Saturday, May 30, 2015

This is an OUTRAGE!

Furriends, never before have we been so angry - this is our MOM!!

We expect when she goes out, that she will return in more or less the same condition as when she left. And you know, we supported - grudgingly - her caretaking visits next door to Emmy the neighbor kitteh.

We do NOT support that little heifer kitteh springing straight up from the floor and grabbing both sides of Mom's face with her very sharp little claws. We're told Emmy is just very lonely and in heat and beginning to show signs of anxiety due to being left alone so much.

But we still aren't happy about it - and Mom says right now she ain't too happy either. Maybe when her face stops stinging....

Friday, May 29, 2015

What a Finally Friday!


Me and Froggie have had an awful day. Well, really *I* have (ok, Leia did too, guess I oughta mention that) and Froggie is consoling me. He's really good at that. We had loud STRANGERS in our home! Who said that was ok??

Mom, that's who. And she wasn't even here with us when it happened, our landlord was here. She swears he is a very nice man, but he let strangers in here, so how nice can he be? They brought in a new thing called a "dryer" this morning, which she insists was totally neccessary.

Dryers. Ha. The inability of hoomins to be self cleaning is just another one of their little flaws. And this time that little flaw led to serious inconvenience to the felines!


PS: Happy Caturday to everyone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Balance

I see I've been kicked to Thursday this week. MOUSES! Women!

Ok, I've been contemplating Mom's rating on her Purrformance Review lately. Can you believe she called me... FLUFFY!!... today? As a nickname? Do I LOOK like a Fluffy to you, furriends?

On the other paw....Occasionally I have, well, litterbox issues. Things don't always - ahem - complete themselves fully in the facilities area, and that requires special clean up. Like the other day, we were going up the stairs together and I stopped short, not wanting to go all the way. I knew it would be obvious that I'd had one of THOSE days, and you know, that is embarrassing. But Mom saw it and cleaned up, and told me not to worry a bit about it, we all have those kind of days, and it was part of her job description to take care of it. Frankly, I appreciate that kind of attitude. So in that way, she's a good egg.
So as a reward, I got snuggly with her. I guess I will have to give her at least a passing grade on her Review.

Just don't call me Fluffy!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


I, Leia, am TAKING OVER this Monday! I want it! MOUSES!

I wanted to share a very special secret with all my bestest furriends here. I know I can count on everyone to not tell their 'rents. Oh, and don't tell the woofies in your house if you have any, they will snitch to their hoomins, they are total suck ups. At least that's what I've heard.

See this chair? Toby thinks this is HIS chair. He's in it a lot, and occasionally I've been known to nap in it too. But it's real value is that it is my Secret Tunnel. It connects two parts of our living room area; I often hide here when things are wonky. Or sometimes just use it to go between, it's convenient like that. Mom doesn't know about this, so it's Extra Special!

Ok, fine, Toby is sulking because I took over, so here is a pic of him doing more yoga. He's been doing a lot of it lately.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

To all of our furriends and their families, we wish y'all 
a wonderful, happy, safe holiday weekend.

Now it's Pawty Time!

- the Whiskeratti

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

So Many Gone!

Mom was tidying up our blog today (we approve of this, we kittehs luff to have things nice and neat). She went through the list of blogs we follow and deleted those no longer posting. So many of them!

Like Daisy the Curly Cat - and her sidekick Harley. Anyone remember them? They were so much fun. But they are gone too.

We've been posting since 2009. We want to thank all our furriends who visit us; we appreciate you! We miss those who have gone, either to the Bridge or just moved on. You are not forgotten.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mancat Monday

Oh, excuse me! You caught me doing my kitteh yoga. I'm trying to stay calm; my weekend was a bit rough.

You see, on Friday Leia went away. For a few GLORIOUS hours it was just my Mom and me. And then, this Ebil Introoder came home with Mom. I mean, it was wearing Leia's fur, sure, and kinda smelled like Leia but really, I was certain it was an invasion.

So I hissed and hissed to let Mom know that hey, something is wrong here! But you know how dense the 'rents can be, they never listen to us. Anyway, eventually I began to realize that maybe this is Leia after all, but until then, it was just a rough time for me.

Furriends, we all have to keep careful watch against the E Is!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Betrayal, Part Meux

How did I not seeing this coming? Furriends, Mom abducted me and took me to the Stabby Place, where I had to undergo my first ever dental. Horrible thing, all of it, I do NOT recommend it. It's not any fun at all. It was rather traumatic, but now that it's Caturday morning, I'm all back to normal.

I'm glad to report that I didn't need anything more than cleaning, and all my bloodwork was normal. Mom says they even checked thyroid? But that's ok too. Stabby Place lady just wanted to make sure my Skinny Supermodel weight wasn't the result of anything bad.

At least Mom spared me the humiliation of taking pictures of my ordeal. No lady likes to have the pawparrazzi record her less than stellar moments, does she? Besides, I didn't make any funny faces, I just looked sad and tired.

