday and...

Happy Valentine's Day to all our furriends and their hoomins.
We also wanted to post something happy today - 
we're helping spread the meow that today is Sasha's third birthday. He's all grown up now.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Finally Friday

Is that.... YES IT IS! It IS Friday, come to save the day!

Hail and well met, good Friday fellow.

Now let's all sleep in celebration.

PS: we're having bad weather tomorrow, with lots of the BRRR scheduled.
We hope all our furriends enjoy warmer weather than we will have.


At 8:15am, we just read that Kona Kitty from Katnip Lounge has passed on.
Please visit her family, as we know they are grieving.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Caturday

This is where Mom usually has her own noms. Last night *I* took it over. Because I wanted to.

After I fully established myself as King of the Table,
I had a good wash...

and then settled in for a nice nap.

It's good to be King.

PS: Our furriend Oscar has a virus and is taking treatment at the Stabby Place.
At 18 he is quite the senior catizen, so we are spreading the word that he needs
some extra special purrayers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wordless Wednesday (kinda)


We made sure you were fed.

And watered.

Now... go and.. we don't know... amuse yourself harmlessly
for awhile somewhere so WE can get some rest.

Just make sure you do it QUIETLY.