Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

We want to wish all of our furriends and their families the happiest new year imaginable.

2014 was a long year, wasn't it? We had some very sad losses, and we know there are quite a few out in the Kitteh Blogosphere struggling with health problems, finances and other issues.

But we're gonna bet 2015 is gonna be THAT year - the one that stands out as full of miracles, wonders and amazingly good things. We're going to look back this time next year and go - WOW! That was amazing. Let's do it again, 2016!!

For us all.

With much love and pawhugs, your furriends from the Whiskeratti -
Leia (yes, I am still the pretty, pretty Princess)
Toby (still got the Orange Behemoth thing covered)

and the mom, aka Cathy to other hoomins, still proud to be the Chief PawServant

Monday, December 29, 2014

Know What It's Like When...

.... you just can't sleep? So tired, heavy eyes, but can't manage to drift off?

Yeah, me neither. I don't believe any feline has ever had a wakeful problem.

EXCEPT - when the Mom does!

I like to sleep next to her on the pillows. This is great.

Until she wakes up, can't go back to sleep, and sees me and goes "awwww CUDDLE KITTEH!!"

And this morning, to crown the indignity and irritation, she TAKES PICTURES. Here I am, especially tired because I've already had my 30 minutes of waking time between the long sleeping times and clearly, I'm ready for more sleep time.

Furriends, we hope you have a great Monday and New Year's. And that your 'rents let you get all the sleep you wish!

PS: Flynn, you are still in our purrayers today. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Purrayers for Flynn

Our very good furriend, Flynn, is having some real difficulties today.
Please go by and visit his family. PS: please start eating!!

Leia Speaks!

Happy After-Chrissymouse, furriends! We hope everyone had and is still having a wonderful time.

I want to show off my beautiful little legs and feetsies today:

Now, on to my official post: Toby has designated me his Spokeskitteh for the day. He's up in the kitteh loft now, doesn't really want to talk to anyone. Not that I blame him!

Mom took him into the Stabby Place this morning. Again. 6th time this year. 6!!! Can you believe it? She was getting suspicious of his anal glands. And turns out, she was right. One side fine, one side was not fine. The vet dealt with it, and wants him to return in 3 months to see how it's going.

This is what Toby thought of everyone today. Including, maybe especially, Mom.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Am Not a Kitten!!

Now, you'd THINK Mom would know that by now. I mean, I passed my 10th birthday sometime back in October (how fitting that an orange cat should be born in the most orange month, right?) but no.

She still treats me like I'm 10 weeks old, not 10 years old. It's so undignified.

This morning she was getting ready to go out to whatever she does during the day. I'm laying on the floor - comfortably, i might add. She keeps passing around me, but hey, there's lots of room. And I'm snoozing away... until she grabs me, picks me up and carries me to the bed.

What the FLUFF, Mom? I was happy there. I let her know I wasn't happy about this move; I hissed at her. Quite frightening, I thought. She didn't seem to notice. I get no respect!

Anyway, I did stay on the bed because well, I was there now, but went over to the far side, and gave her my best outraged glower. She thought it was cute.

I give up. Totally disgusted, furriends.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Chrissymouse Hedgehog

Mom says everyone needs a Chrissymouse Hedgie in the lives. 
We would beg to differ... but she didn't ask us!
And he grunts - technically he's a DOG toy.
She brought home a DOG toy. It's really for her, 
she thought he was adorable.

PLEASE get the hedgie away from me! Thank you.
I am trying to nap here.

Well, Mr Penguin will take Hedgie under his flipper
and get him settled into the SAC (Stuffie Animal Community).

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mr Penguin

I'd like to introduce y'all to my good furriend, Mr Penguin. Here we are, just finished up with a long chat about... stuff. Secret stuff, really. Sometimes I feel a bit crowded by all the womenfolk here, so I hang out with him.

He's pretty cool, and very versatile. He also speaks for the stuffed animal community here. Oh, yes, there are others, but he's the best conversationalist. And at night, he doubles as a Dream Lite, putting stars on the ceiling for Mom. She's happy, I'm happy, we're all happy.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Not So Easy

I am very unhappy with my Mom - I mean, my Chief Paw Servant. Although right now I am seriously considering terminating her services!

