Monday, May 29, 2017

It's Tuesday

Sorry, Mom. 

We know you want to go to sleep now, but there are no more vacancies.
Next time, use the call ahead app for your reservation.

We hear the couch is available, though.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Inkblots

This extremely handsome fellow, or lovely ladycat (I don't know which) is who is making my cats crazy. Actually, there are three look alikes that run around here, sometimes in a kitteh pack.

I think they come from a house around the corner. I don't know that he doesn't officially have a home; I just see him a lot around here. Lately I've noticed him napping on the other covered back porch we have, the one that thankfully my cats don't watch much.

I can't do much for him; taking proper care of my own on one income is almost more than I can manage as it is. I don't have the emotional or financial resources for more.

What I can do is leave him alone, to have this porch as a safe space, out of the elements. I can provide clean water; I can put out kibble so that if a hunt isn't succesful, at least he/they don't have to go to sleep hungry. Though I appreciate the irony that his natural diet is probably very much healther than this cheap kibble.

And not least, I can absolutely hate the people who didn't bother to fix their cats that at some point, produced this litter that runs around. 

But, what I can't do is develop an emotional connection with him. I don't speak to him, and he watches me carefully, ready to run. If this weren't a rental, I could do more, but who knows how long we will live here? What if the next people hate cats? 

Can I just say, one more time, how much I truly hate people who are so careless with these furry lives????!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thursday - Life with Felines

It really hurts my feelings when I try to be helpful, and all I get is "Toby, NO!"
See this desk? Mom got it set up - finally! it's been a mess for months - and I was
only trying to use my interior decorator skills to move things around.

So I really don't understand her muttered references to "taking hostages".

Yes, I thought these figurines, and the glass pumpkin, would look better moved 
OFF the desk. I was experimenting with a minimalist approach.

But she said these ladies were far too expensive ***
to take a swipe of my Mighty Paw of Doom.

Anyway, I got what I wanted; all that clutter has been relocated.

You're welcome, Mom.

**** Hallmark store. Way overpriced but....

Monday, May 22, 2017

Mancat Monday

We made it past the weekend!

For me purrsonally, I wondered...

You see, there was a Leia Incident. She was making terrible sounds so naturally Mom and I investigated. She... She YELLED at me. 

Awful, awful things. She used words I didn't even know she knew! 

And no, in spite of the rumors, I was definitely NOT hiding under the pink chair. I was under the chair to.... Protect Leia, of course. From herself. I didn't want her to do anything she'd regret later.

I still don't know why she got so upset!

Mom's Note:

What Toby doesn't know is that Leia saw an outside cat through the sliding glass door. I think they are very curious about my cats. 

Leia is a good girl though..she was very upset but unlike Toby, she doesn't attack from redirected aggression. She didn't quite know what to do with her frustration, so she just stood there and made scary noises. 

Eventually peace reigned in the valley again.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mancat Monday - and it's Leia Time!

Hi everybody!!! ::wildly waves paws at furriends::

We hope everyone had a great Mom's Day weekend.

So, I know it's Monday but that's exactly why *I* am here.

I heard a vile rumor that SOME orange kitteh around here was gonna spill a secret of mine.

So I thought - hey, we live in the age of reality TV, I'm going to beat him to it.

Here it is:

I'm a messy eater! Yep, I am and I OWN IT.

Mom is forever having to wipe some bit of wet food that hangs around
 (otherwise it dries and sticks to my tiny chin or mouth area).

Ha ha meow!!! Take that Toby.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Can you tell where my new hiding spot is??
- Leia

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mancat Monday

Hello, furriends! We hope everyone had a good weekend.

So, here I am, sleepy and relaxed. So what does that woman do??
 She brings out the Beast Known as Vacoom!
Without even a by-your-leave, she lets that thing fire up and eat stuff.

So I move my Sleep Base of Operations into the bedroom.

Clearly, I'm on Do Not Disturb.

So what does that woman do??!

Now she wants to MAKE UP THE BED! ***

I tell you, there is no respect for feline-kind in THIS house.


*** Mom's note - hours have passed, Toby! He makes it sound like it was 10 minutes.

Such a drama king he is.

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Heaviest of Hearts

Dearest Flynn has passed over. We have been dreading this day for some time, and now it's here.

Eric and Flynn were the first cats' blog we followed, way back. We have a special love for oranges here. Seeing them on their walks in the field, and watching them do their Potted Kitteh routines, filled us with happiness. They were such wonderful examples of mancats, truly. The world is poorer for their passing.

To their family, we can only say we feel your pain, and your loss, and we mourn with you.

- Cathy, Leia and Toby