Thursday, April 23, 2020

Happy Birthday Sylvina

The princess celebrated four years on Tuesday. 

Here she is with what she described as the BEST PRESENT EVER - 
a box! A fine box, and it has red crinkly paper inside.

She meowed that this made it an extra special experience.

In other news...

Like many dogs, Brekke has a strong aversion to storms. She requires a thunder shirt and medication, and long ago determined that my garage is her storm shelter. I put the blankie over her to help calm her. I don't know if it worked. She came over to stand by me. I think people are her answer to scary things.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

What a Doggo Must Endure

Look at me! WHY do hoomans love to do this sort of thing?
No dignity, I swear. And it messes with my napping too.

It's not even FIRST merchandise either, it's leftover discounted St Patrick's Day stuff.


Monday, April 13, 2020

Today's Staff Meeting

Mr. E Bun and I met first thing this morning at work.
We decided that he should stay on the job with me for awhile longer.

When polled about their feelings.....

cats across America had this response.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Happy Finally Friday / Good Friday / Random Stuff

First up, fur people pics:

This is Miss B and her very, very heavy head.
She is a born lap dog in spirit but physically, oh my stars, she weighs a lot.
But is so sweet, you just let her. She also loves laying on the back of the couch and staring out the window, as she is doing here. 

The princess scored a few hours of quiet naptime on my bed.
I confess I shut out B so she could be undisturbed for awhile.

Right at the end of a night's sleep, needing "just five more minutes!"


Current events: There is a Lincoln commercial playing right now. Young mother in her remote mountain home, awaiting delivery of her luxury vehicle. It's very nice and pretty and yeaa for her, that she is above it all. Honestly though, it's tone deaf with our society crumbling more every day, hurtling towards the second Depression if the gov. doesn't stop their power plays. I think if I were well off I'd want to keep my head down. ** this is not a slam against those who have worked hard and have earned their financial security, it's just not a time for advertisers to dangle such things to the masses. French Revolution ring any bells?


Very sad news: Iza from Mark's Mews has gone to the Bridge, as of today. Please visit, if you can. 


Today is Good Friday

Monday, April 6, 2020

Oh Those Achy Bits.... !!

Happy Monday to all. 

On Caturday morning, early, I bent over and OOOWWWWW evil bees! Evil bees!

Also known as a pulled muscle in my lower back. Google says technically, pulled back muscles are rare, this is really a nerve issue but I. Do. Not. Care. It HURT!

On the plus side, I used the new telemedicine app my company subscribed to for us, as of April 1, and while I lay in bed on a heating pad, talked to a very nice doctor who prescribed the good Motrin and a steriod for inflammation. Getting in my car to pick it up just about made me cry but I managed, and now on Monday morning, I'm a lot better. Still hurting but much more manageable. However, I am off today, since I can't really sit more than two hours at most. 

Incidentally, bee stings are pretty much what it feels like to sit for too long. 

In other news..

I watched Queen Elizabeth's national address. Can she lead us too ? Please? 
(apologies to our founders but you had no idea what was coming so.... )

Also, I started watching The Good Fight on CBS yesterday. I was hooked 20 minutes into the first ep. Excellent show. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sylvina's Brief Adventure

So the other night, my roommate was doing a final tail check before bed. How often we all do that!
And realized she was one short. This kicked off a frantic hour long search for one small cat.

We looked everywhere, including the back yard and in the front. Finally we decided that somehow she must have gotten outside, because where else could she be? She's not the type of cat to hide, she's quite sociable. And then, while roomie was out back one last time, I heard....

a faint meow. And I knew she was inside somewhere.

Turns out, she got herself into a kitchen cabinet while her mom was getting something out of it, and got closed up. Her mom did check all the cabinets, but I guess Syl wasn't ready to emerge from exploring. This was a corner cabinet with murky depths.

She had to endure hugs from both of us after she was found, but did get some treats so I think she was ok with that. I'm profoundly grateful that she did not in fact get out. 

In other news...

May I present my newest co-worker, Mr E. Bun? His job is to sit with me at reception and make me smile. He does this quite well, and is very needed. Normally I'm the backup to the backup receptionist, so I'm not downstairs much. But the receptionist is an older lady in the high risk group, so she's on leave for the duration. The second receptionist is working from home now, quarantined after a beach vacation (not sick, just a precaution). So I'm it, and I have to tell you, our callers are getting more and more irate, and impatient with hold times. It's very wearing on the spirit.