She caught me in.... um..... the litterbox, in a VERY private position. Since when does royalty put up with being SPIED ON, I ask you? She came back to tidy the box and discovered that while I'd assumed the position, I hadn't produced anything.

(for all you kitten tots out there, not much can send a Mom into a tizzy faster than that. Trust me.)

After that, she held me down and forced this sticky stuff on my paws. Of course I had to clean all that off. I actually like this stuff - same as she gave Toby awhile back when he was having difficulties - but she smeared it on my nice, clean furs. Takes ages to deal with this properly. And don't think I gave her permission for that, either.

As if that wasn't bad enough, about an hour later.... everyone out there except maybe the tots can guess what happened next. Well, at least she's happy now, even if I'm not. This whole thing was soooo embarrassing. A real invasion of privacy!


Monday, December 1, 2014


They did all kinds of horrible things to me at the Stabby Place on Friday - they poked me with sharp needles, made me all sleepy so they could do Ceiling Cat only knows what while I couldn't even move, made me look all funny and goofy in that pic Mom took - thanks Mom, for that! - but the worst thing they did....

they took my furs!! My handsome orange furs! Part of my leg is nekkid - in the middle of winter, too. Sure I'm an indoor only cat, that's not the point!

I want my furs back! GIVE THEM BACK!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mom on Sunday

The cats are asleep, so I'm taking over for today.

1). The kids are getting a bit stiff these days, I've noticed a hesitation to jump from both of them. Especially Leia. I guess it all looks higher up than it used to. The bed now has three separate options to help them both get up without too much of a jump. I need to do something about the couch, though they can always get up using the seat cushions. They usually jump from floor to back of the couch.

2). Toby's dental - when he was being treated at the other vet for his UTI we talked about his need for one. She tried to convince me he was a "Stage 4" out of 5. The price? A mere $571! That's more than my rent. Because of course, a Stage 4 is more expensive than a 5, right? And naturally, it would have been extra for extractions or complications.

Now, I'm not a vet or a tech and my medical expertise is limited, but what I do have are eyes - and a suspicion of corporate owned vet hospitals. I could see for myself that Toby had nothing that seemed horrible. No blackened teeth, no signs of pain while he ate, nothing like that. The pics she showed me looked nothing like him at all. I know there could have been something I wasn't seeing, so I reserved my final opinion until he was treated at Other Vet - for $161. That included the bloodwork.

I begrudge no vet a healthy profit but this seems almost unethical. Pricing like this does a disservice to pet owners; a lot of us simply can't afford that much. Thankfully there are vets who do charge a reasonable price. And to be fair, Other Vet handles the highest volume in the city. They don't have time to play games.

I think my biggest irritation here is not with first vet's price, but with the feeling I was being manipulated into paying for more than was needed. I actually felt guilty for awhile because I didn't want to pay that; but then my common sense and suspicious nature kicked in.

I'm so very, very thankful that Tobers is home, safe, healthy and we are DONE with his dentalwork. And I am so very not looking forward to Leia's in January. If Toby is like a big teddy bear, she's more of a leopard and eel combined when it comes to the PTU and going to the vet.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Day in Captivity

Furriends, I have just had a TERRIBLE experience. Yesterday I was stuffed into a PTU and left all day at the Stabby Place - my fifth visit this year, no less. What's up with that??

I had to endure this thing called a "dental". And I couldn't eat a single bite before I had it, either. Do you have any idea how hungry I was? I couldn't even properly express my frustration to Mom either, because she left the house at 6am and didn't come back till about 8am.

Anyway, it's done now. Mom said everything went well, my gums are healthy, the bloodwork came back showing everything in a positive way. The Stabby Place guy said I was quite healthy, especially given my age (I'm ten now). This was my first dental. Mom said it will probably be my last too, given the age thing.

I am not sure I approve the posting of THIS image. It makes me look a little... well... goofy, doesn't it? This was me about two hours after I returned home. I was sore, as you can imagine. Not to mention a bit zonked. Whatever they gave me at the Stabby Place sure made me feel knocked out. Like a dinosaur sized catnip dose.