So, we're re-posting Toby's post-dental picture instead:

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Betrayal, Part I

Furriends! Kittehs! You will NOT believe the tail... errrr.... tale of perfidy and awfulness we haz to share today.


Oh, the outrage! The horror! We did NOT give our paw of approval on this endeavor, she just snatched it and ran, like a thief-y kind of person does.

You see, she's watching the Kitteh Next Door again. We don't approve of that either but like the generous souls we are, we overlook that indiscretion. But this...

We got a whiff of suspicious behavior when we noticed she was looking around at our toys and muttering to herself, wondering which ones we didn't use much. (This is typical faulty hoomin thinking; once a kitteh's possession ALWAYS that kitteh's possession). After she left to commit her indiscretion yesterday evening, we felt a rift in the Force and put our heads together.

A careful inventory turned up... well.. nothing missing really, but we are sure something was taken from us. The Force doesn't lie.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mancat Monday

Another week begins... and I just got out of the doghouse in time to greet it. Mom got a bit irate with me the other night. Really, it was nothing - 'rents just get so worked up about stuff, don't they?

Nothing??! You had my HEAD in your TEETH!! Holding on to me, wouldn't let go until Mom walked around the couch and saw it. Mean, that's what you are. I was just trying to enjoy the open door whiffies with you, that's all. And you BIT me.

Toby: Girlcats. And Moms. Sighs. I guess I'd better be extra nice to at least one of them for a few days.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Caturday

Enjoy your weekend, furriends!

PS: Why is it the pawparrazzi never catches Tiny Tabby Girl in a position like this ??

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Furriends, last night was a sad night but it was also a happy night. I SCORED big time! And showed my nonattentive Mom a thing or two.

She was late coming home (strike 1) because she went to eat at someplace called Cracker Barrel. She brought home a dessert of apple pie with vanilla ice cream to eat here. Which she did, not sharing with us, by the way (strike 2). Then Lazy Bones leaves the plate on the table and goes over to the computer to work on her lessons, thereby continuing to not pay attention to the kittehs (strike 3).

I used all my considerable stealth to put my front paws on the table and helped myself to the leftovers (HOME RUN FOR ME!) Unfortunately I made a bit too much noise - Mom says it was my slurping that gave it away but that's a lie, I don't slurp. She rushes over to stop me, sadly, but hey, it was fun while it lasted. MOUSES!

Mom: It was my fault. I was lazy. I'm just grateful Toby got into something so benign. Though I rarely leave food where they can get to it. They usually don't care what I'm eating but I don't want to take the chance.

And I don't care what the studies say, cats CAN taste sweets. They know the difference. The Cat Who Came Before, Mina, had a huge sweet tooth.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Goodby, Nissy

Our good furriend Nerissa has passed on. We just read his brofur's post. We're glad to hear he will inherit the blog and keep us informed about how things are in Canada. Please go visit his family; we know they are heartbroken and would appreciate a kind meow. MOUSES!

We'd intended to do a blog post on this very soon; we just received the Rescued: The Story of Cats book from the last contest Nissy held. It will be even more treasured now, as a remembrance of a very fine feline.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Here we are, carefully snoopervising our Mom's lessons. It's very hard work! PS: we're getting a bit annoyed at the way she's not always paying attention to us. How is that fair??!

Our postcard came today from the Katnip Lounge lady - all the way from Finland! We are very happy to have it.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Caturday Guest Post

Happy Caturday furriends. Today we have our next door neighbor, Emmie, with us.

Emmie: HI !!!! I'm Emmie and I'm a cow kitteh and I have pawsome beautiful eyes, one blue and one green. My people went off and left me and then this lady comes in I've never seen her but that's ok I just wanted to see someone, anyone, I'm happy to have someone with me so it's ok that I never ever ever saw her before.

I love birdies SO VERY MUCH they just look so very tasty and amazing and I really really wanna get closer to them because I think that would be so great but I can't get out to them so I'm sad about that but I talk to them a lot through the window.

So anyway this lady comes in and talks to me and THIS PART IS SO WONDERFUL she cleaned out my litterbox....... ::whispers:: it was really bad, you don't wanna know how bad ......... and I talked to her and followed her around all the time and I hate it when she leaves I don't like being alone but she says she has to go back to her own kittehs and go to work and go do stuff so I just cry when she leaves for awhile.

I guess that's all it was so much fun being on a kitteh blog I never did this before I hope I get to come back some day and now I'm gonna crash BYE!!!!!

The Mom: Kittens are exhausting. I don't think Emmie is truly a year old, I think more like 6-8 months. She's so sweet and very extroverted - she'd make another amazing therapy cat if she had the right people to train her. I'm glad her mother called me and asked me to pet sit this time. They will be back on Monday. And that litterbox - it was not for the faint of heart, trust me. Only an experienced cat parent could have dealt with that.