Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Toby Three Fang

Toby Three Fang
This is my new nickname. Doesn't it sound fearsome?
Mom says I have street cred now, and all the girl kittehs luff that.
After all, I fought a tough battle with the nip toy.
I don't consider that I truly lost, since Mom trashed that mean thing as soon as we got home.

PS: I was FALSELY accused of slacking on my Nursing Duty the other day!
Tiny Tabby Girl knew that in reality, I was resting after my rumble.

PPS: Mom explained to me that we have to go back to the Stabby Place to get the rest of the tooth removed. I'm not happy about it but I understand. We were going on Friday, but because of the heavy rain expected, they were able to give me an appointment for tomorrow.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Farewell, Bottom Fang, It Was a Good Run

But it's over now. Will you miss me? I hope not to miss YOU too much.
- Sincerely,
Mom's note:
The other night I gave Toby this toy that had been marinating in nip for some time. He had a big reaction but I thought he just had a major nip high. Turns out, his tooth got stuck in the curly fabric and broke off. A fact that I discovered about 4pm this afternoon, and immediately rushed him off to the vet.
They gave him a shot for inflammation, and I have to give him antibiotics. On Friday we return for a full dental, which he needs anyway - again! we just had one last November - and the root extraction, because of course it didn't have the decency to just come out too.
When I came home I hunted for the tooth. As far as I can tell, it WAS healthy, just embedded in the fabric. I guess it got stuck, he pulled away hard and that was that.
This is my baby, he's hurting, and it's hurting me too. Please pray that all will go well for him this week.

Monday, Monday

So, Mom is home today, sick.
That means our Nursing Staff duty has been activated.
Kittehs to the rescue!

I'm helping by being very cute, shedding and purring and keeping her company.
And always on the lookout for that bug... never have seen it, but Mom swears she has one.
Hey, *I* take my responsibility seriously.
Toby, on the other paw....

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I Am So Ashamed!

I know, how often does a feline say such a thing?! But I am. And I confessed all to Ceiling Cat. I was encouraged to share my feelings, so that others out there might know they are not alone.

I.....I... :whispers:: didn't supervise the making of the bed this morning. We're talking total re-do of the bed, too, new sheets and everything!

There, I meowed it. Well, the bed was upstairs and I was downstairs and I was busy and Mom is always doing something, it's hard to keep track.... but excuses do not become me, my furriends.

Please learn from my misstep. Always supervise your hoomins!

As penance, I asked Mom to post silly pictures of me:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Goodbye Grayce

It's never easy to say goodbye to our furriends. Today, Grayce from the Katnip Lounge left her family for the Bridge. Please go visit them if you can. They are heartbroken.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Easy - Well, It's Sunday, Anyway....

So, Mom has been searching for the Cpt. Phasma action figure from the upcoming Star Wars movie (December). And she is a SHE - a stormtrooper officer, and a villain. Apparently, in the world of (some) hoomins, this is a very big deal. The line just got released on Sept. 3, we're told, and certain toys are just absolutely impossible to find. Like Phasma.

*** Mom says she much prefers the Jango clones, but she wanted this one before she knew Phasma was a girl - she just really liked the armor and the cloak. Mostly it was the cloak, she's a nut about medieval stuff.

Anyway, Mom has been checking online stores repeatedly, and going into stores here, with no success. Amazon even ran out, though you can find affiliated sellers scalping them from $19 to as much as $55; the toy itself is $7.99. That buys a lot of kitteh food, y'all.
Apparently Ceiling Cat has a big sense of humor, because Mom actually found this in Target this morning.

Here she is, invading our breakfast nomming. At least Leia is in the picture!

Oh, thank you VERY much, Mom!
This is NOT funny.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Finally Friday

... and who doesn't love Fridays?!

 (dramatization of embarrassing moment. Not the actual orange in question). 

So, I had an embarrassing moment this morning. In front of Mom too! That's what made it so embarrassing, of course. I was playing with my nip squirrel when it kinda got snagged on my front fang. Hey, these things happen, right? And believe me, I could have handled it just fine on my own, but we all know how Moms are. She swooped right in and took it from me. And then trashed it.

