Thursday, September 5, 2019

We Have a Sarah

Here she is, finally investigating the cat smells I brought with me. I have carefully cultivated a relationship, speaking softly when I see her but no grabby hands.

Tomba and Oliver also made an appearance. I suspect the football game get together in the living room drove them in here for some quiet. 
Furry folks always welcome.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

May I Present...

My new roomies.

Matisse,18 years old and the leader of the pack. Very self assured and chill. 

Tomba, 14 year old corgi. Very handsome, and sociable. He's started hanging out with me. I enjoy his company. Very calm.

3 year old Oliver, born on this street. Today's escapade was dragging the plastic colander out of the sink and into the living room. Only an orange knows why.

Raji. Young ladycat. 
My room was hers until I moved in. 

She's been exploring the cat smells I brought with me.

Not pictured: Sarah. 
She's a three legged short haired tuxie not willing to be photographed yet. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

** Thanks to my sister for sending this!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Some Good News!

On Friday, by the grace of God, I was offered a permanent position. I'll be working for a really big insurance company, data processing homeowner's insurance paperwork, and also as a back up receptionist. The salary is acceptable, and my medical, dental and other insurance is 100% paid.

I am so, so happy not to be a temp anymore. I was grateful for the work, but it's dead end until you get picked up permanently somewhere. No benefits. 

And... I found a room to rent. Next weekend my furniture goes over. Just what I can fit in a bedroom, and a ton of boxes, cuz I'm keeping as much of my life as I can. My nice washer and dryer (bought new in 2016) has found a foster home with someone I know. She will use the washer and store the dryer until I can get them back. I'm told washers go bad if they aren't used.

And now for the best part.... !!

I knew the guy*** had animals, it was in the ad. He has a corgi named Toomba and four cats.
I was greeted on arrival by a welcoming committee of Toomba and 18 year old male tuxie Mattise,
and 3 year old orange mancat, Oliver. Ollie has the cutest wrinkled little nose.

There are probably not that many people wanting to room with four animals not their own, but I think folks here will understand how pleased I was to see them. I get their company without having to pay the vet bills. And... Oliver is actually available for adoption. His person took him in because he was a kitten born on the streets but wants him to find a forever home.

I'm not saying I will adopt Ollie - that is entirely dependent on my future finances -
but he is ever so cute. He doesn't really remind me of my Toby at all though, except for the color; Toby had a massive bone structure and just a totally different vibe than little Ollie.

So begins a new book in the story of my life.

*** I would have preferred to room with a woman but after five tries, I just ran out of time. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Yep, marbles! Today I was in a parking lot, looked down and there was a very nice marble on the pavement. And it instantly took me back to the days when I loved them.
I don't think I actually played much with them, I just liked collecting the pretty ones.

Moving on to other stones..

Diamonds or pearls?

Today for an interview I wore my real pearl necklace. They are real, from Steinmart, only cost about $12 but they are real. Freshwater, cultured for probably a day, but still real pearls.
 And you can tell just by touching them they are. I can only imagine what the high end pearls are like.

If I ever had any real money, I'd buy a top shelf pearl necklace, over any diamond necklace anyday. There is also a certain mystique to pearls that I don't think any other gems have.

Click below to vote for your fav.

(I think I have the link fixed now)

Men can answer what they think their female loved ones prefer.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Endings and Beginnings

By end of August, I will be leaving my duplex. I don't yet know where I'm going;
so far I've only been able to find a short term temp assignment. If nothing else presents itself,
I will be living with a sister for a time. I don't mind that, it's just that she lives the next county over.

I couldn't stay even if I hadn't had my job stolen from me. I knew this place was being sold;
turns out the new owners will live in my unit and continue renting the other. My feelings about all this are mixed; this is the last place I lived with my cats. But also, perhaps that's a good thing,
to leave that behind. As you see, it's very emotionally complex. 

