Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's Wednesday

Psssst: move over, Toby! 
You don't HAVE to sit on my head. 
- Leia

Monday, January 29, 2018

What Moms Don't Understand

My furriends, Mom is a good egg - and we both luff her, really - BUT sometimes.... !!

Do you see this... this.... THING??

She trots this guy out, and I am G O N E.
Just like that stupid burd mat.

It's simply not a trustworthy item.

Mom doesn't get this; she says it's not a vaccom, 
I've certainly never been chased with it, yet 
I absolutely refuse to be in the same room when it's doing its thing.

And since we have all wood floors, it comes out a lot.

Whatev, Mom. Just keep it far, far away from me.

PS: does this picture make my tail look big??

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Easy (NOT!) Sunday

When one is hounded RELENTLESSLY by the pawparrazi,
it's literally impossible to get any rest.

You can clearly see how troubled I am by all this picture taking.

We even have to hide behind the drapes to get any peace!

There should be a law.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

We DID It!

We are Feline, and we are mighty - hear us purr!

We sat Mom down and very firmly instructed her it was time that the Burd rug WENT.
And she listened, furriends, how often does that happen??

This lovely new rug is our hall rug now, and the solid black went to the place where Burd was. 

Burd is now G - O - N - E!

However, being the gracious kittehs we are, we listened to her defense - she only turned down half of the rug to look at it, and swears she never saw the bad thing on it.

We've decided to accept this, since the offense has been remedied.

So this is one is for you, Codd Mother!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Fundamental Disagreement

Mom and I disagree on the Nature of Toys. 

*I* say anything goes in their use;

Mom says toys are for playing with, hunting, chasing, whapping, biting, 
but not grabbing on to them and not letting go.

Ha ! (apologies for the blurry pics, that's what happens when you do action shots here).

Speaking of toys...

The Tooth Fairy sent us some cuz of Toby's dental surgery.

I even got one from my sweetheart Brody. 
Wonder how the T. F. knew about him?? 
It will remain a mystery.

Anyway, we both had a great time.

Thanks, T.F.!!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Leia on Caturday

When Toby went to the Stabby Place last week, I didn't laugh at him. Really, I swear. But I might have been.. ohhh, maybe the teeniest bit - smug that it wasn't me.

Yeah, about that.

I had to go Friday night myself. Icky ear infection. Mom could tell they weren't feeling well,
and even though *I* think they would have been fine WITHOUT this intrusion on my dignity, as well as my right to NOT go, I was whisked off for a good ear cleaning and medicating.

At least I won one small victory - Mom can't medicate me at home, so they had to do it there.

I mean.. this WAS a victory... right ?

PS: Mom was a bit terrified to ask about my teeth but though I do need a dental, I don't have lesions and currently, from a visual exam, it doesn't look complicated. Though only Xrays will tell the true tail.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


This is my first post-dental portrait for our bloggie.

You know, when I first came home last Friday, it was kind of great. Mom was all about ME. She watched over me anxiously, making sure I didn't fall off furniture, that I ate, and snuggled with me, stuff like that. Lots of snuggles. I wasn't really good at that yet, but I did my best.
Every tiny meow I made, she was right there to make sure I was ok.

I was the KING!

And now? 4 days later?

That same woman keeps telling me I have a chicken leg!
Right where the IV was shoved in.

I swear, no respect. At all.  

Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday, Monday

Mom was watching me make biscuits this morning. She gets such a kick out of my tiny paws at work, so I made a few extra just for her. Got to keep the pawrents happy.

I was all alone most of Friday. Mom and I discussed that, and we decided that I wasn't
all that happy being alone for so long. I mean, it is nice to have some alone time,
but it was maybe a few too many hours.

Mom was also very surprised that I didn't flip out when Toby came home, smelling all funky.
I kind of didn't know what to do with him, but I was a good girl about it all.

Speaking of, he's doing pretty well. Sounds like himself now; his voice got very odd, fur sure. Sounded like a motoboat. Or so she says, I wouldn't know, myself. Her biggest challenge now is getting him his meds without handling his mouth too much; he lost the other bottom canine so that's tricky.