She did promise to buy a replacement this weekend. We are big fans of the nip squirrels here.

Mom's note:
We follow the Tabby's Place blog devotedly. There was a link to an interesting study on cats. There is a section in there that talks about how purrs can mean contentment but also means, please stay with me. I thought that was very interesting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Dear Furriends,
On Friday a terrible thing happened to us. We were lured HERE:
And when we were finally released from our purrrison, we were confronted with THIS:
Our bedroom, off limits to US, the rightful rulers here. And oh, furriends, there was much noise!
Revenge, we will haz it.
Mom's note:
We got a new bed. The noise came from the delivery guys destroying the old box springs to get it down the stairs. In case you haven't had the pleasure of purchasing a new bed recently,
I thought I'd share from my experiences:
1. Everything you Google about the mattress buying experience is true. I promise you. Tiring, frustrating, expensive, and eventually, they all start to blend into each other. To make a good choice you will almost certainly have to visit multiple stores. I hit 6, with more than one visit to some.
2. There is no way to comparison shop. Don't waste your time. They all have price match guarantees but there is simply no real way to take advantage of that. I tried hard.
3. The in store sample will be much softer than what you get. When it arrives, walk on it, or walk with your knees, to help the breaking in period. Sounds strange but it helps with the compression. There WILL be a breaking in period; don't expect to love it the first night. I liked mine but didn't love it. It takes about a week for the settling in.
4. Be careful about logistics for delivery. My stairs are odd - a landing at each end with a bit of a curve. The bottom one was the trouble spot for us. I had no idea that this might even be an issue.
5. There is a chemical smell. I opened the window and aimed my floor fan on high on the bed to help waft out the smell. Hence the bedroom door closing.
6. Oh, and do NOT skip the 15 minute test on each one. You have to lay in your sleep position that long to allow for a reasonable idea of what this will do for you. It's weird but you get used to it quickly.
7. Today's mattresses are big and HEAVY critters. Seriously think about getting a new, quality frame for it.
8. Think carefully about regular vs. low profile foundations; the one in the store was lower than the one I ended up with because I didn't consider that. This matters to my aging cats. And to me - I'm short.
I do like my new bed. I loved the store sample and fully expect to love this one in due time,
once it softens a bit. This one is the softest one of quality they had in their store too.
It's just new, and a bit stiff.
I did NOT love anything about the buying experience.

The Bridge's Newest Resident

Our furriend Lucy has passed over to the Bridge. Please go visit her family.

Friday, September 11, 2015

All Hail the Great Friday

Mom is VERY happy it's Finally Friday, y'all !

We decided some Ha ha Mows! were in order today.
So, for your feline amusement, we present:

If Kittehs Could (of course we could, we just don't wanna) Text:

For the full page, click here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tabby Tuesday

Hey! Hey, you!
What are you doing in MY YARD?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hoomins Are Weird

Ok, we all know that. It's like saying 'water is wet' or 'the nip is a good thing'. And really, there is not much we can do about this, except go back to sleep after we're forced to model the latest stupid thing Mom has brought into the house.

And while I'm on the subject, why am *I* always the one forced to pose with these things?!
There IS another kitteh in this house, you know. Let Leia do it next time.
** Mom has a decent sized collection of such things, from movies like Avatar, The Hobbit
(she has a virtual ARMY of Thorins!, and now Star Wars). She says it's cheaper
than buying grown up art objects, and more fun. Plus, this particular guy is poseable.
That will keep her occupied for all of 3.5 minutes.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Happy Long Weekend !

We are very happy that we have Mom home for three whole days! Even if...sighs.. she will spend a lot of that staring at this screen and not with US.

And hey, we got a new toy today, by way of Petsmart. It's a dragonfly wand toy.

I like it.. I was even pawing at the drawer where it lives now to get Mom to get it back out for me -

but I think Leia likes it even more than  I do.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015