Sunday, July 30, 2017

Easy Sunday

Today I got my nails trimmed, against my express wishes. Mom tried to tell me that
ALL the best people get their nails done by someone else,
but I can't help feeling darkly suspicious of this statement.

- Leia

Mom is always on the look out for the next embarrassing picture.
As per this one. And then she threatens the Snorgle Tummy Monster Fingers.

And since we have had enough attention from mom for one day,
we're graciously allowing her to post this picture from the Petsmart
parking lot this morning. She said there were actually 
6  woofies in that truck.

She wasn't the only one to snap a picture of this!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finally Friday

We made it!! Best wishes - or fishes - or both - for a fine weekend for us all.

A few random things:

1. We never told mom what was so fascinating in our Wednesday picture. We like to stay mysterious. It's a Cat Thing.

2. Speaking of mysterious... Mom cannot understand why, when we have two plates of food, exactly the same, we insist on eating out of the same dish at the same time. Remarkably, no smacky paws or rude remarks of any kind, just down to business.

3. Or, when we have three litterboxes, two of them side by side, we almost always both use the same box. She'll come home and there are multiple outputs. In the same box. With the other two in pristine shape.

And finally, I leave you with this passing thought:

It's not always a good idea to insist on waking mom up in the wee hours.
Repeatedly. Some of the things she says.... !!!

- Toby

- - but not Leia, because she's a girl and girls are smarter than that!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Rest Thee Well, Mayor Stubbs

Today we gather to pay our respects to Mayor Stubbs, ruler of Talkeetna, Alaska, 
for most of his 20 years. He passed to the Bridge very recently.

Sir, you upheld your high office with dignity and fairness, and were a 
shining example of what a cat of determination and strength
can accomplish in the hoomin world. We need more kittehs in office!

(Summer, we expect to hear of your political bid VERY SOON!)

Let us all raise a glass of water with nip in your memory.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

It Was Just a Little One....

Seriously, mom, I barely put my teeth on you. Just the tiniest nibble!

No sense of humor. Sighs.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Sorta Selfie

This is the best we're gonna do today for selfies.
Naps are just too impawtant to let anything interfere with them.

Mom says this is my bed-fur-head look.

*I* think she's making fun of me. Again. She does that.

Leia's Latest:

She had her re-check UA on Wednesday. 
The vet said she looked good except for some red blood cells,
probably caused by taking the sample in the first place. 
That she didn't need any more antibiotics. I trusted his judgment.

Which was fine until Friday afternoon when she started in with her second UTI.
At least they didn't force me to bring her in on Friday too.