Wednesday, June 26, 2019

When They Were Only Tiny...

This picture is from 2004. Toby was about four months, Leia was the older woman at 6.

How quickly they took over my heart, and my life. 

I had a birthday on the 25th; it was my first one without them. 
Next week, it will be my first 4th fireworks noise without them.

Some people have pets, and when they are gone, are sad for a bit but they were, after all, only pets.

That's not me. When Leia left my world was spiderwebbed with fractures;
when Toby left it shattered entirely.
All my memories, my daily and weekly habits and meanderings, included them somehow.

It's now been six months.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Baby Burds - Look AWAY, Tabbies o Trout Town!

This is a rescue story. Not a cat rescue story, but baby burd rescue.

These lil peepers were nested in the bushes right behind my office window. I'm embarrassed to admit that although I heard them screaming earlier this week, I didn't realize they were babies. I was busy, and just vaguely chalked it up to Noises Burds Make.

Today they got VERY loud. For good reason - we believe that mom either got spooked off by all the people coming and going and being noisy themselves, or met a sad end. We do have burds of prey here. These babies were so hungry that they screamed at everyone who came close to freaking feed them already, ok?

Someone with more sense, and knowledge of burds, than I do, correctly realized what was happening, and took the entire nest away to a local vet that is a pick up point for a wildlife rescue group. The babies were fed right away, and were due to be picked up within the hour of their arrival, so I feel certain that they now have a good chance of survival.

There were four of them. Two were actively demanding they be fed, the third wasn't doing so well, and the fourth... has gone on to a Better Burd World. That was my deciding vote for removing them now instead of waiting to see if mom is coming back.

I don't especially like burds, but I have no wish to see any animal suffer, so I'm glad they are in experienced hands now. Fly free, and please don't poop on my car in future, ok?


Monday, June 10, 2019

Yep, It Came Back.

Let the kittens help us through this day.