Monday, May 21, 2012

Not Us

Nope, Mom, we have no idea who brought the yummy 
nip squirrel into bed recently. 


Maybe it was you ?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

We're Way Beyond Smacky Paws Now

Early this morning, we got into a huge battle, and it woke up Mom. We both had big tails, doing the hissing and growling, it was ugly. She chased Leia into the bedroom and made me stay on the living room side of the door.

We're not telling, but Mom thinks we were hanging out at the glass doors and saw something that scared us, maybe another cat or raccoon. She really thinks it's a raccoon. Anyway, we got into this fight. As you can see, I may have..uhhh.. scratched Leia. I'm not admitting to that either. But there is a big gouge on her little nose, ending right where the eye begins, but it doesn't look like my (alleged) claw got into the eye.

Well, every time Leia looked out the glass, we started up again. Mom kept getting between us, and I even almost bit her. My fangs brushed her leg but I changed my mind at the last second, even though I still had a Big Tail. I was pretty upset, but I know that putting the bitey for real is NEVER a good idea.

Finally Mom banished us from the glass doors, blocking it up so we can't see anything that might upset us. Which means it's a boring day here.