I just wish that what was happening was my choice.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Something Old, Something New

I'm cleaning out closets and donating stuff to Goodwill. Yesterday I took a load over and found....

these gorgeous silverplated serving dishes on the cart. They also have the glass dish inside.

And they were FREE. I was admiring them and the attendant told me twice 
I could just take them; it's a donation only center, so there was no way to buy them there anyway.

I couldn't resist! Yes, I know the point is to get rid of items, and I do no entertaining at all but still.

Pretty tarnished, but baking soda has done a fine job cleaning them up. 

And for the new:

Cracker Barrel is putting out their fall and Halloween items. 
These were NOT free, but worth buying.

They remind me of some of the props Summer used on her blog post for the Day of the Dead.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

... because who doesn't love kittens?

Monday, July 8, 2019

Buggy Monday

Since I've become unemployed (July 1), I've had a lot of time to 
sit next to my living room window and look out. It's kind of soothing, actually.

But I've noticed there is a mud dauber wasp who is absolutely intent on making a home on my patio.
So far I've destroyed a tiny wasp home multiple times; on the underside of the wicker table next to the door, the backside of the patio chair and just today - the most clever hiding home place of all - 
I saw it bring a tiny green worm to its latest would-be residence tucked away in the window track.

Did anyone else know that they ate tiny green worms? I had no idea.
I just thought it was flowers and stuff. And yes, that home is also been demolished.

But, I'm not trying to kill it. No point really, there are so many stinging bugs here in Florida that others come around anyway. I'm content to keep knocking down the nest.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Goodbye Binga

As most of us probably know by now, Binga from Summer's blog went over the Bridge a few days ago. She was one of the grande dames of the cat blogosphere, and will be greatly missed by all of us, I think.

She redefined the Rules of Tortitude, with a style I don't think I've ever seen anyone else match. At her age, she'd earned that right!

Can't you just imagine the chats she's having with Grumpy Cat right now?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

When They Were Only Tiny...

This picture is from 2004. Toby was about four months, Leia was the older woman at 6.

How quickly they took over my heart, and my life. 

I had a birthday on the 25th; it was my first one without them. 
Next week, it will be my first 4th fireworks noise without them.

Some people have pets, and when they are gone, are sad for a bit but they were, after all, only pets.

That's not me. When Leia left my world was spiderwebbed with fractures;
when Toby left it shattered entirely.
All my memories, my daily and weekly habits and meanderings, included them somehow.

It's now been six months.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Baby Burds - Look AWAY, Tabbies o Trout Town!

This is a rescue story. Not a cat rescue story, but baby burd rescue.

These lil peepers were nested in the bushes right behind my office window. I'm embarrassed to admit that although I heard them screaming earlier this week, I didn't realize they were babies. I was busy, and just vaguely chalked it up to Noises Burds Make.

Today they got VERY loud. For good reason - we believe that mom either got spooked off by all the people coming and going and being noisy themselves, or met a sad end. We do have burds of prey here. These babies were so hungry that they screamed at everyone who came close to freaking feed them already, ok?

Someone with more sense, and knowledge of burds, than I do, correctly realized what was happening, and took the entire nest away to a local vet that is a pick up point for a wildlife rescue group. The babies were fed right away, and were due to be picked up within the hour of their arrival, so I feel certain that they now have a good chance of survival.

There were four of them. Two were actively demanding they be fed, the third wasn't doing so well, and the fourth... has gone on to a Better Burd World. That was my deciding vote for removing them now instead of waiting to see if mom is coming back.

I don't especially like burds, but I have no wish to see any animal suffer, so I'm glad they are in experienced hands now. Fly free, and please don't poop on my car in future, ok?


Monday, June 10, 2019

Yep, It Came Back.

Let the kittens help us through this day.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thankful Thursday - The Tum Edition

I was always blessed that both my kittehs enjoyed, or at least tolerated with good grace, tummy attention. Rubs, snorgles, face squishing, all were good. Especially if they weren't really required to do anything except lay there.

