Thursday, February 27, 2014

Can It Be???

Oh, Finally Friday, is that you?

Boy, is Mom ever glad to see ya!

Happy weekend to all our furrriends.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Am Not a Vet...

but I do know *my* cats. And I believe that Toby had two problems, not just one. The vet was focused on the dry stools, but the limp was what confused me.

On Monday I started them on wet food. I was afraid that he might not eat the wet if dry was available, and the last thing I wanted was to end up having another fun procedure on his nether regions. So I fed them just wet.

Yeah, this caused some problems on the other end, but nothing severe. On Thursday I noticed he was showing signs of distress in the litterbox so I called the vet. She gave him Amoxicillin to help settle his stomach. I'm happy to say that Tobers is 100% better this Sunday than last. 

I think his *real* problem was his limp, that didn't fully go away until the Amoxi kicked in. I think Leia bit the tar out of him prior to last Sunday and caused some injury. She likes to go for the hips and thighs because that's the safest place for her to play attack him. 

I've been monitoring litterbox activity so closely since Thursday, I'm pretty sure the cats think I'm a complete weirdo by now! But Toby wasn't passing anything and hadn't since early Thursday am, so I  needed to know. That resolved this morning, thank Ceiling Cat. 

I have to say I don't enjoy feline medical mysteries! 

We hope all our furriends and their families have a wonderful and sunny Sunday.

PS: We have several other CB-rs that we know of with medical issues of their own, especially Moosey and Ollie and the Fuzzy Tales lads. Please know that I am praying for all of us.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Mom made the house go back the way it was this morning.

Toby still has a tiny limp but he is purring now and got on the bed after it was replaced.

The gushy noms are being inhaled nicely.

Here is to a peaceful Wednesday with lots of naps!

We have other furriends who are struggling right now, like Nicki and Ollie. We hope everyone gets over their illnesses and injuries very quickly.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Recovery Continues...

Good evening, dear furrriends! I'm getting better. Still a bit sore in the hind quarters - after what they did to me yesterday, no surprise! - so Mom just gave me another dose of pain meds. I didn't like her finger down my throat but.... I wouldn't mind if it helped, either.

We got wet gushy food tonight. It was wonderful!

Mom was upset about me sleeping on the cold floor last night. I wouldn't get on the bed and when she tried to put me on it, I flipped out and ran away. So she decided that if the sick kitteh won't come to the bed...

the bed will come to the sick kitteh!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh, the Indignity!

Furriends, I just got back from the emergency Stabby Place. Technically the regular vet charging emergency fees at the regular place, Mom says.

My problem was..... oh my Ceiling Cat, this is so embarrassing.... (covers eyes with paws and whispers) packed stools. And the lady vet did this awful thing to my nether regions. But it worked.

Now I'm turning it over to Mom and heading to my favorite hiding place for some alone time.


I was crying last night around 2 am. Anyone who has been a pet parent for any length of time knows that fear. I knew something was wrong. The vet did an x ray, blood work, sub q fluids for what was borderline dehydration and of course, that infamous enema. I do watch intake and output for both my cats, but though Tobers was doing it, he wasn't doing enough.

Next weekend we will be switching to a diet of mixed kibbles and wet food. Toby was 18 pounds, down from 20.7 in Nov. But the bloodwork showed all good things. Kidneys are in great shape.

So he's in recovery now. I just watched him limp by, poor baby. Hopefully he will be completely better by the morning.


Toby is ill. I think it may be something like kidney disease.

He won't purr for me. The cat who always purrs won't purr for me.

We are going to the vet on Monday.

** besides the non purring, which is a big deal because he loves getting attention, since last night at 8 pm he just lays on the bed, doesn't want to move. He did go to the litterbox and have some food/water this morning, but he's just one step shy of being apathetic.

He's been limping for a few days. Once I saw him sitting, that front leg was trembling a bit. Never seen that before. This morning he was sitting, but slumped to one side like some dogs do.

I did see him groom himself and Leia, which I think is a good sign, but I'm afraid it's something serious. While 8 years old seems young for a serious condition like kidney disease, he was separated from his mom at such a young age, and has always seemed fragile.

Does anyone have an idea based on these signs?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Caturday

Dear furriends, we were hanging out today, enjoying what little bit of sun we could find, when the Noise started.

First, it was the big Noisey Beast. She ran it all over the house, including the bedroom. We had to hide from that.

Then, right after that, came the smaller but no less noisy, Noisy Beast. This one she holds in her hand and... and.... it's hard to believe anyone, even a hoomin, would do this, but she POINTS IT AT HER HEAD!  Wow.

