Wednesday, July 29, 2020

No Jetta For YOU!

So, my co worker has never been called back to retrieve Miss J., so let's hope that wherever she is, she is doing well and is happy. I think she probably is. I suspect that the foster mom just fell in love with the fluff ball, and couldn't part with her.

Also on the subject of rescuing black fluffballs...

I had a Zoom team meeting on Monday. We got to see the cutest little black kitten named Ellie. She was rescued from the side of the road during their trip back from celebrating the 4th. The vet aged her about 6 weeks old, so thankfully past the bottle feeding stage. They already had a ten year old resident feline who was not amused at this tiny interloper, but after they bathed both of them in the same shampoo, peace was restored to the valley.

Ellie insisted on being held like a baby during the meeting, which was very entertaining, and quite in line with other such Zoom meetings I've read about.

Paws up for black felines! May all cats of every color and stripe find their forever homes. 

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Vina Gets Out, and Brekke Makes a Furriend

Happy 4th! For sure an odd one this year.

First up - Miss Sylvina got out into the backyard. By herself. I passed by the laundry room, noticed the door was open - which it never is - and investigated. There she was, sitting calmly in the grass, just looking at me. I called to her mom, and we got her back inside with no trouble. I was afaid she'd take off but she was ok with coming back in. Most likely Brekke got the door opened, and the cat decided to enjoy a late July afternoon.

Later, I explained that she is a Princess, and must never go out alone, without her bodyguard and attendants. It's simply not done

Brekke had a visitor today, Mr Bojangles. He's about 4 years old, a recently adopted rescue pit bull mix, half her size. He's due to begin heartworm treatment next week, and has just been neutered. Today was their first meeting. It went well, mostly; she is very socialized and enjoys company. They spent their time running around the yard and doing various dog things.

However, the "mostly" did have one hitch. I've been warned that Brekke does NOT put up with any male... shenanigans.. and will react very aggressively if one tries to show dominance. Mr B did try to prove that he was a male, but her very fierce snarling put an end to that game right away. I was actually quite impressed; she's such a sweet dog but do NOT play that with her. She's been known to put males on the ground at the dog park if they won't back off.

Here's hoping we all have a quiet and peaceful evening.