Saturday, May 23, 2020

It's Caturday

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. 

First up, the Princess:

My wall of boxes changed recently, so it gave the Royal Explorer more opportunities to indulge her desires to go UP. She very much appreciated my recent reorganization.

Also, speaking of exploring, Sylvina has been going outside lately! She gets buckled into her harness, put on a leash and transported to the back yard. She absolutely loves this. With Miss Summer as the  example, I've been encouraging her mom to do this. Summer has shown has that cats do indeed love their adventures. The only problem is that she is kind of addicted to outside now, and wants out constantly. 

Unfortunately for Brekke, we've become rather stormy here, which is typical of this time of year. But it does wear her out. I came home this afternoon during a storm and there she was, hanging out on my bed, just looking at me. Which surprised me because I had closed my door when I left, but her mom does have a standing invitation to let her in my garage during storms, so that was ok. Just kind of funny.

I saw a pic of tiny Jetta yesterday. So cute! And doing very well. She can't quite manage dry food yet but eats wet or smooshed food just fine. She'll go to her forever home in about three weeks. It will be my co worker's family's first cat, so they are in for an experience. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Here She Is!

This was taken the day Jetta was found, last Thursday.

She's a smart girl; no resistance whatsoever to being scooped up and placed into the foster system. 
No, she recognized right away this was a Good Thing, and just rolled with it. I'm happy to report that she is doing well.

Jetta had her first vet visit this week. She is indeed a she. And there was one big surprise...

Her age. She's not two-three weeks like we all thought. Nope, she's five weeks!

So very, very tiny. How could she be only five weeks? I started worrying a bit when I heard that, because I know that failure to thrive is a concern for the tiniest. But I will keep praying for her and will believe that she will ultimately be fine.

Also, happy Finally Friday.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Kitten Update

Happy Monday!

Tiny Jetta was passed on, again, this time to a rescue group where she will definitely stay until her adoption. One of my coworkers will be adopting her when she's ready.

And yes, I'm told the official determination is female. But I don't know that she's seen a vet yet so...

Also, she's been paired with another orphan tot also in need, so hopefully she won't be lonely.  I have every reason to be optimistic about her future.

And there's your bit of good news, if you needed some.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Yep, It's Kitten Season

My workplace is bordered by woods, as is most of Tallahassee. Yesterday afternoon some of my co workers went for a walk on their break and came back with.... a tiny black bit of fluff. Maybe two weeks? Old enough for the eyes to be open, anyway.

There was much cooing and squeeing, of course. He already has at least a foster home, if not permanent. After work the adoptive mom went off to Petsmart for milk and other needs. I helped as I could; I sent them a link for the KMR and also one for bottle baby instructions, from the Kitten Lady. I also donated my desk sweater for the baby nesting box. 

The ladies went back out to the parking lot to look for more kittens, but found none. I'm guessing this little guy just got so hungry he went looking for mom or food on his own. Thankfully he was scooped up by kind humans. Now, Jetta has a good shot at a long, healthy life.

In these uncertain and anxious times, I found comfort and reassurance in knowing that this tiny life was spared. May he be blessed with a long, happy one.

Happy Finally Friday.

** Update: Jetta was passed on to another co-worker who is working from home. The lady has six cats of her own and is very knowledgeable. Jetta is doing as well as can be.