Leia had the most amazing shading on her tummy. I never was able to take a picture that fully captured the way her cinnamon underfurs looked, but trust me, it was a natural work of art.
She enjoyed the admiration, rolling and stretching and showing off her loveliness.

I miss them.

Hug yours.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Second Attack

I feed two ferals. The one I call Shae scratched me about a month ago; I was talking to her right before I fed her, and she reached up and swiped my arm. It was very small and I chalked it up to hungry impatience.

So I stopped trying to touch them and mostly just fed and talked while I kept moving. This morning, after I put down the food, she attacked my arm while I bent over to fill the water dish. Claws and I believe one puncture with a fang.

So now what ????  She's always been more vocal and will come closer to me than her sister. Her sister was present at feeding time yesterday and Shae hissed at her. Maybe this morning was a reaction to that ?

I love cats. I do not love being attacked for doing nothing.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

For Crockett

Today, we honor the sweet and much lamented Crockett from Lone Star Cats.

He was famed for his tongue razzies; I was always a big fan of those.
Never seen a cat do them with such style and enthusiasm.

He passed a few days ago in a tragic accident. It's incredibly unfair that such a young, healthy being should have to leave so soon, but so much of life is accepting the inexplicable.

To his family, I offer my deepest condolences. I, along with many in the blogosophere, mourn with you. We share our stories, and our pictures, and our heartaches. And our losses. He may have lived with you, Lone Star, but in a very small way he was ours too. 

Angelique and Travis, please take good care of your people. I hear Angie is already doing an especially good job of that. Travis, I know you miss your BFF terribly. 

Orange has long been one of my favorite colors but I actually don't have anything orange to wear,
but in my heart, I am all over orange, I promise you.

- Cathy

Friday, May 3, 2019

A Whiskery Friday

At some point after I got Leia's pawprint cast, I started thinking it would have been nice to have something from them. Maybe it was just a stray thought born from my grief, but the next day, I found a whisker. And I was overjoyed.... From one of my beloved furriends, and naturally shed.

It took months of vacuuming before I found the second one, but as you see, I have one from each of them now. My little display is really just temporary for now. I'm hoping in the future I can hire an artist to create something lasting and beautiful.

Friday, April 26, 2019

A Tail Would Have Been Better

This morning I step onto my patio to go to work. There was half a lizard laying on his back. Not just the tail, which they can regrow.... No, literally half a lizard. The poor lil guy looked like a shark victim from Jaws.

You will be glad I skipped the photo op.

Even better, I tried to sweep him off the porch and he.... Started.... Wiggling....

I was, and still am, thoroughly squicked out. I guess I should have dispatched him completely but I just couldn't.

So, why? Did my feral choose my patio for a snack and got bored with half? Was this a tip for the meal service I provide? I really hope this doesn't become a habit!

Happy Friday.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Today my sister and I went to Maclay Gardens, a beautiful state park here in Tallahassee. It has a very nice lake, picnic tables, and so on. (It also has gators but we aren't talking about those today.)

After we paid the entry fee and were driving to the picnic area, guess what crossed the road in front of us??? Yep, a beautiful big kittycat. Sadly I have no pics but trust me, he was pretty awesome. Seeing him made my whole day. 

I do have pics of the ebil squirrel that stalked us for our lunch. Seriously, he WOULD NOT go away. We had to keep shooing him off. I draw the line at feeding park squirrels, my friends. 

If you should ever visit the City of Too Many Trees, make time for this park. It also has a section for flower gardens. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

But Wait. We DO Have the Best Option!

Don't despair, friends and visitors. The lovely and mega-floofy
Coconut Rice Bear has just announced her candidacy, and I for one am very excited.

Click here for her speech on Facebook (has subtitles for us humans).

We're saved!

** this post is intended as humor, not a political statement.

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Burning Question of the Week -


1. I think the world wants to know. I've seen stories in many major online publications already.

2. I believe journalism is a noble profession. For many, I would even go so far as to say it's a calling.

3. That weasel is NOT a journalist. He's a sensation seeker, at best, one step above the National Enqu.

4. I don't believe he actually cared about Mr. Embassy Kitteh; that poor feline was just a tactic to gain sympathy and attention.

