Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kitten Pics

Toby 'Tocks Thursday

My furs are FINALLY growing back. The Mom Bean is very happy about that, but it's all her fault anyway.

Back in May, she found two upstart kittens under the backyard shed. And she brought them in the house! Can you believe that?? Seriously. MY house, and she brings those fluff balls inside. I got VERY VERY upset over the whole thing. But they were here for, like, forever. (MB: 6 weeks).

I wasn't too unhappy at first, but they kept getting bigger and bigger and attacking MY TAIL! I think she was even planning on keeping one of the little buggers, until she saw I'd started pulling out my furs. Then SHE got upset and found new homes for both of them. This is also when I got sick and the stabby place people said I had panc..pan.... somethin' that made me throw up lots. (MB: pancreatitis). And then there wuz medicines and stabbie things in my rear and all kinds of unhappy events.

But finally, I have peace and my furs are almost completely grown in again. Which I need those, cuz, y'know, winter is just not that far off. Who wants a cold butt???

MB: Toby, for all his size, is an extremely sensitive cat. He came to me when he was about 3.5 weeks old, covered in car engine oil and fleas and meowing his tiny orange head off. He spent his first week at the stabby place.

These kittens were actually the second set I've found since I moved here, and I couldn't just leave them under there. Since I was afraid they'd turn feral, I felt I had to get them inside and socialized, though I know they were far too young to be taken from their mother. But now they have good homes. And I think Toby is ALMOST completely recovered, though I'm pretty sure if I bring in any other felines he'll pack his little bags and move out. Or he might kick me out. Either way, he's put his paw down on the subject.

And one last thing: GET YOUR CATS SPAYED OR NEUTERED. Do NOT NOT NOT leave your cat's kittens to be someone else's problem. (I'm not speaking to those who breed cats responsibly.) I spent a lot of time and money, and hurt my own beautiful cat, not to mention many anxious moments of my own, to give these gorgeous kids a chance at a good life.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Woofie Wednesday

Every tree, bush, pine cone... Yes, every single one has to be dealt with appropriately. And if I miss one, I *do* have to go back and squirt it. That's just a requirement of the Dog's Code of Conduct. I just wish somebody would explain this to my person....
- Max

Monday, July 27, 2009

Meh Monday

Yeah. It's a Monday, all right.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Save Dakota

You may have heard of this. Dakota is the dog who took the baby outside in KY recently. She didn't mean to hurt anyone; and she deserves a chance to live. Obviously, she needs a home without small children or babies. I pray that the baby will make a full and complete recovery, and that Dakota can somehow be adopted into a good home. If you agree, will you sign the petition above?

Thank you - Cathy, Toby and Leia.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Point/Counterpoint: The Case of the Mean Bitey

The Moderator: A request was made for more information, therefore, Toby and Leia will now each present their own perspective on the "Case of the Mean Bitey".

Toby: She's a girlcat. A PEST. I don't bother her... much... anymore... I just wanted to lounge and she started biting me!! I'm telling you, it was just mean.

Leia: Hmpf. I AM a girlcat - a petite one, 11 lbs. Toby is almost 18 lbs and way taller and longer than me. It's not like I could really hurt him, after all, y'know. I just wanted to play with him. I had to put the bitey on his feets, cuz going in close is risky. Toby bites harder than I do. And did I mention HE spent years chasing ME away from him? He would hold me down and bite on me. Anywayz, he's kinda lazy. I had to nip at him a little bit to get him moving.

The Moderator: Well, all the evidence is in! Time for the jury to decide. Is Leia truly guilty of the Mean Bitey? Is Toby being overly sensitive about having his feet nipped and his nap disturbed?

The Jury: This case is now in the paws of the Grand Kitteh Jury. What meow you all?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Toby and the Halloween Princess

I met the Princess last October. The Mom Bean brought her home (from the Cracker Barrel. What is a Cracker Barrel??) She put the Princess on the floor for me to inspect and I.... fell under her spell completely!!! I sniffed all over and just flopped down on her skirts and purred. Her Highness holds court in the living room, so I can flop at her feet anytime I want. She is so beautiful!!! I just can't imagine life without my Princess. - Toby
(PS. Don't think I don't know about LEIA's little affair with the Turbo Track!!!!)

