Monday, March 31, 2014

I Am a Mighty Huntress

I found something my Mom thought was lost forever (yesterday) - her 16 gb memory card for her MP3 player. She woke up this morning to the sounds of me playing with it on the hardwood floor.

For some reason she always pays attention to when I'm playing with something. I don't know why. I'm pretty open to batting around anything I can get my paw around. And chewing on it. All very reasonable stuff, don't you think?

So now she's pretty happy!!

Friday, March 28, 2014


It's not a fear for me at all. 

It's a virtual certainty!

- Chief PawServant

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Caturday!

Ok, so we're a bit behind on wishing our furriends a happy Caturday and weekend, but better late than never. We hope everyone enjoyed this fine spring day.

I'm doing well on my Lax. Mom thinks maybe TOO well. She said tonight she's cutting back on the dose tomorrow. But we're both glad I'm regular again.

On the noms - we both love Science Diet I/D. Leia likes Evo. I'm.... ok... with it. Not my favorite, but I will eat it eventually. If my great big golden eyes and pitiful kitten face can't convince Mom to put something else out for me.

*** The pawparazzi took this goofy pic today. She thinks it's funny. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Toby on Sunday

Mom took me to the Stabby Place yesterday. AGAIN. It was pretty awful. Many big, noisy woofies, smelly, and the people weren't so nice really. They violated my dignity, and DIDN'T CLEAN ME UP. Mom is really upset about that part.

I was the most miserable I have ever been by the time I made it home. I stayed in my mancat cave for several hours. I'm a lot better now. Mom cleaned me with some wipes, and eventually I started grooming myself, so I smell pretty good now. And then I wanted tons of attention.

The vet put me on Laxatone twice daily for two months. They took xrays again but found no sign of megacolon or obstructions. For some reason the water just keeps getting sucked out of my... umm... I don't want to meow this in mixed company... that stuff.

I really hope this works. I'm becoming a bit traumatized over the PTU, the car ride, the Stabby Place.

Mom is also unhappy that the Stabby Place lady from last time never thought about prevention. She says this episode probably could have been avoided.

Happy Caturday

As always we hope all our furriends and their families have a happy Caturday.

Toby is having problems again. Since Wednesday, he's had very little stools. How can he be constipated eating ONLY wet food? Nothing we've tried has been labeled high fiber. If he doesn't produce something significant this weekend, he's headed for the Stabby Place on Monday.

The Katnip Lounge commented on the last related post that this might be due to difficulty in assuming the position; I'm leaning towards that explanation. He's not limping but there is stiffness in the hindquarters.  I'm thinking of giving him another pain pill this morning to see if that helps. They seem to be more in the category of Ibuprofen, rather than Vicodin.

This is the first time I've had to deal with an ongoing situation. It's always been no more than a course of antibiotics at most. I can't say I'm enjoying this Mystery Medical episode.

The latest food results:

Toby likes Wilderness, Leia not so much.

Spa Select Blue: Leia yes, Toby no.

Nature Balance - both of them like! 2 paws up.

Inner Core Duck/Turkey - oh my yes.

I'm not sure there is really anything left of any decent quality we haven't tried by now. Evo and Wellness are the toprunners for quality and they seem to like both, especially Evo. Science Diet ID remains a staple. I still want to try Sheba Pates, grainfree.

*** I just read that Miralax is suggested for constipated cats. Has anyone tried it or knows someone who has? I'm wondering if I should get some of that today.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Is This??

Our Mom went to the Stabby Place today to get us some stuff. 

And she met a DOG! 

She swears it wasn't her fault - he just pushed
that big head right up in her face 
- but still, it was a DOG.

And she came home with dog smell on her!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Caturday

Mom says I have the most expressive face of any kitteh she has ever known. Here you can see my feelings about Leia being fed separately AND getting more (Mom's note: only more at a time) than me. I'm just doing the kitteh-loaf here cuz I know if I try to move in, she will stop me. MOUSES!

