Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Latest on Lan

Happy Sunday to all!

Miss Lagniappe the Beautiful is doing pretty well. We are learning more about each other as we go. Turns out she was an inside outside cat before, which explains why she wants outside so much. She even got outside the other day! She was quite surprised, so I was able to scoop her up easily. But now she has a collar, as you can see. I think the color suits her nicely. Later today I am getting her a tag engraved. I think you can still do that at Petsmart.

However, she absolutely cannot go out my door, though we are considering some backyard adventures on a horse lead and cat harness now. I'm rearranging later today, to open up the front window space for her. The space by the door will be used for other things now. 

Today's event was her first outing in the big house. Vina was escorted to her office and Brekke went to the beach to celebrate her Gotcha Day, so it was a good time. She was rather confused at first, as you can see above. Just another step in the co-mingling of the Fur Folks.

**Vina is doing very well, physically and emotionally. I hope in time her peace of mind will be completely restored. I don't think we are quite there yet.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Sylvina Grace


Dear friends, we had something truly awful happen last night. Vina was attacked in her own home, by a guest's male pit bull. She was closed up in the bedroom but this foul beast pushed open the door and tried to kill her.

It had to literally be pulled off of beautiful Vina. She lost some fur but otherwise seems to be physically unharmed. It was so close! A few more seconds and that would not have been true.

Emotionally she's suffered a great trauma. I got to see her late last night. Her eyes... she looked so shattered, distraught. So would anyone who had their sense of safety at home destroyed. 

Even worse, Brekke was in that room too. It's unknown, but most likely pack instinct would have kicked in. They have always been on good terms, and it's heartbreaking to think Brekke could have been part of something so terrible.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Happy Caturday


Fall is almost here!

Excellent day for a croissant.

Just ask Lan.