Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Window of a Princess

Being the food person for a week did a lot to help my relationship with Raji.
She now considers me a friend, though of course we are still working on trust.

This morning she came into my (her) room and discussed her special feelings for this place.
She meeped; I listened, with a few words here and there. It was decided that I would make some space in front of her cherished window for some sun time, though I did stipulate that she would only be allowed in while I was here. This did not entirely please Raji, but cleaning up marking spots is not much fun. In time I will try again to leave my door open, but for now...

I still have to refine the arrangement, but you see she is pleased with my initial offering.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Goodbye, Noel

Ellen had to help her beloved Noel go to the Bridge today. 
Please visit her if you can.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Pet Sitting

Can it be called pet sitting if I live here too?
My roommate is on a Bahamas cruise so I agreed to take care of the feline herd. Tomba is on his own two week vacation.

They are all quite different, though they all agree on being hungry. And it's a little complicated. Three different foods, different feeding places, Matisse gets meds.

Oliver eats in a large dog crate, otherwise the others would get no peace - or food. 

Little Raji is a meeper, not a meower. It's so cute to hear her! Being the food person for a week is helping our friendship tremendously, though she is still shy. 

However, some kitteh has marked the carpet doorway of my room twice. I strongly suspect Raji, protesting the loss of her room. 

There was also a lizard incident. Sarah knocked it off the glass door, Oliver got it, and when I found them again, seemed very confused when it wasn't moving anymore. Apparently playthings lose much value when they are no longer.... Interactive, shall we say.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Part B of the Sleeping Cats Rule

I'd really like to get comfortable in my room, and read in bed. And I would except...

I have to entertain my guest, Miss Sarah. 
My roommate has a guest of his own over, 
so she came in here where she feels safe.

So I'm just waiting. 
 Waiting.... Waiting... 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

We Have a Sarah

Here she is, finally investigating the cat smells I brought with me. I have carefully cultivated a relationship, speaking softly when I see her but no grabby hands.

Tomba and Oliver also made an appearance. I suspect the football game get together in the living room drove them in here for some quiet. 
Furry folks always welcome.