Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy and safe Halloween, furriends.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday Monday

Mom says...

it's NOT all about me.

She says it's about Leia too.

What is up with that ?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Princess

This is my Halloween princess. I remember when I first saw her... 

It was love at first sight!

Here is a closer view of her.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Monday

Good morning, furriends! If you're house is anything like ours, you're hearing a lot of Monday morning grumbling. Take heart, they will be out the door soon and then it's nap time for us all.

We haz some exciting news - we won the caption contest over at Mrs. Stella's! We're so excited about that. We LUFF winning things. Plus, that picture was just amazing. You don't often see that with kittehs. Almost as amazing is that the hoomin over there managed to take that shot. Pawsome bit of photography!

In other news.... see, kittehs, stuff happens to our Mom when she goes out without us. Not that we want to go out, you understand, but she does need us to protect her. She went to Petsupermarket yesterday to shop for us. When she got to the counter to pay, the cashier had a SNAKE wrapped around his hand.

WHAT??? Seriously? She tried to point out that many people have phobias of creepy crawlies. Or at least a strong dislike. Like she does. He didn't get it. She said that if this becomes common, she'll stop going there.

Plus, just from a practical standpoint - he can only do half his job with one hand. What happens if he has to grab something with both hands suddenly? What does he do then? Fling the snake away? Squash it? Really?

Have a great week, furriends and their hoomins.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

You know your cats own you when....

you really want to go take a nap, but 
both of them are cuddled up together
in YOUR spot.

So then you go watch something else 
online and hope at least one of them 
moves soon. :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

One of My Great Loves

I have a special love. I've had it since I was a kitten tot.

My Mommy's Hair.

The world was pretty big when I adopted her.

Her hair was a very safe, warm place to sleep.

And I've never stopped. Although now I have to
be satisfied with just sticking my head in her hair.

The world didn't get any bigger, but I sure did.   :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fare Thee Well, Diamond

The CB has lost another furriend, handsome, noble mancat Diamond
And we just celebrated his 16th birthday, too. Please go visit his family. 
If you have trouble with the capchas, condolences can be left with Huffle Mawson.

PS: Rainbow Bridge, we're sure you are a pawsome place to be,
but those of us still here really wish you'd stop
making travel arrangements for awhile.

We need our furriends on this side.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Mystery

In our Facilities Area, we have two litterboxes side by side. Both are the same shape and size. They use the same liner and the same litter. They get cleaned the same times.

What Mom wants to know - why do we always prefer the one on the left, in the corner? That one is actually older than the one on the right. We don't use that much at all.

As kittehs, we have all the answers, but it's more fun to watch hoomins figure things out themselves. Good for the character too. If your 'rents have any suggestions though, feel free to share.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Ok, so I got a little (Mom - a LOT!) barfy yesterday evening. It happens, right? 

And what does Mom do? Every time I went around a corner, she followed me,
wanting to see if I was yakking again. Every.Single.Time.

I swear, where's the privacy around here?

I really need a nap.

- Toby

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Has Come!

I am a beautiful, mysterious ladycat, spirited, with the most pawsome green eyes ever, 

and so very very smart. I have the most gorgeous cinnamon and white shading on my tummy. 

And I have termite teeth.

And I am very brave, a true huntress if I ever got outside.

I know this because Mom tells me EVERY DAY during our special snorgle times.

I give her many nose rubs and head bonks in return.

And lots and lots of purrs, too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monster Hunters International

Ok, because we are such gracious felines, we've decided to allow our Mom to post something. Take it away, Mom! WE are going back to sleep.

I love the Monster Hunters International book series by Larry Correia, and I'm an avid follower of his blog. He's done quite well, and his career was made successful by word of mouth and fan support. He's very accessible to his fans, something I appreciate very much.

MHI is all about guns and killing the bad things we always suspected were under our beds, but our parents swore couldn't be. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, anything with a body or exoskeleton that can be verified to the federal government to receive a bounty, or PUFF. Larry is extremely well versed in gun culture and mechanics, having owned a gun store for many years, so he gets the details right. He has an awesome imagination and his writing style is very fast paced, and engaging. No one will ever get bored reading his books.

MHI has grown to be enormously popular, and as a result there are many fan questions. Such as, how much PUFF on a werewolf? That kind of thing. To answer the many burning issues, Larry is working on a Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Roleplaying Game. He's using Kickstarter to fund the project. It's a month long, and he has asked his fans to get the word out to help him fund this project. I'll be kicking in some green papers on Friday myself. (PS: I don't do the games myself, it's the Handbook I really want).

Because I'm a devoted fan, I'm helping to spread the word. Below you will find links to his blog, Kickstarter and more details on the Employee Handbook. Now, given that many of the CB are women, as I am, you may well ask yourself why you should be interested in books about guns.

Myself, I know nothing about guns, and tend to skip most of those details. What I love are many of his characters, ESPECIALLY Agent Franks (actually Frankenstein's Monster) of the government Monster Control Bureau, and Earl Harbinger, head of MHI. Who is, by the way, a werewolf. But he's a good werewolf.

I love Larry's sense of humor and the way he turns the usual fairy tales on their heads. You won't believe what he's done with the elves, for example. Legolas & Galadriel, they ain't. My point being, all you need is to love imagination and good writing, and you will find a lot to appreciate in his books.

So, perhaps you already like his work and didn't know this was happening... maybe your husband/boyfriend/son loves it and would like to know.. or maybe you just want to pick up something new for your Kindle. Please check it out!


Larry's blog
Kickstarter Project
Handbook details

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mancat Monday


I can totally make biscuits while laying down.

It's called being EFFICIENT!

Silly hoomin.