And this was Leia not being sure who I was. She got over it eventually. I hear she enjoyed the day without me in the house. Even got first shot at the brand new nip toy.

PS: Leia - laugh it up now, tabby girl. Your turn is coming!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Leia's Day Off

Yep, it's MY day. The house is ALL mine. Well, Mom is here, except when she's out shopping.
Where's Toby, you may ask? Oh, at the Stabby Place. Getting this thing called a "dental". Dunno what that is, but it meant we couldn't eat for AGES.

And here I am, playing with our new 'nip toy. I'm FIRST to play with it too. Mom just got it today.

Yep, life is good.     :)

Update as of 4pm:
Toby has returned home and is resting comfortably. He will issue a statement later this weekend about his Day in Captivity.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our New House Mate

Furriends, would you believe Mom brought home Grumpy Cat to live with us??

Seriously - we are big fans of G C but we did NOT need her to invade our territory.

As you can see, I was not impressed.

And Leia thought she was a chew toy....

Happy Sunday!

PS: we want to thank everyone for their kind words about our cousin Max.
His Mom really appreciated it, too.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Goodbye, Max

Today, our cousin Max was helped over the Rainbow Bridge.

Max was a Yorkshire Terrier. He was born just over
18 years ago; only recently did he start to have medical problems.

His mom loved him very, very much, and he had a
fantastic life. He was energetic and sweet, and took
excellent care of his mom, our aunt.

Max had a passion for stealing socks, getting treats,
chasing anything and always, always getting the last word.

We know he will continue to watch over her
from the Bridge.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Happy Sunday, furriends!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bring On the Noms.

Mom. Get up. We're hungry.

Seriously, we wanna eat now. Go downstairs. Open the can.


Really, we did mean it the first 3 times.   ::whack::   See what you made me do? There goes the little candle off the desk.

Well, that didn't work.... ::whap to the face:: How about now? Will you get up NOW?

Oh holy Ceiling Cat, what is it gonna take to get you out of bed and FEED THE CATS??!!

Finally!!! We get to eat!!!

::2 cats zoom down the stairs::

And that, furriends, is the scene almost.every.single.morning.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Working on a Caturday

As every kitteh knows, one of our most impawtant jobs is to carefully inspect every new item brought into our home.

Leia and I put our paw of approval on this new rug.

Good choice, Mom!

Happy Caturday, furriends.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Finally Friday

Mom! This is a serious matter I have to discuss with you. That's why I've chosen this platform, right in front of the TV. I need your full attention.

You're Netflixing The Gilmore Girls. I... I'm a dude here, a mankitteh. Got a rep to maintain, y'know? I can't be in a house where you're watching THE GILMORE GIRLS! When are we gonna get back to the manly movies - like the Dolph Lundgren movies? I LIKE Dolph. He does pawesome stuff. He kicks tail on those other tomcats in a big way. Very inspiring.

We've watched plenty of those, especially lately. I know you think I wasn't watching, but I only had my eyes closed when you were looking at me.

So please please please let's get back to the action movies! No more GG!

That's all.

- Toby

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wow - What a Kitteh!

We really think this feline should get a very special award for this:

Click here if you can't see the above video.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Finally Friday

It's here! We made it !!!

Ok, so we're kittehs so we don't really care 
but our Mom LUFFS Fridays very much. 

So we like to get in the spirit of things too. Hey, we're party animals, don't ya know?

In other news... I'm D - O - N - E with those stupid pills!
Now THAT'S worth celebrating, furriends!

- Toby

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Silly Moms

Mom, you know, I'm still on that vile medication you shove down my throat TWICE a day.

And my tummy isn't all that great, though I think it is better than it was.

So.... was it REALLY necessary this morning, when I came upstairs, to run around waving your hands in the air screeching about "the Orange Monster is here, save us, save us" and similar things???

I didn't think so. So tomorrow, seriously, show a bit of decorum ok?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shhhh!!!! Be Very, Very Quiet...

and you may be privileged to see the Wild Tabby in a totally new environment :

The Mom's office chair!

Now let's all back away s l o w l y.....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Abducted by Aliens!

