Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mancat Monday

We had a very nice weekend, sunny and almost warm. Here you see me recharging my orange batteries. I need that to get through the week.

Dear furriends... once again we have cause to wonder just what ails our Mom! She went to Petsmart yesterday to buy us some food and ran into THIS:

She said it's a giant woofie breed from Germany called Leonberger.
He weighs 125 pounds and will get bigger too.

This guy could INHALE both of us and not even notice.
She told us he was actually rather a nice woofie but...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Finally Friday

It's here! It's here! It's Finally Friday 
and the weather will be good!!

Happy weekend to all our furriends.

** we saw this cute kitten pic on another blog recently
and Mom wanted to share cuz it's so cute!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We Haz a Sad Today

This is a first of its kind post here. Mom likes to keep things light and fluffy, because the rest of the world isn't, and we all need an escape. But in our community there is a major breaking news story, and it will probably hit the national news.

A local, private no kill shelter here is in big trouble; people have been arrested on charges that we will not detail here, but the smart folks who visit us can figure out on their own. It's a 100 acre property with over 600 animals. The state, ASPCA and various officials and vets are on site to evaluate, treat and.... do what's needed. It will take 3 days or more to evaluate all the animals; there is a mobile hospital site set up to provide medical services. Or other things.

We're sad, and we're angry, and we're tired over this news. Mom says this is a complex issue, that probably the people involved meant well - at least at first - but it all got to be too much. It's long been known as a kind of dumping ground for unwanted furry folks. Pay a few dollars and you can leave them there. This kind of place is a good idea in theory but without strict controls & limits - and independent oversight of some kind - you get.... this mess.

And we all know who, ultimately, will pay the real price for this mess.


This message, repeated times infinity.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mancat Monday

Happy Monday! Mom says this week should be a lot warmer, plus no ice. We hope that's true for all our furriends. Except for our Siberian furriends, we know how much THEY love this weather.

Anyway, here I am, reporting from the bathroom counter. Mom has convinced me that IMPAWTANT senior kittehs, such as myself, deserve special lift treatment to get up here.

So now I graciously - if I do meow it myself - accept a lift up. From here, I supervise the cleaning of the litter and whatnot. Plus, Mom kinda has to wait until *I'm* ready to bring me down, since she's afraid I'll jump and hurt something. (ok, except for those times when she's ready sooner than I am and brings me down early. Just another indignity).

Yep, the Life of a Senior Kitteh does have its perks!

And now, a special meow from Leia:

Boy kittehs. Babies, the whole lot of them!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy Caturday

What awful weather we are having! Ice, a bit of snow, lots of the BRRRRRR.

It's a good day to read...

Or to nap...

Or hang out with a good furriend...

We hope all our furriends stay warm and safe and happy
whatever their choice.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mancat Monday

Today is a holiday, so Mom gets to hang out with us here. We're all happy about that. Even Leia has forgiven her, though it will probably be awhile before she allows herself to be picked up.

We had some entertainment Caturday night. Mom brought in a stingy bug (she said it was a hornet)! It was on her pants when she returned from the backyard. She didn't know it until she sat down on the couch and was about to do some stuff on the little table. She felt something, looked down and FREAKED OUT! Oh my Ceiling Cat, it was funny.

Everything went flying - the table, pillows, papers, all of it. Her drink went flying too. Good thing it was in a closed bottle, otherwise the living room would have been painted with Crystal Light Fruit Punch.

For some reason she wouldn't allow us anywhere near the new toy. We like bugs, so we were sad about that. And we totally could have helped her deal with it, but she didn't seem to like that idea. At all.
We hope all our furriends have a great week!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Leia's Caturday, Interrupted

Mom! You are really in the doghouse today!

Here I was, enjoying my Caturday. Mom called me down for a treat - how nice was that?? but furriends, it was a T R A P. I was hustled into the PTU and taken to the dreaded Stabby Place.
I sang the Song of My People on the way there, and it was a terrible and majestic sound, let me tell you.

Longing for freedom...