We hope all our furriends have a great Caturday. We're rather busy ourselves. Mom has the bugs again, we're helping with that. Of course we don't actually see any bugs, but she swears she has them. So we're standing ready to swat the tar out of them when they do appear.

From the Mom:

We are now on the fun journey of finding gushy noms that the cats will eat. I bought a selection at Petsmart and Petsupermaket today. BTW, I very much appreciate Petsupermarket's willingness to take back the opened bag of dry kibble they can't eat, and haven't eaten since we started the wet. This bag was $25.99. I didn't have a receipt, so they gave me store credit. That paid for today's purchases. TY Petsupermarket!

Toby's weight loss wasn't my doing. I didn't even realize until the vet visit. He was 20.7 in Nov. and 18  three weeks ago. I feel like a failure as pet parent; Leia has also lost weight so I'm inclined to think they just didn't like the Wellness Inner Core kibble. Sometimes, we just don't see the truth about what we see every day. At this point I don't want either of them to lose any more weight.

Once a week, for awhile, I will post on the results of the food tastings. We want our furriends to know how the felines are doing, and also for any other hoomins out there who might be thinking about switching to wet or adding it. I'd planned on keeping kibble as a side dish but have been overruled by the Committee of Two Tails.

The goal is quality grain free, but frankly, that is very expensive for two cats. My plan is to mix some of the best with some of the not quite as good. Green papers always matter, and at $2 or more per can for some, like Wellness, it adds up very fast.

So far I don't like:

• Science Diet Smart Balance Grain Free or Nature's Balance Grain Free. SB looks like dog size chunks and NB has too-large chicken strips. Both cats enjoyed licking the gravy off them but didn't really eat any of it. They probably would have liked both more had they been more mashed up.

• Science Diet I/D is very well received and I plan to always have some just in case, and to use as a base for trying other foods.

• Evo Grain Free is also popular. As you can see from the picture, there is an assortment here. I plan to try all the grain frees and quality non grain free. Eventually we will settle on a paw-full that work for taste, quality and price.

I'll be back next Sunday with more results. Ciao!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Toby: Mom. Mommy. Mommy Cat!!

Mom: Yes, Great Orange Land Mass?

Toby: I... wait, what? That was rude. I haven't been a land mass in some time now. Remember? That lady at the Stabby Place who violated my dignity said I was a svelte 18 lbs! Ok, maybe it was *me* who said I was svelte. But still. I'm not 23 lbs anymore.

Mom: Sorry, Great Orange Dude. What did you want?

Toby: I guess I can live with that... anyway, I want to bring to your attention that you're starving me. I am hunggrryyyyy!!!

Mom: No, dear. I'm feeding you the same amount per day. Just smaller meals and more of them. It just seems like less because you've gotten in the habit of scarfing down your gushy foods and gobbling up Leia's as fast as possible.

Toby: Well, it feels like I'm getting cheated! Oh, and that observation is a bit purrsonal, don't you think?

Mom: Not really, no. Because you make it rather public when it immediately comes back up. On the carpet. Very impressive mess. Kibble yak just can't match this. We're starting to run low on enzyme cleaner. And I'm pretty sure nothing is getting that one special stain out!

Toby: Whatev. And another thing - even worse - don't think I haven't noticed you carrying Leia's bowl out at meal times. She even told me you're feeding her in bed. How fair is that?? Why can't I get that kind of treatment?

Mom: I feed Leia wherever she happens to be. Hopefully far away from YOU, since otherwise I have to hold you back from getting into her noms before you even finish your own.

Toby: Hmpf. This is going on your Permanent Record, I tell you. And can someone please tell me where to file a grievance over this injustice? Someone? Anyone??

Saturday, March 1, 2014

No Better Way to Begin a Caturday

We found this on Glogirly's blog this morning, 
but it was so amazingly adorable we had to post it too. 

Everyone has to see this!!!

Get ready for the SQUEEEES.