Thursday, June 30, 2016

Special Guest Speaker

Hi ! I'm Cornelius, new to Chez Whiskeratti. The lady here said that I could do the post today as a guest and if - IF - I do a good job I might be able to do more in the future, and especially to talk about the stuff no one else wants to.

Umm.... wait... not sure about that. I want people out there to LIKE me!!!

So anyway, I'm new here. The Lady here is ok. A bit strange but mostly she leaves me alone. Princess Leia I am TOTALLY scared of. She smacked my snout! I have photographic evidence! And she's totally unrepentant. I stay away from her.

But me and Toby, we're like total besties now.
He's just glad to have another guy around.

Now it's time for my Official News Post:

My very best-est bestie Toby went to the Stabby Place on Monday. He got a Depo shot for his arthritis, to reduce inflammation. It lasts 6 weeks. The Lady will also get some kitteh treats that have Glucosamine and Chondroitin as a joint supplement.

And he's doing pretty well with this treatment. We're all glad to see him moving around more easily. 

But, Toby... Lady, do I REALLY have to say this part? It can't be true! Toby swears it isn't...
ok, she says I gotta if I want to be part of the blog. And I do so I will. Sorry, dude, she's making me.

Toby had a bad time there because he was stuck in the PTU for a long time and got really upset.
He did that hassling thing. He did it last time too. Also, he's down to 15 lbs. He got his ears checked maybe 6 weeks ago and he was just under 16 lbs.

So that's all the news. The Lady says I did a good job so I can come back sometime later.

And now I'm taking a nap right along with my kit-cat pals!
See? I'm just like a cat. I fit in!

We just read about the eviction of Browser the Library Cat. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mancat Monday

We got a new roomie over the weekend. Thankfully Cornelius doesn't talk much. Or eat our noms. :)

Mom wanted to thank everyone again for the birthday wishes on Caturday. 
When we asked how old she was, she said she hasn't quite been around since
dinosaurs had tea parties but not so far off.

And WE got the present - fried chicken!!

Here's hoping none of us get all melty this week.

Monday morning update:

Toby is not doing well. His arthritis, or whatever its cousin is, is progressively getting worse. This morning I watched him want to jump from the bed to the dressing table - a very easy jump - and all he could manage was the butt wiggle. Later I watched him work up to getting in the litterbox.

The vet says it's Tramadol - which he reacted badly to - or Medicam. The other meds are off limits because of other considerations but today when we go to the vet, I'm telling her to choose the best one for pain management and quality of life.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mancat Monday

Uber Cute, Orange Mancat Style.

Darn, I make it look easy.


Don't try this at home, tots. 

I'm a professional.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Garden Thursday and New Stuff Thursday

Are we all here? Good - time for today's Updated Garden Tour:

.... and that's pretty much the entire garden. We hope you didn't get exhausted.

The roses are pretty - except they are fake roses (seriously, we watched mom
take them out of the bag and cut them from the fake rose bouquet)

but that's ok, since they match the fake yellow flower on the right. 

She says that's about all she can manage with gardening.

We haz no comment on this. She's a hoomin, that's all we can say.

Moving on...

Last night she brought in Something New.
So of course I had to go to work making sure it's all done properly.

Did she appreciate the help? NOO!!! Ingrate. Some nonsensical mutterings
about how hard it is to make the bed up with cats on it.

But I stuck it to the end, then went off to rest.

Mom's note:
After all my hard work last year trying to find a good mattress, it wasn't enough, so I added this gel memory foam topper from Serta. Here's a review for anyone who may be thinking of getting one.

I LOVE it. There is a smell, but that will fade eventually. The gel keeps the memory foam from getting hot. It really works. The first hour or so it was actually cold, which was annoying but eventually it warmed to room temperature, but never past that. 

The real reason I got it was my pressure points being so sore. Having this topper showed me it was worse than I realized; it also showed me that when I initially tried to sleep, the pressure would make me turn, thereby making it harder to get to sleep. I had no idea.

What I've learned from my bedding research is this: very few people are truly happy with their mattresses, even if they went high end and expensive. The typical complaint is that it's just too hard.

So yeah, a good topper might be just the answer, and it's a whole lot cheaper.
Serta's come in 1-4 inches. Mine was a 3 inch. It's heavy (queen size, 16 lbs)
and unwieldy though, so you will want a second pair of paws to help.

** this is just my personal purchase and review, for whatever it may benefit someone else.
No compensation whatsoever.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Mancat Monday

Welcome to another week, furriends. And wow is it getting hot out there! Now purrsonally I enjoy a good sun-bake, but Mom makes the cold air very cold so I curl up tight now. We're currently negotiating the house temperatures.


We are shocked, just simply absolutely SHOCKED at the picture Mom showed us yesterday. She went to the store to get stuff and saw this!

Who....?? Why??? 
This is wrong on so. many. levels.

PS: We are sure that OUR woofie furriends would never stoop to this outrageous behavior.

Blame the cat, indeed!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Caturday

Good morning, furriends! And happy weekend to all of you.

So, what's going on at Chez Whiskeratti? Not much, really.

Getting head scritches...

Checking out noises... keeping watch on various and general stuff...

Toby continues his early morning wake up calls for mom - see the books? Lots of whapping possibilities...

And when he's not doing that, he's doing this:

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Two Fur Tuesday

We had a visitor last night.

Can you believe Mom wouldn't invite him in?! We could have had tea.
With biscuits. And purrhaps later, a tasty snack.. together. But no, she refused. Meanie.

Mom!! How could you post this? It's so unladylike! 
Well then, clearly it was an Imposter Leia. The Not Leia. 
Because I assure all our furriends, *I* would never do anything so.... so....

But now I'm not gonna talk to Mom for a whole five minutes. That will teach her.

Yeah, well, at least she didn't make you say CHEESE before she would come back in.
I was worried about her being outside in the courtyard/garden,
but she had to take this silly picture first.

(on the other paw, I am very proud of how magnificently my whiskers show here!)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Caturday - and Toby Haz a Worry

Dear Furriends,

Tonight I heard Mom talking to Auntie Mary about that other orange guy, the one from last week who the really nice lady brought in to be taken care of at the Stabby Place. Well, today Mom went back - she SAYS it was for reasons unrelated to that other orange guy - and spent some time while she was waiting, just hanging out with him.


She gushed about how sweet and sociable he was, and how typically male orange cat he was. I do NOT approve of gushing about other cats.

She's only allowed to gush about me. I'm the only orange guy in her life. And it better stay that way!

This message brought to you by the Kittehs of Chez Whiskeratti.

PS: you don't think.... she wouldn't...really... bring home another kitteh?

Mom's note: as much as I wish I could adopt him, it would not be well received in this house.