I had to have my rabies shot today. I'm still at my skinny supermodel weight, 6 3x4 pounds.
Anyway, at least it didn't take tooooo long. Although every second away is a terrible second.

I was given some fried chick-hen afterward, but I accepted it with the express understanding
that this did NOT constitute forgiveness on my part. More like a time out, you could say.

I hope all of you have a better Caturday than me!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Attention Kitteh Blogosphere Residents !!!

There's a vile rumor floating around Chez Whiskeratti this morning that I had an "incident".

That I tried to jump up on the bathroom counter but failed to make it.
That my back end just couldn't quite provide the boost.

Vile! Slander! Lies!! Stock market downturn!
Plus, it was just mean to say.


Ok, maybe it's true but there is a very good reason. 
I blame it all on Mom. She was right there, watching, and and and and it just really
threw off my route up.  If she hadn't been in the way it would have been a purrfect 10 landing.

Even worse, she picked me up and put me on the counter. Like I was some silly kitten tot!

Mom's note: It's hard watching them get older.  Toby's jumps used to be truly epic. 
I think we need arthritis meds at this point.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Very Special Selfie Sunday

Pssstttt: Can you hear me?

Oh wait, you can hear me but you can't see me! How silly of me... Just a moment -

here I am! I'm doing my selfie today from a new hiding place. You know.. women.. a mancat has
gotta have some quiet private time some days. Also, I'm testing this out in case of extreme
need. Like if Mom starts talking about the Stabby Place again. Or loud noisy strangers come in.

Being prepared is IMPAWTANT!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Finally Friday - A Happy Day !

I LUFF my Mommy! And she luffs me!

Very early this morning, I didn't report for First Breakfast. I guess I was hard asleep in the new bed, didn't hear what was happening downstairs. Usually I'm right there with Toby when the meal service is being prepared, but not this morning.

So what does Mom do? She comes back upstairs, finds me, and presents me with my breakfast dish so I get fresh noms too. Just like Toby. I feel so luffed now.

Take that Orange Boy. I get concierge service too!

Mom has been restored to my good graces.

Wait, what? Did I miss something?
I'm going back to sleep, y'all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tiny Tabby Girl Thursday

Well, I'm a bit hissed off at the moment, furriends. And it's all MOM'S FAULT!

She's getting very fussy over Toby these days. "Oh, you aren't eating enough!" 

"Oh, no, Leia, you can't eat from his plate too, like you've done for AGES, because then he will walk away!"

" No, Leia, you can't give him a good nip on his meaty porkchop thighs (seriously, those things are sooo tempting, you have no idea) because he's got this thing called art-hrit-is and it might hurt him."

Phooey! What about ME?? Is there no other cat in this house?? When did it become all about him?

Hmpf. I'm going back to sleep. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Mancat Monday

Good morning, furriends. It's amazing how cranky Moms get on Mondays, isn't it? You'd think they aren't... I dunno... happy about getting out in that chilly outside air and being gone from us all day.

We kittehs have an exciting agenda this week of sleeping, eating, and doing a bit of shedding.

So Mom did lots of prep work for the visit that wasn't, cleaning and whatnot. Hoomin stuff. She also did some rearranging - nothing too major, I'm happy to report - plus some new pictures on the walls. She luffs medieval style things and will add it any time she can.

Good thing I didn't have to pose with anything this time! What a chore that is.

Well, it's almost time for Mom to head out and y'all know what that means for US....

Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's Caturday

So our relaxed days continue.

The sun is out today, which is nice, even if it does bring back the cold.
Mom really kind of needed the sun, she was getting a bit cranky.

This is me doing a very special quality control; our Aunt Mary
was supposed to come for a visit yesterday from Florida,
so this a nice air mattress we got for her to sleep on.

I had to make sure it was properly inflated and comfy for her.
Yes, it passed, but sadly the trip was postponed due to 
expected flooding, Mom said.

Have a great weekend, furriends!

PS: we see the CB  calendar out and about; is it too late to get one?