Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ticked Off Toesday

WELL!! The NERVE of some hoomins. Now, I do luff my Mom Bean. But last night...ooooohh last night, I had to give her a stern bunny kick!

I was on the porch after dark, just relaxin', looking around at all the stuff going on out there, minding my very own business when the Mom Bean decides it's time for me to come in. Hmpf! She tried to pick me up but I gave her that bunny kick and ended that notion right there! I was just NOT READY to come in. Plus I gave her my very best outraged stare, too.

** I did make up for it later. I sauntered in when *I* was ready, and then went to sleep with her so she wouldn't feel too bad. But you know, a kitteh has got to assert his independence every so often.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cousin Max Barks!

It's Friday in Florida! My person loves Fridays more than me, but it's just another day of sleeping and watching Animal Planet for me. Until my person comes in and takes me for a walk, which I love-love-love. Squirrels, plants, smells, birds, grass, bushes, trees. It's an endless list! Well, back to AP. Good Woofies to all!

Finally Friday!

Good morning everykitteh! It's finally Friday and we're all purrrring about that. Just a few more hours and our Mom bean gets to be home with us for two whole days! Then we get lots of attention and head scritches. Until then, here's us being all snuggly and sleepy. Best way to spend a Finally Friday!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Porch Super Highway

Being on our porch is like having a front row seat to the Super Highway of Other Animal-Kind. We getz to watch birds and squirrels and all kinds of bugs and EVEN - sometimes - Evil Intruder Kittehs! (Those don't bother us too much.)
Only thing is, those animals can be LOUD!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BEANS!!! We want out on the porch, and she is so hard to get out of bed! MOOOOMMMM!!! We want OUT! GET UP!!! Anywayz, here's us on the porch. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wooooo !!!! We're here!!!! AT LAST!!!

FINALLY! Our bean got off her squishy butt and started our blog! Now we can comuni- commoni- talk to other kittehs, too! We'z been reading other kitteh blogs forEVER and there are so many good ones: Max the Psychokitty (you totally ROCK, dude!), Daisy the Curly Cat (and Harley, too), Misha (Leia is SWOONING over sexy Misha), Artsy Catsy and lots and lots and lots more!

But now we gotta introduce US: I'm Toby the Great Orange One (my bean callz me that!). I luff naps more than anything in the world. On the porch naps. And that's Leia. She's the black and gray and white tabby girl. She luffs naps too. And our cousin woofie Max will be around some too.