5. Seriously, dude, you had to be carried out like a moldy old carpet? Even Lori and Felicity had the grace to walk on their own legs to their court appointments.

**** I am sure that at this very moment, many are scrambling around to find out what
happened to Mr. Embassy Cat. They all want to be the first to announce where he went.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Saturday, April 6, 2019


My girl would want you to know that she, too, had a bed-centered ritual. Whenever she wanted to come visit me, she would go to the right side of the bed, stretch up and scratch her claws on the side of the mattress. Every. Single. Time. Then she'd jump. Of course, she weighed nothing so it was often hard to know she had jumped up. Even still, her scratching was barely noticeable. 

Unlike Toby, who had the weight of a small pony, and there was never any mistaking when he got on the bed. Or even walking on the floor, I could always hear the click click of his nails.

In other news....

I was so very sorry to hear of the loss of Miss Newton from Colehaus Cats.
So many of my blogging furriends have passed or are passing on.
Right now the losses are hitting me very hard.

A conclusion...
I'm very glad to have an end to the work squirrel story. The company came back the next day
and finally discovered the sad remains in the AC duct return.

Now go out and enjoy this spring weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

An Unfortunate Consequence.

Remember the squirrel story from the other day? Something got to it.

It's in the ceiling. Maybe the wall.

Trouble is, no one can find it.

But we can all smell it.

My entire workplace is permeated with it. I'm waiting on a professional to come find it for us.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

My Toby

This is one of the few pieces of brand new furniture I've ever purchased.
I got it from Haverty's, and I am very proud of it. And Toby knew that....

When he wanted to be fed in the early morning, he would go through a series of steps designed to get me up and going. But his final step? Standing on the nightstand, stretching out full length,
he'd claw the corner.

He knew purrfectly well that would get me up in a hurry! 

This was the only piece of furniture I ever got mad about either of them messing up.
When living with cats, we just accept the reality of less than pristine home furnishings.

I always planned to have this corner fixed by a professional.
Now, it's just a small memorial to my beloved, occasionally super aggravating orange boy.

I saw this super dignified, retired Golden this morning at the Publix parking lot.
These dogs tend to age so well.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Squirrels and Snakes Oh My!

Image result for shocked cat is shocked

My city, Tallahassee, was carved out of a forest. And animals live in that forest.
And sometimes... humans and animals come into contact with each other. 

I suspect both sides are routinely horrifed by this.

My workplace backs up to a big forest. And the building's weak entry points has allowed for squirrels to get in the ceiling. Right above my office. On Tuesday I could hear them scrabbling up there ALL DAY LONG. Wednesday and today, they frequently made noise too. And I know they are up there chewing on wires, among other things.

Their prescence no doubt explains why on Monday, coming back from the other large building we have, I saw a big black snake doing its bessssst to get through the glass office door. It was literally crawling up it. Guys, this was seriously freaky!!

I couldn't imagine why it was trying so hard to get in. Now I know.
Squirrels, after all, are just cute tree rats. 

I don't know what kind of snake it was. It could have been venomous;
we do have water moccasins and rattlers here. 

The joys of nature. 

Happy Friday.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I put out the food before I leave for work. This morning I was standing on the front porch, rattling the food and calling out.

It's also mostly dark now; suddenly there's a meow at my feet and there she is! I make her work just a bit though, talking to her. SHE RUBS UP AGAINST MY LEG! Still meowing. And I get to give her a real petting too. It's clear she likes the attention but isn't entirely sure about it.

We go to the back patio so she can have breakfast. So we're definitely making progress here.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Easy Sunday

It's quite nice out there, not too hot, sunny, blue skies. I am enjoying this while it lasts, 
before the heat sets in.

Random stuff:

1.  Jenny the Garden Cat continues to be ridiculously photogenic. She even has admirers visiting her in the garden, and sending her gifts! Exactly as it should be.

