Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy Caturday - and It's My Turn!

We play a game called Time Share. Sometimes Mom is in her office chair, sometimes it's me. Toby got the bed early this morning; when Mom came back from getting her breakfast noms, I had it.

I must confess, sleeping is a favorite pasttime here. And we have a PhD in it.

Except when we are playing, of course! Or on guard duty. I do most of that around here.

We hope all our furriends have a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

To All Hoomins

Mom took this the other night. She calls it my yoga pose. I am also informed that it somewhat resembles an insult that hoomins can give to other hoomins known as "the middle finger".

I would VERY MUCH like to extend that insult to every hoomin on the planet right now.

Why? Let's look at my list, shall we? Oh yes, there is a list:

1. Food was denied me

2. I was stuffed in a PTU, endured a car ride - and oh my Ceiling Cat was it cold out there

3. LEFT at the Stabby Place so they could perform... tests. These involved needles and fingers in EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE places.

Mom said this was all neccessary but I don't care. Hence, my finger-paw to the world.

I'm going up to the kitteh loft. Don't follow me if you walk on two feet.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Kitteh Condo

We haz exciting news! Leia and I decided we wanted our very own condo. We hired an architect (Mom), a builder (Mom) and lastly, an interior decorator (again, Mom. hey, when you can only pay in purrs and snuggles and shed furs, options are limited, ok?)


This is a two level condo. Amenities include wallpaper, private napping station 
downstairs, with a view upstairs, toys, and finely ground catnip to give it that extra ooomph.

We're pleased with the final product. We're contemplating Phase II and possibly III, 
but we're having a bit of trouble with the financing options right now. 
We all know how quickly green 
papers run out during new construction! 

Happy Monday, furriends.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Caturday


Mom was VERY amused by this....  interruption of my nap.

I was not.

Happy Caturday, furriends.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And the Vet Said....

This morning Toby finished his Baytril. I was going to take him to the vet for a urinalysis on Friday, but was lucky enough to get a urine sample at lunch today. He was very obliging, I must say.

They did the UA and said: no blood, bacteria or crystals BUT there are white blood cells, which I am told, indicates a low grade infection brewing. So in ten days we need a urine culture to determine precisely what medication he should get next. And to make it extra fun, I have to not feed them after midnight because he might require sedation to get the sample (he didn't need it at the last vet so I don't think we will need it here, but he is definitely getting crankier about all this).

My poor lil orange guy. At least I spared him this vet trip. And he would need to get his anal glands checked again soon anyway.

And that's the latest, folks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Befuddled on Tuesday (morning)

This morning about 4 am, I sat on the dressing table and woke Mom up. I was hungry, I had every right to let her know it, didn't I?

But sometimes the hoomins get so deeply asleep, they are kinda stupid when they are suddenly woken. Like today. Mom sits straight up, looks at the clock, points to it and demands of me "Do you know what time it is???"

Uh no, Mom, I don't. I'm a kitteh, I can't read a clock. (Leia claims to be able to but I think she's just being a Smarty McFurPants. It's not like I could prove her wrong, is it?)

Anyway, we did get our breakfast - eventually - followed by some loud catnipping and later, more demands of Mom of a mysterious nature. Just because I could.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Mom, I don't believe I'm the least bit spoiled. 

No idea why you'd say such a thing.

After all, it was YOUR idea to bring my noms upstairs to me.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Meow Ye, Meow Ye

I, the Royal Princess Leia, hath issued very TWO  impawtant decrees this morning. I call upon the entire Kitteh Blogosphere to witness and pay heed:

The first: 

Mom is in the doghouse and shall NOT come forth from this uncomfortable, somewhat smelly place UNTIL she promises to never, ever do this awful, vile thing to me again. No, I will not speak of it, it's too awful to share. (Or until I really need to get head scritches, which ever comes first).

The second:
All our furriends must have a splendid, wonderful, happy long weekend!

Carry on.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Leia On The Couch

As promised, it's more of me, Princess Leia. Here I am on the couch. Mom took this tonight with her cell phone. It was dark, so that's why the quality isn't all it should be. Excuses, excuses!