I mean, isn't she afraid it's going to eat her hair? Attack her head? At least the big Beast, that one she walks behind so it doesn't have as much opportunity to go for her. The other, we can't fathom at all.

Ah well. It's quiet now so it's time for our naps.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Thursday

Mom may be at home, but don't worry.

She is still being snoopervised.

I am not impressed by her efforts.

A Purrformance Improvement Plan may be forthcoming.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Mom Problem

Mom is home due to weather, since yesterday. And she will be off again tomorrow, Thursday, she told us.

Which is fine; having her around has its advantages. But since she's bored, and can't leave the house, she's Doing. Stuff. Like changing the sheets.

Now, don't get us wrong. We like a clean, tidy home as much as the next feline, but WHY can't she do it when we aren't on the bed?? According to her, it's impossible to find a time when both of us aren't on it. So what? It's her problem to schedule such things.

Inconveniencing us, especially ME, is not right!

Above you see me refusing to move as she made up the bed around me. I held out as long as I could. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Emergency Purrayers Needed

We just found out that our dear furriend Ollie from Stella's had a terrible accident. He's at the vet's now and really needs all of our purrayers, and so does his Mom.

Please go visit her.

Update: We are glad to report that Ollie will be coming home tonight. But as you can imagine, the Stabby Place bills are kinda high. There will be an auction to help with that, or you can donate directly, if you can. If you're considering bidding on the art, trust us, you will be thrilled at what you get. We won a wall quilt awhile back from them, and it's on our wall now. It's really beautiful, and we are thrilled to have it.

Tattling Tuesday

Well! Here I am, again, but this time I'm hiding from Mom on purpose.

I am very vexed with her. Very.

Last night, she put that vile, cold, wet stuff on the back of my neck. And she had to HOLD ME DOWN to do it! Ok, she did this to Toby as well, but he's such a Mama's boy, he forgave her right away.

*I* am not so easily won back.

I still won't let her touch me. She must pay for this indignity.

Perhaps tonight I will allow her to begin wiggling her way back into my good graces.

Or perhaps not.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Meowwssings

So last night our Mom was talking to her sister. The subject came up..... if we, the felines, drank, what would we drink?

According to the sister, Leia would drink liqueurs. And I, Tobers, the Great Orange, would be kicking back with a Mojito. Or maybe five. ( Hey, I'm a big guy, I need more ).

And we are wondering - what would our furriends be drinking, other than Niptinis?

** no kitten tots are allowed to answer this! Y'all should be drinking milk. Only cats over a year old. Thank you. :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finally Friday

Recent events have sent Mom on a cleaning frenzy, so I'm waiting it out in the safest place I know.

Unfortunately, this means she has discovered one of my uber secret hide outs. Sighs.

Now I need a new one!

Wishing us all a Happy and Wonderful Finally Friday -

- the Whiskeratti


Mom was able to convince the mouse to go out the front door, with the help of some peanut butter. It was pretty much eager to get out of this house with two kittehs and a crazy woman with a broom.

Yes, she closed us in our bedroom and sat in the living room with a broom, waiting on the mouse. She planned on a little hockey, just needed the opposing team to come onto the field. Eventually it showed up and made a beeline for the door, where it squeezed out through the corner opening.

And today the exterminator shows up to put traps under the house.

Hopefully this will be the end of the Mouse in the House Saga.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Breaking News:: MOUSE in the house!

Ok, technically, Mouse On the Ledge over the Closet. Or it was.

Mom freaked out. She came into the bedroom and saw us both staring up.

She tried to be nice, getting a container and a long stick to try and get OUR toy outside.

But no. It fell off the ledge, plopped onto the floor and scurried into the closet.

She shut the door. She's hoping it may find a way outside through the closet.

WE aren't  hoping for that at all.

Update: ANOTHER one! or maybe the same one that got out of the closet. Who knows? I (Toby) let Mom know there was something going on by the sliding glass doors and she investigated. It ran out right by her feet. The noise she made was very entertaining, but hard to describe. Not precisely a scream....

Update #2: Mom's landlord is calling an exterminator. Can't be soon enough for her. She also made mention of wanting our ginger furriend Eric to teleport over and use his fine hunting skills... Hey, Mom, I think you just insulted us!  After our nap, we can totally take care of this thing.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cozy Caturday

Here is what we were doing - before the pawparazzi interrupted us.

But the hairy eyeball worked, because she took a few pics and then
went quietly away.

Enjoy your naptime, furriends.

If Mom lets you!