Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Woofie Wednesday

Hoo-boy. Why do you let those Sticky Little People get near me? I promise to be good from now on... or until I forget. But they have sticky fingers and don't know how to pet. I don't mind them at a distance. But touching me? Nope, nada. - Cousin Max

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Woofie Wednesday

I was out for my morning stroll, and had just finished attending to some bushes when I saw that ki-yote. He was bigger than me, standing not 20 feet away, just looking. Who did he think he was? That was *my* street he was standing on. So, i went on the offensive. Dang that leash, otherwise, I'd have caught me some ki-yote instead of just chasing him away.

- a very brave Cousin Max

From Max's Aunt: Max really did see a coyote in his Mom's apt complex parking lot. Apparently they are well adapted to suburban life.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woofy Wednesday

My person can't possibly have the piglet flu or whatever it's called. I haven't seen the first pig or even heard an oinks. Groaning doesn't count, pigs don't groan. When it's time to go out for a walk, it's TIME to go out. Just deal with it. (But to prove how nice I am, I'll let her cut it short and cut out all my usual hi-jinks. Not even the pretend-to-get-excited-and-go-in-circles bit.) All I'll do in return is whiz on the neighbor's car. Hehe. - Cousin Max

Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, gentle kittehs of the CB, it's been a long weekend of napping and snoopervising the Mom's activities. Which wasn't much, since she was especially lazy and therefore boring. No mini disasters, traumas or even stubbed toe (which might have led to us learning some new and interesting werds. We are learning kittehs - we like to expand our vocabulary).

So here we are on Monday morning again. The Mom is off to werk, we're settling in for a long morning's sleep, and we wish all of you out there a giganormously wonderful week!!

PS: Keep Mr. Tigger in your purrayers. Looks like he was spotted near their home, so we are very hopeful to have good news this week.

PPS: Auntie Deb is having surgery today. She needs purrrayers too. Thanks!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

She STOLE our bug!!

We, Toby and Leia, are absolutely furious with our Mom. She took our bug!!! That was OUR BUG! We were enjoying a late Caturday afternoon on the porch, when the bug hopped into our space. We started playing with it; Mom noticed we were up to something. Leia got really enthusiastic. I tried to tell her to chill out, not be so obvious but she just didn't listen to me.

So Mom came and helped the bug get away through the porch door. UNFAIR! We demand a new bug!

Later, when she's asleep, we're gonna go shed all over her. Hmpf.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Samantha is HOME!

The purrayers of the CB have been partially answered: Samanatha is home! Yes, home! But we still need to get Mr. Tigger back, so keep up the crossed paws, ok?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away


Yes, Toby?

It's raining. Please make it stop. Thanks!

Umm... I can't, O Great Fuzzy Orange One.

Of course you can! I've seen you turn off the waters inside the house. So you can make this stop too.

I appreciate the faith you have in me, Tobers, but I really, really can't make it stop.

But our furs are getting all wet when we go on the porch! MAKE IT STOP!

Ok.. how 'bout I close the front door? Best I can do.

(sulks off under the bed) Hoomins! Useless! Seriously.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Monday

Good morning all kittehs of the CB! It's gonna be a rainy, somewhat chilly start to our week, so we're pretty much going to stay in the warm, soft places here. Our Mom has to go to werk but hey - someone's gotta do it. Better her than us!

We need everykitteh's purrayers for this one: Samantha and Mr Tigger ( have gotten outside and have yet to return. They haven't lived in their new home very long.