I'm training Mom to make sure the soft gray blankie is properly adjusted when she's not sitting there. It keeps me warm and looks good with my coloring. If she leaves the blankie all bunched up and tossed aside (major frownie face demerits for that!) I will still use it but it's not as comfortable.

Usually I like to be with the fam, but we all need our alone times. Tonight is just one of those times.

Wishing everyone a happy week!

- Leia

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Caturday Gurrl Kitteh Power!

My furriends, in looking over this blog I see it's pretty much been about Toby. All orange, all the time. I love him but now it needs to be about ME. I know I've been missed here.

So as a treat, I would like to show you this picture Mom took yesterday:

If you biggify you can see my very beautiful green eyes. And if you look very closely you can see how carefully I'm guarding my tail.

Tails are tricksy things. They can scamper off in a twitch of a whisker. Why do you think I'm always chasing it?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Caturday.

- Leia

PS: you haven't heard the last from me! There is more to come.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

What We Learned at the Vet Tonight (After Hours)

At 7:12 pm Toby got in the litterbox and got out without producing anything. Convinced he was blocked, I rushed him off to our regular vet who thankfully does their own after hours care. The senior vet with decades of experience was there.

Toby was not blocked, Heaven and all the saints and Ceiling Cat be praised. There was a bit of urine inside, and his UTI was causing irritation, hence the litterbox jumping. Apparently this is the sign that brings people with cats into the vet. Because we caught it early last time, I didn't see this behavior.

He got a Prednisone shot and Pred pills to start tomorrow to deal with the irritation. And Senior Vet showed me how to tell myself if Toby is blocked. That was an educational experience.

I don't regret rushing him off. I've always been taught that for a cat, especially a male, to not produce urine was Very Bad. Now I have some more knowledge to help balance my anxiety and make better decisions for his, and her, health.

and it only cost me $131. For an emergency vet visit, I'd say that's pretty good!!

PS: would you believe after all this, my lil orange Monkey Man still loves me?
PPS: while I was upstairs typing this, Toby was downstairs producing both liquid and solid waste. There is almost a joke here, don't you think? Can't quite put my paw on it....

I took this pic earlier today. It's kind of rare for them to be like this, and I like to think of this one as Leia helping Toby feel better:

Yo, Ceiling Cat

Dude - you are a dude, right? always got the impression you were - we need to talk. This is the second time you've ratted me out, you do realize, I hope.

This has to stop! See, I have another UTI. Mom discovered this morning that there was some pee that wasn't the right color in the turned down plastic liner. Same way she discovered my first one, last fall. Normally the plastic stays put.

She's convinced that you made sure she knew that I had a problem both times. Ok, so this time is a bit better... she was able to go to the Stabby Place lady and get some medicine for me without dragging me out into the 14 degree morning. Mom tells me that is plenty cold, and nobody wants to go out in that, much less a noble and dignified but short furred mancat. But still, I have to get those pills shoved down my throat! AGAIN!!

(Mom says I have to have full disclosure and admit that the pills are in Pill Pockets. But I don't like them, and they still have to be coaxed down my throat. Same difference, if you ask me. Also, these are a different brand and shouldn't make my tummy unhappy.)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finally Something We Like!

This chair came in yesterday. Mom has been wanting another dining room chair, but she's cheap. That's cool though, this acquisition I approve of most heartily. I've already been on it several times and it totally has my Paw of Approval.

Now, these pictures are kind of special. This bed was left behind by our cousin Max some years ago when he and his mom lived with us. We never really cared for it but recently we've been enjoying it. Max passed away recently, so Mom thought it was rather touching that we are using it a bit now.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Dear Diary: Jan. 2, 2015

Dear Diary,

Only two days into the new year, and our Mom continues to bring home worthless junk that is not... well... anything we can eat.

Or really play with. It's not like there is any 'nip on this thing.

But at least we got this really nice Chrissymouse card
from Stella O'Houligan's mom. That, we do like!

We hope 2015 brings lots of stuff for us!

- Toby and Leia