We didn't post a face pic last week because the night he came home, he just looked absolutely pitiful. All swollen and wonky and hazy-eyed, that bottom lip sticking out. So he was spared that indignity. Mom may never recover though.


Another PetSmart tidbit. I was there yesterday in line, right behind a man with a large mixed breed. About 80 lbs, and I'd say it was a mastiff mix, but that's just a guess. And unfixed - and it showed. He was extremely aggressive with every dog he saw, which was mostly tiny dogs (a tragedy in the making). The man couldn't really control him either. The dog had something wrapped around his muzzle but I guarantee he could have broken that if he wanted to. I actually backed up to make sure that dog didn't touch ME when he was moving around - I didn't want him to think I was a threat. 

Rare to see a dog that openly aggressive at the pet store. People, FIX YOUR FURRY ONES.
We do NOT need that dog breeding.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Oh, My Aching Head

I admit, I'm not really in a sociable mood right now. 
Why? I just got home from the Stabby Place and....

1. They stole my furs.
2. They stole my blood.
3. They stole my TEETH. 4 of them! I want them back.

Mom says they had to go, but they were MY teeth. I don't get a meow in this??

I suppose it's some small comfort that they at least gave me this proper mancatly bandage.

I guess I'm ok, but I feel awfully weird, can't really walk properly - Mom says that's the pain meds, they make me a bit drunk - and I can't meow properly yet. Apparently I got some tube shoved down my throat that makes me sound not like myself right now.

I'm going back to sleep. Happy Caturday - and furriends, trust me when I say, keep a CLOSE eye on your pawrents.

We're progressing as I was told to expect. 
I called back about the bloodwork and was told that everything was actually good, 
including his kidneys. He's even trying to be affectionate, just not really coordinated at it right now. Oh, and he's recovered enough already to want to take over Leia's food plate too.

Friday, January 12, 2018


Toby is out of surgery and recovering. He wouldn't want you to know this, but they put the Cone of Shame on him to keep him from scratching at his cheeks. At least he doesn't have to wear it home.

The Xrays showed more extensive damage than hoped for. He lost several teeth, including two of the three canines he went in with. He only has one upper tooth left in front. Poor old guy will look like a pro hockey player now. Another tooth was fractured. He will be on pain meds and antibiotics for 7 days. I'm told this isn't the staggering around the house kind of pain meds.

So far that's all I know. I REALLY hope nothing showed up on his bloodwork, this is all quite enough to deal with. I pick him tonight around 5:30 pm. I suspect he will be QUITE ready to come home.

Thank you all for your purrayers and good thoughts for him.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Day Approaches

Tomorrow at about 7 am, I will drop Tobias off for his procedure. I still haven't told him. I'm very grateful that they have early hours (they are actually 24/7).

Tonight I called the vet to ask they be very aware of his high stress level while he's there, and can they pretty please schedule him first so he can be sedated quickly? I was told the dr. doing surgeries tomorrow prefers to do them in the morning, so that's encouraging. I'm not exaggerating his stress level, he has been through so many trips and procedures at this point, he gets extremely upset just being there.

I'm trying very hard to keep myself calm, but this isn't easy. I never leave them unless it's absolutely required. Which of course it will be this time.

Anyway, we will post a quick update tomorrow evening. And then I'll let Tobers have his meow about all this.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Big "D" !

Toby has his procedure scheduled for Friday, Jan. 12.

But please, no one tell him! 

Thanks so much to everyone who supported him through donations, good thoughts
and/or sharing his story.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tiny Tabby Tuesday

Mom says this is the time of the year hoomins do this thing called "making New Year resolutions".
So I decided that maybe *I* should look at how to improve myself.

1. Weight - well, I'm already petite, aren't I? Nothing to do there.

2. Relationships - I have the bestest mancat-love EVER (nosetaps, Brody!).

3. Green papers - I have two houses in my portfolio. Mom pays all my expenses, so I'm set here.

After pawsing for reflection... nothing to improve. Except more nap time.

Have a great week, furriends.

We want to thank everyone for their kindness over this past week, for Toby.