2. I saw Shae today, when she dropped by for lunch. She's looking good actually, the fur is growing back. So it looks like it was mostly a spring thing, maybe fleas and/or pollen. I wish I could get her a good flea preventive in pill form but that requires a vet visit. You'd think they could have different rules for ferals. I'm planning on building a drop trap, which apparently is the only real way to capture a reluctant kitteh.

Speaking of ridiculously photogenic...

My beautiful Leia. This was from our townhome in NC.
She spent quite a bit of time guarding the stairs for some reason.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Cats Are Smarter Than I Am

.... which will be a surprise to no one who knows cats. I was horribly unsuccessful in trapping my guys, and the rescue is coming by this evening to retrieve their traps. Others are waiting to use them. The first day I put out a trap, it was sprung twice, but without a feline on the inside. My real problem is these guys just aren't that hungry; they come by to graze. I know for a fact they are fed at at least one other house. 

Since both are tipped, the urgency is lacking but sadly so is a lot of fur, so I wish I could have gotten them. I can only hope it's just a spring thing and the fur returns. 

In other news....

Image may contain: cat

I found Jenny the Garden Cat on Facebook recently, and I am completely smitten with this kitten.
She looks a bit like my Leia, and seems to have a gentle, sweet purrsonality. She was born in or near this garden, and returned recently to see if there was an opening for Garden Cat.. and there was! Jenny interviewed the humans there and found them to be acceptable staff. 

This is actually a weather garden for a TV station, and it's beautiful. I wish so much I had something like this; I'm not jealous of people who have luxury cars or big houses with every amenity known to mankind, but I get very wistful over gorgeous outdoor space.  

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sunday, March 10, 2019

And Now, We Wait

The other patio also has a trap, with food, just waiting.. waiting... waiting...

I went out for a short while and came back to see SOMEONE had been playing in the refilled water bowl, but had not yet decided to partake of the gravy soft food.

Smart, but not in her or his best interest, but when have cats ever cooperated with going to to the vet?

This is my first experience with rescue groups and trapping cats.
I do have some good news though - looks like Shae does indeed have a tipped ear.

I showed the pics to the wonderful lady from the rescue group and we concurred, this is a tipped ear. Next time vet people, PLEASE make it a little more obvious. Not Shae lost half an ear, so there is no question about him.

So why the vet visit? First, rabies shots! Very important. I was told that's the first thing they do after sedation. Hopefully it's the three year shot, I can't imagine they'd do the one year for ferals.

Also, missing fur patches. I noticed it a week or so ago, especially on Not Shae but now she is missing fur too. Ringworm? Mange? Fleas? Allergies, pollen??
Those with experience of outdoor cats, feel free to weigh in.
All I know is from indoor, tame (grading on a curve here) felines.

I am so very open to suggestions to help the cats get in the cages. Probably not much to do but wait. Here is the kick though - these are not starving cats. They like my food but I've watched them several times. They both graze, and do not inhale that food like it's been three days. I know there is or was a house up the street that also feeds them, and I suspect they are very good hunters on their own.

And now, a huge THANK YOU to the awesomeness that is Chewy. I asked them about traps; they didn't carry them but sent out food. A lot of food. So much that I gave the 22 lb bag of Friskies to the rescue lady for their use. I still have the 16 lb bag of Meow Mix, the eight boxes of Wellness Gravy Food (64 packets) and the 24 cans of other food to use. I was also afraid that the big bag would go bad before I could use it all. 

So please now join paws with me in hopefulness as I wait to get these guys the help they need.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Always and Furever

I can't say I'm doing well. I have accepted their loss but can't quite deal with how they just aren't here anymore.

Sometimes I lay in bed before sleep and remember how it was. What they would do, how it would sound. 

I told my sister I was having an especially hard week, so last night we went to dinner and shopped. That was fun. 

And now for something cute. I found this on Facebook; I'm sorry I don't know who to give credit to, but wow you're talented.