Wednesday, February 26, 2020

It's Wednesday

Sylvina spent quite some time in front of the mirror admiring her beauty and making sure her furs are all in place.

Well, she is justified. She's a gorgeous cat, with a sweet, laid back demeanor. She enjoys coming into my room early and asking for cuddles. 

I took Brekke out in the back yard for some playtime. She really enjoys herself, believe me. Mad zoomies and fierce battles with toys. She has this sweet method of getting me to play with her. She brings a big ball over and waits for me to get hold of it, then goes to town on it. When she pulls it out of my hand, she brings it back and waits patiently for me to grab onto it again. It's very gentle, and patient. She's quite a good dog, but taking care of them this past weekend just reminded me why I'm better suited to cats. 

Friday, February 21, 2020

Florida's Great Big Secret

Do you want to know? Are you ready? Here it is: it rains here. A lot. Many summers, every single afternoon. We're a subtropical state, of course we get a lot of rain. Even here in N. Florida. Though lately there has been a bit of a drought.

Here is why this matters today, or really, last night - my roommate went out of town. I agreed to provide inside care for the fur kids, mostly meal service, treat administration and litterbox attendance. No problem. A dog walker was scheduled to show up twice daily to take Brekke for walks.

Last night, it rained. Not even big rain, no hurricane, tropical storm or a storm that is almost bad enough to be a tropical storm. But special snowflake, flaked, and just couldn't bring themselves to come out in this non-torrential rain (here, snowflake can be any age at all). So I had to make three attempts, in cold rain, to get the dog to pee. I'm getting over a cold and still have a congested cough. Let's say that I was.... not pleased. 

Brekke has a very nice fleece lined raincoat. I do not have a very nice fleece lined raincoat. 

People, when your profession is providing care for living beings, you show up and do that job. It's that simple.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Happy Birthday Brekke !

Her birthday was yesterday, Feb 14. She turned 6 years old.

As you see, Brekke got this pawsome birthday bandana to wear, which she kept on all day. And what a day! She went to work with her mom, as she usually does, and was kept busy receiving good wishes and posing for pictures - she is a bit of a doggo celeb there.

And THEN she went to church last night, where there was a pizza party, and got some bits of pizza crust. We're pretty sure she was convinced that was her party. 

A very full day, and this was her reaction to it all shortly after she got home, like any 6 year old:

In other news...

This face wants her breakfast NOW. Now is good, five minutes ago was better.
And she'll scratch down any door to get it done too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Syl on Sunday

The princess fulfills her feline obligations to watch over, 
and supervise, the humans in her household.

This includes investigating box contents and packing.

Her work done, it's time to relax  in front of my open window.

Happy Sunday to all.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Sasquatch-ery Saturday

Yep, we are going to talk about the Big Guy today. A few months ago I started listening to podcasts to entertain myself at work. I quickly found myth/legend sites like Lore, Pleasing Terrors and Myths & Legends. Those led me to Into the Fray with Shannon Legro.

She covers all paranormal and cryptid topics, occasionally true crime. People call in with encounters, and she asks questions. Shannon's position is that it's not her job to decide if these people are being honest or confirm their stories; that's up to the listeners. 

I am now of the firm belief that BF does exist, but that he is a very big, highly intelligent, and obviously very elusive animal. My fav podcasts are the monster or unusual animal stories. 

Sadly, there have been a few, not many, stories where it seems the caller is suffering from mental illness and/or highly delusional and paranoid states. Many others, you can tell that the person
was really shaken by their encounters, but they seem rational and stable. 

Ultimately, I think it's clear there are a lot of things out there. They seem mysterious and
unnerving to us now, because we do not understand them. Some day, perhaps, we will.