Meh. Hussy!!! - Leia

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Woofie Wednesday

62 degrees in Florida! In July! Whoo-hoo! I feel like a spry young terrier again. So much so, I played with three, count 'em three, squeaker toys last night. Usually I limit myself to one at most, but ya gotta take advantage of those young-terrier moments when ya can!!! - Max

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Case of the Mean Bitey

Leia ATTACKED me last night. I wasn't doing nothing 'cept lounging on the bed keeping the Mom company. And then that little heifer cat jumps up on the bed, looks at me and starts putting the bitey on my feets! And she KEPT doing it! Finally I had to chase her away.

And what was the Mom Bean doing? LAFFING at us!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

Nothing like spending a whole Sunday chillaxin' on the front porch.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally Friday

We LUFF Fridays!!! It means we're almost to Caturday, Mom gets to be home with us for two whole days, and all the sleep we can manage!! This new food is pretty good, too. Now if it would just start raining 'nip...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Noms Thursday

Yesterday, our Mom Bean gave us new noms. Mostly cuz of me, Toby. I get sick sometimes and she wanted us to have better stuff. It's CANNED, too. Yummmm.... I got real excited last night when she opened up the can. Didn't even wait for her to dish it out, just went for it right in the can. What?? It smelled THAT GOOD. And y'know, I'm really not what you might call a formal kitteh. Leia is, though. She's too polite to eat out of a can. GIRLS!!!

From the Mom Bean:: We just introduced Innova Evo canned food. No grains, no cereals of any kind, and has human-grade meat. Toby has a history of digestive problems, so we needed something better. They've always been fed what was supposed to be a very good food, but it wasn't. So far, they are taking to it well, though they don't realize this will be their forever food. Keep your paws crossed for a smooth transition!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Woofie Wednesday

I managed to sneak a nice little snack inside. My, but those little pine branches with the needles and sap are so tasty. And long-lasting. I don't know why my person got so upset and took it away from me. You'd think it was something I shouldn't be eating. Those silly people. All these rules on what you can eat and what you can't. No wonder they're so grumpty. They're always starving!
- Max

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally Friday

Yeaaaa!!! Here we are. Almost Caturday. This afternoon when our Bean comes home, she gets to be with us for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! Now that is something to meow about. We are off to take our Finally Friday afternoon nap. When we wake up, Mom will be home!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Leia's Secret Obsession

I am the Princess Leia, and this is my Secret Obsession: the Turbo Track. Sighs... my heart flutters every time I even THINK those magic words. Turbo Track, how do I LUFF thee? Let me count the ways. (well, I'd count them if I could count).

Since that day of days when the Mom Bean brought the Track into our home, I've carried on a clandestine affair with it; late at night, I can be heard swatting the ball around its adorable round track, over and over and over again. During the day, when I can be seen, I usually just sit on its middle part, where the cardboard scratch pad is. We have to be discreet, you see. Sometimes, I just can't restrain myself and will fling my floof all over the track in complete ecstasy. Really, we have a purrrfect union. We do.

Just don't tell Toby!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Woofie Wednesday

I don't know why my person sings that song - "rain rain go away" - because I love-love-love rain. Especially when it's just stopped and there are puddles everywhere. The ones near the sidewalk are deep enough, who needs a bathtub? hehehe

- Max The Terrible Terrier

Monday, July 6, 2009

Werk, werk, WERK!!!

A kitteh's werk is NEVER done!

The Mom Bean wuz werking on... well, we dunno EXACTLY what she was doing - who can tell with Beans?... but she was doing something that involved lots of metally sharp bits and noisy stuff and all. We had to halp!

Cuz if we didn't, she might do something really bad. Like she might hurt herself and then who'd give us our noms? Or our head scritches?

So we did our very bestest snoopervising and got her through it all. WOW are we glad it's done!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome to our Silly-Bration!!!

WEL!!!!! It's the 4th today!!! MEOWZ!!! Strike up the band! Pass out the sparklers!
Dive into the Niptinis!! (unless you are in the Tiny Tails Crowd. Then you gotta have milk).
Stop by and silly-brate with us. We'll be here all day, grilling the Fancy Feast and
nomming the Tempta-shuns! Everykitty welcome!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Woofie Wednesday

I watched the bears on Animal Planet last night. Love-love-love bears because that's what I really look like. Don't let this small terrier disguise fool you. Those were some pretty awesome bears, too, because they broke into a van and ripped it apart. I could do that. Well, OK, maybe not so much the breaking in part, but the ripping apart the seats part I could handle. Maybe they need a partner-in-crime. I've been looking for a good vacation spot....

- Max