This morning, early, when I was just settling in for a peaceful day's napping, I was snatched from my comfy bed, forced into the PTU, then a car ride and THEN LEFT AT THE STABBY PLACE all morning. I am never, ever left there. Ever ever ever. Until today.

I KNOW this was aliens. Because MY MOM would never, ever do anything like this, would she?

Would she??

I'm heading up to the kitteh loft until I'm sure they are all gone and won't come back for me a second time.

- Toby

Mom's note:

It was a very stressful morning for two of us. I'm not sure Leia realized she was left alone. Toby needs two more weeks of expensive antibiotics; I was hoping we were done with pills. The UA showed no crystals though, and for that I'm very grateful. And no re-check is needed in two weeks.

One good thing - now I know for sure I got the right cat. I really didn't have any doubts about that, but still, the verification was nice.

Now, he lost 2 oz this last two weeks. The vet isn't worried about that, but the Clavamox makes him not want to eat as much. I need to stimulate his appetite as much as I can. Anyone have any ideas? Rotisserie chicken works well, plus heating it up, plus petting him while he eats.

I am very open to other ideas!! Please share.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Pawsome Idea!!!

.... but, purrhaps, more for the ladies in the Kitteh Blogosphere. 


Worth checking out!!

PS: We luff to see unique, creative methods of getting the word out about animal adoptions and needs. Especially when they do NOT involve guilt trips.

- Leia & the Mom

- Toby is remaining silent on this. We don't think he's as impressed as we are.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hoomins - Cod Luff 'Em

Ok, let's be real here - we all know how.... difficult... it can be to live with our 'rents. They are always promising they will get to __ something __ right away. But how often does that actually happen??

Want an example? Ok, for example - our courtyard. Would you believe Cow Kitteh visited us again last week? Yep, that cheeky lil so-and-so did indeed invade our territory one more time. And yep - Toby started harassing ME over it. Again! As if I had anything to do with this!

So Mom FINALLY got it done yesterday afternoon. She put up some green fencing and tied it to the fence posts. Then she piled up some pine straw to keep Ebil Introoders from really even seeing any of the inside, as much as possible.

After carefully perusing the pictures, Toby and I decided this would prolly be sufficient.
We hope so. *I* hope so. I'm tired of having these little disagreements with the Orange Behemoth.

- The Delicate, Petite, Princess Leia

Friday, October 3, 2014

Finally Friday!

As always, Mom is all kinds of excited cuz she gets two days off to be with us.

1. I (Tobers) am doing pretty well. I'm eating less right now because the Clavamox kinda messes with my tummy, so Mom is working hard to keep me nomming. Gotta admit, I am enjoying the rotisserie chick-hen mixed in with my food. And I'm also having fun keeping her guessing. This morning, I walked away from the heated food to eat the unheated bowl.    :)  We can't make it too easy for them, can we?

hmm... do you think she will stop doing that when my meds run out? I hope not. I think we should have chick-hen EVERY day. Don't you?

2. Most of us are struggling with something, but for some people life is a struggle every day. We read about a very nice lady, Audra, and her two senior adult kittehs who recently had a flood in their apartment and are in desperate need of essential items being replaced. We heard about them from Cat On My Head a few days ago, and Mom said we could donate a few green papers this morning. We hope others will be able to do the same, and purrayers are ALWAYS welcomed.

Have a fantastic weekend, furriends!

- Leia and Toby

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kitteh Krack!

We - by we I mean mostly ME - aren't eating quite as much as Mom would like so she started us on Fancy Feast today, mixed with the regular stuff we get.

This is a gravy lovers' version. It's quite yumm!! So was the pitifully small bit of chick-hen she gave me last night from her own evening noms. I wanted more but she refused.

Stingy woman.

Also, I bit the Mom today. We tussled a bit over the pill. You think I don't know what she's doing when she grabs me and sticks stuff in my mouth? Please! The Greenies got slimier and slimier and broken up and she was left with mostly pill. She kept going and I kept disagreeing on this point and somewhere along the line my tooth left a hole in her finger.

Sadly, this doesn't stop the 'rents. They just say HBO words and keep on. We're 5.5 days into 14 days of meds, so it will be interesting to see what happens.....

