Thursday, December 26, 2019

Post Christmas

I hope everyone and their fur people enjoyed their Christmas. 
Not much happened here, except the usual catly antics.
Which, even though they are just normal parts of living with cats,
never cease to be entertaining. Even when they are frustrating.

Lately Miss Sarah has laid claim to the chair in my room, the one
I often use to be on the laptop. She's so attached to it that if I'm in it and she wants to be,
she slips into it. That gray is me. You see she didn't let me sit in her way. In fact, as she slid
in behind me, I kept having to shift forward. I'm sitting on the very edge here.
I'm pretty sure she is wondering when I'm going to do the decent thing and just get up.

Speaking of laptops, sitting on mine is a popular pasttime,
especially with Princess Raji. She was doing catloaf when I got the camera but moved.
She is just the prettiest cat. She and Sarah enjoy chasing each other.

Finally, a cat is using Leia's bed ! I was very happy to see this.
Mattisse has been in it several times over the past week.
Speaking of, he's getting a tooth extracted next week if his health allows.
He's 18, so I hope he comes through this well. He has other health problems too.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Three Out of Four...

Tombo is on vacation, so there are currently four cats in the house.

Three drifted into my room, as they will.
I'm reading in bed, which has the electric blanket on. This drew Oliver.

Which means Miss Sarah can't get in that space. So she settled for the chest by the bed.

She wants it known this does NOT please her. 

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Christmas Thanks

Christmas is almost upon us. Another year, hard to believe.
For me, this has been a rough year, too many changes.
 The first anniversary of my cats' passing is next month.
My first set of holidays without them. I haven't talked about this
because I didn't want to depress anyone else during this season.

They are in my thoughts every day, but I've learned to live with their absence from my daily life.
However, I have had one constant throughout this year, and that is my fellow cat bloggers.
I appreciate your company, your comments here, and your own posts that I follow.

Thank you for your company this past year. 
May you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

About that Face

I should have explained why I knew it was Ollie that attacked the innocent Christmas cookies.

He was born feral, and lived outside for the first 3-4 months of his life. My roommate was determined to get him inside for a safe life, and he accomplished that by luring him in with food.
He placed the meals further away from the back door each time, eventually getting the door shut before the orange boy could make it back out again, at last.

I'm told the aftermath wasn't pretty. He ran straight into the glass door at full speed;
then hid for days inside. Adjustment was difficult. He was absolutely terrified,
but it was the beginning of a life of safety and plenty.

However, Oliver didn't quite get that memo, and ever since (maybe three years now) has been highly food insecure. He has to be fed in a crate so everyone else can eat, or he will get their food too.
He's right there for every meal eaten by humans. Food left out will get assaulted, as you've seen.
He will lick pans and cups and cutlery. In fact, forks and spoons left in the
sink will get dragged out onto the floor for intense cleaning. 

I've stepped on quite a few forks in the mornings!

So yeah, it was totally him.

PS: though no one suffered any kind of chocolate poisoning, I was told that there were aftereffects. Let's just say that 1. the litterbox situation was NOT pleasant, and 
2. I'm very glad I wasn't the one to clean up after that.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Lies, All Lies

This face:

categorically denies commiting these crimes:


I, however, do not believe his protests.
While this is the ultimate fate of holiday cookies, it should not come at the fangs of felines.
(yes, that's chocolate but as far as I can see, the cats are ok).

Comforter: saved! Three nights of treatments with Nature's Miracle and one trip to the laundromat this morning to use the big washer resulted in a very clean comforter. It really was for the best, since it hadn't been washed in a long time anyway.

In other news...

I have to move by end of January. I just found out last night. I'm very sad that the fur people
and I will be parted, but they are moving to Wisconsin, and I'm not. 

I'd really like some time to just settle and recover from this past year. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

It's a Good Thing I Love Cats

Because Sarah just peed on my down comforter. 

Her back to me, full bladder release, while I was reading in bed. 
I almost didn't realize, but she was in THAT position, and I'm thinking... no... she can't be...

I'd say that's a major sign of feline disapproval.
I hope I can salvage my comforter. I can't afford to replace it, 
but I can't keep something that smells of cat. 
Tonight it's soaking in Nature's Miracle while my duvet cover is washing.

Now what would SHE meow about this?
She was deprived of chips, that I ate in my room, while she and Tombo were elsewhere.
I did not share, as I often do. And she was hungry, because her human hadn't come home yet.

I'm pretty sure she feels completely guilt-free, vindicated.