Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's Wednesday!

Can't a guy have a little privacy around here??

PS: happy, safe Halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Cat Law PLUS Chewy Review

So, this is the most primo nap spot in the whole house, and we all want it.

One of us gets up, that's it, it rotates to the next.

Sometimes sharing IS permissable, especially if it's chilly enough.
Or you are sleepy enough and just don't feel like moving.

Now, here is today's Cat Law lesson: 
When mom has washed the duvet cover, it is ESSENTIAL that at least one cat help her put the bedding back together. She simply cannot do it alone. Extra bonus points if you plunk your bottom right on the white down comforter, too. Always draws raves from the mom. 

Or maybe that should be, raving... dunno... whatev. 

On to this month's Chewy review!!

We give multiple paws up; we've been eating a lot of this lately.

It's quite tasty, and very juicy. And it's grain free. 

Something that surprised mom though - the can is amazingly strong.
We are very used to much thinner, easy to open cans,
but this stuff is pretty tough. 

Thank you Chewy, for letting us try another new foodable this month.

**Chewy sends us stuff to try for free, but all opinions are our own.
This is a great company, excellent customer service, fast shipping.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Friday, October 19, 2018

Leia on Caturday

Hi! It's my turn to meow. Like the others, I'm glad to be back.

Honestly though, for me it was pretty much same same. I played with toys, a lot, as always. 
I tried to snuggle with Mr Cranky Orange Pants. And looked after mom too.

And no, I didn't see the monsters. I'm not sorry I missed that.

However, we did have to go to the Stabby Place on Monday for boarding. 
We ended up getting our power back at 3 pm, and we went in at noon. 
That was mom's deadline if we didn't get our AC back by then. It hit 90 that day.

I did NOT like that, not one bit. 

I had to get an exam too, but that wasn't too awfully horrible. I was praised for my adorableness, sweetness and uber tininess. And I did get my ears treated, I had a mild infection.

Mom picked us up about 7:30 that night, we were all happy to go home.
She wanted to wait until the sun went down.

Mom wants to give praise for our vet, for being compassionate and 
helpful in a number of ways on Monday. She really appreciates them.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Toby and His Monsters!

FINALLY I get to tell everyone what happened! Mom made me wait. Meanie.

So, while we were waiting for the power to come back, Mom had to do something that gave her the heebies - leave the sliding glass doors open pretty much all day and night. And then one night -
THERE WERE MONSTERS on the bedroom patio!

Seriously! **Huge, 10 feet tall, glowing green eyes and dripping fangs!
I HISSED a warning to those things and and and.... it did no good at all.

They were also meanies.

And THEN, same night, ***ANOTHER monster popped up!
Not quite as big but almost as mean and scary and awful.
All of them were eating the leftover food Mom leaves out for the kitteh that comes around.
(She swears no more left over food at night. She doesn't want to feed the other things that come around).

**Raccoons. A family of three, VERY fat ones too.

***Possum. Also quite stout. And not at all bothered by any of us inside. Consumed quite a leisurely meal, at his own pace.

Toby did hiss but he really didn't know what they were so it wasn't as aggressive as if it had been a kitteh out there. He really didn't know what to do.

PS: having trouble commenting, I'm getting endless pages of captchas. Hopefully that will stop soon. We are visiting everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cat Amazing

Cat Amazing contacted us to ask if we'd like to review their box for them. We said yes!

This is a treat box that is supposed to provide mental stimulation and entertainment.

It really is a nice box, sturdy, well designed, but definitely watch the assembly video to help you!

Unfortunately, as much as Mom really wanted us to like this, we just didn't. I, Tobers, am a watcher, not really a doer, and Leia takes awhile to warm up to new stuff. She just never did with this one.

Mom has had several interactions with the company, and she is really impressed by their drive to improve their product and their heart for cats. They have launched a Kickstarter to fund a new version.

We wish them the very best with their products and will keep watch on their future offerings. We all know how we felines are, one day we are like MEH, and the next, it's the best thing ever. Or the other way around. Never can tell.

*** the box was free for review. Also, when we were sent our box, they also sent one to our local animal shelter. Eight paws up guys!

Monday, October 15, 2018

We're Baacckkkkk

Well, I am. The cats went to the vet today to be boarded because it got too hot.
BUT as we now have power - Praise God! - they get to sleep at home tonight.

Five days without power. Narrowly avoided the fate of Panama City, Marianna and Mexico Beach.
I am beyond tired. The entire experience wasn't horrible, but the bad parts were very, very bad. Without power and a way to really communicate with the outside world, I felt very disconnected, as though I'd lost me. I really wanted my life back.

By the way, those lists they print before a big bad event is coming - what to get - GET IT.
Get more than you think you would need. Some day will be the one where you really do need it.

I missed my blogging friends. I'm glad to be back.

PS: Toby saw MONSTERS! He can't wait to meow all the details later this week.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Quick Update.

We're ok. No power, could be a week. Michael made a huge mess of our City of Trees. Nearly everyone without power.

Concerned about overheating cats. Today and tomorrow, cool weather. Sunday heats up again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Waiting on a Hurricane

Wednesday at 4:49 am

Michael is due to make landfall this afternoon. Currently it's expected to be a Cat. 4 when it does come ashore. Even at this point, there are still a lot of variables that will affect exactly what happens in my area.

All kinds of words are being tossed around: monstrous, historic, etc. etc. They said much the same of Irma last year about this time. I've done all I can and now there is just the waiting, waiting, waiting. I'm very much like my cats - I like my routine, and would much rather be going to work tomorrow instead of doing this waiting.

Since I have done all I can, I'm starting to wear out on the news reports. It's increasing my anxiety without giving me any more options or resources. It's in God's hands now.

See you soon!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Monday, Monday!!

As you can see, we are relaxing on this Monday, but mom is a bit tense. Apparently there is a hurricane brewing, Michael. Coming straight for us here at Tallahassee.

Or maybe it will land at Pensacola or Panama City. If so, that's the best case for us, but then it sucks to be them. It's very hard to wish a storm goes elsewhere, because we don't want to see anyone get hurt. But we really really don't want it here.

Anyway, we may be missing for a few days starting Wednesday, and if so, the power outage will be why. Please keep your paws crossed for anyone caught in the path.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Very Special Review!

We've reviewed a number of things here on our blog, 
but today's review kicks litter dust over all of them!


Oh, and her mom Ellen helped just a bit too, we hear.

This book has EVERYTHING. 

A dramatic beginning,

 a nail-biter middle, 
and the big question of will they or won't they, 

and finally, the heartwarming ending.

It also has gorgeous and talented illustrations, too. We were very impressed by those.

Prancie, you told your story so well! 

This book can be found at Amazon, among other places.

Just in time for Chrissymouse gifts, too.