                   - Toby

Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh My Ceiling Cat !

Furriends, Greenies Pill Pockets are the

How did so many years go by without me knowing about these??

I scarf up as many as Mom will let me have. Including Toby's extras.


More more MORE!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Recovery in Progress (we hope)

Well, I'm two days into my pills. 
Today I had a..... umm.... accident on the kitchen floor. 
(Mom's just glad it was on the linoleum and not on the carpet.)

But she's a good egg, said not to worry about it. Stuff happens.

The Stabby Place lady said it was typical of UTI sufferers. 

Anyway, I'm just trying to take it easy here
and soak up some sun. Sadly, this house doesn't
get much direct sun so the sunpuddles aren't so very great.

We hope everyone has a great Caturday and weekend.

PS: Our furriend Flynn is having some troubles too.
Please go by and visit him and his family.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Yeah, I got dragged off to the Stabby Place today, but I fooled those weirdos - didn't let them steal any of my pee. I hid it real well.

As you can see, I was a stoic and noble prisoner:

Anyways, they decided to treat me for a urinary tract infection anyway, so now I'm on pills. Blech! But hey, we did get introduced to Greenies Pill Pockets. Leia LUFFS hers something fierce. And she's not even sick, but Mom says it's not fair to give one of us what amounts to a treat and not the other. I was stubborn about it, but Mom popped it into my mouth - sneaky wench - and I swallowed it. So maybe I think they are ok after all. We'll see.

When we got home, I punished Mom for a whole five minutes, wouldn't come out UTB. 

I think she has learned her lesson, don't you?

What Toby Doesn't Know....

he definitely WON'T like when he finds out.

We have an appt at 2:15 today at the Stabby Place. This morning I woke up to find a large puddle of dark orange urine caught in the litter box liner. I called the vet and of course they want to see him.

I always waffle on things like this. Is it too soon? Will it pass? Is it really anything? They hate going so much - as does almost every other feline in the universe - but of course I can't let them suffer either.

Also, I'm assuming the problem child here is Toby, but honestly, I have always felt he is more fragile than Leia, although he's so much bigger. Given the size of that puddle though, I think it's a safe bet.

Maybe it's just a perception problem. Toby adopted me when he was about 3 weeks old, so I can't really shake the image of him as nothing more than a few ounces of orange fuzz. On the other paw, it usually IS him with the health problem. I've always thought that being separated from his birth mom at such a young age robbed him of those very important early days health protections. (he was a stray, found in a car engine on a cold day all those years ago).

The other bit of evidence is that I'm dealing with a spot on the carpet where someone had an accident.

So please keep us in your thoughts today. Thanks!

PS: thank Ceiling Cat for vets willing to hold a check till payday!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Hiss Heard Round the Interwebz

Furriends! We have the most shocking news we've ever heard -

HELLO KITTY is NOT a KITTEH after all!


According to news sources, she is actually a British girl with a kitteh of her own, Charmy Kitty.

Wow. We're just.... just meowless.

PS: Happy Birthday, HK. We think!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Serious Face

Do you see it?

I mean business here, furriends!

I'm doing the most critical task any feline can do - supervising the preparation of the noms.
This happens to be the evening noms, but it's the same face I use for all meals.

And really, it takes FOREVER these days.
She always has to wash out the bowls first,
then open a fresh can, then put it in the bowls.

And then carry it to the buffet area.
I have to be with her every step of the way - y'all understand!

I'm just exhausted by the time I get to eat.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Caturday Is here!!

All hail the Great Caturday!

And do I ever need it. I have been working HARD this week, furrriends.

Here I am, guarding the shoes:

and then the purse:

Cuz let's face it, guarding stuff is a MANKITTEH'S job!

And now it's time for my reward.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Toesies Tuesdays

I am a big believer in keeping everything very tidy and in place. I groom a lot - of course, not only am I a girl, I am a girl who is a PRINCESS - but I am very, very particular about my toesies.

I spend a lot of time on the back ones, chewing and trying to make sure they are in purrrfect shape. Mom couldn't get any action shots of that, so she decided to use this nice stair one instead:

Hey, a girl needs to keep SOME things private!

Happy Tuesday, y'all.