Sunday, May 29, 2016

Easy Sunday

Mom asked if we wanted to do selfies today. AFTER waking us up.

I think it's obvious how we felt about THAT idea.

Friday, May 27, 2016

T.T. on F.F.

Today, we are doing Thankful Thursday on Finally Friday.

What? We're cats, we don't abide by rules anyway.

This is for the lady who brought the needy mancat into our Stabby Place, where Mom saw him yesterday.

Dear Kind Lady,

Thank you so very much for being able to help the orange and white guy who needed, first, your food, as he was a stray. And then, when he came to you meowing for help with his IMMEDIATE medical emergency, you brought him in for surgery (and he got his snipping done too), his shots and various testing. Even though you have five felines of your own at home, you paid lots of green papers so he could get his fair shot at a good Forever Home. After his recovery.

Bless you forever and ever and ever,
Kittehs Everywhere

And while we are on the subject of helping - we would like to take a moment to bless the foster moms at Random Felines and Tails from the Foster Kittens for the ginormously impawtant work they do in providing a safe and nurturing environment for many, many tots and their moms.

And lastly - Art3mis, you are a lovely and amazing housepanther and we have you, especially, in our purrayers for a fantastic, and patient, Forever Home.

Now - pawrty on, everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Easy Sunday

Our Auntie Mary lives in Florida. Yesterday she went to the St Marks Lighthouse and saw THIS handsome fellow:

Wow! We wish we could get an interview with him....

Mom says that might not purrhaps be the very bestest of ideas though.

Enjoy your Sunday, furriends.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Finally Friday

A Happy Friday and weekend to all of you!

Mom took this picture this morning;
she called it practice at looking like this:

Purrsonally, I think I'm being mocked.

Here is something I bet you didn't know - I am very involved in helping Mom with her fashion accessories. I tug and twist and pull and inspect and occasionally put the bitey on a necklace that I don't approve of. If I don't, she leaves the house looking just awful, and who wants that?? We kittehs have a rep to maintain here. Our hoomins represent US when they leave the house, after all.

What would they do without us??

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mancat Monday - The Truth About Moms

This bit of advice is for all the kitten tots out there. Here it is:

Moms will trick you. And they will KEEP tricking you. Just when you have their moves down, they come up with all new ways to trick. There oughta be a law...

Which is how I ended up at the Stabby Place Friday afternoon. On account of my ears being a bit wonky. I tried to tell her I was dealing with it, but we all know how well they listen. And yeah, I had some trouble that I didn't have before - I started hassling after they they went to town on cleaning my ears, but only because I was.. I was... hot. That's it. I was hot. And on the way home, I did it too. Clearly Mom didn't have the AC up high enough.

So now there is this stupid sticky stuff she forces down my ears TWICE A DAY. Just look what it's doing to my handsome orange furs!

Making a mess of everything, that's what is happening. I am sure my half yeast, half bacterial infection (ok, I don't know what that means, that's just what the Stabby Place lady told mom) will clear up without this awful sticky mess, Mom. Trust me. We can quit now.

PS: You'd think all this was enough but no. Would you believe the Beast Known As Vaccoom almost ATE my special pawprint blankie??! Mom wrested the blankie away from its hungry jaws, but why she ever let it out of its den in the first place...

Forget this. I'm going back to sleep.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Toby Tweets!

Psst! I'm being held captive at the Stabby place. Ears are being assaulted! Send reinforcements RIGHT AWAY!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finally Friday

Wooo! It's everybody's favorite day again.

You know those moments we all have as felines, when we just want to be extra kind to our hoomins?
Well this was my recent one. If you look at my tail, you will see it's curled right
over my favorit-est nip toy. When mom saw me like this yesterday
she got all kinds of excited and rushed for her Flashy Beast.

Yeah... I could have moved. Thought about it. But decided, hey, I'll be a gentleman kitteh today.

You're welcome, Mom.

You know, she was just being silly the other day with that pointy ends business.
I would never scratch! 

But I WILL bite. 
Probably not hard.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday Snippets

See these? These pointy ends? I know how to use them - just give me a reason!

This purple shirt smells PAWSOME! Mom dropped some pizza on it. 
I'm just basking in the aroma here. Since she refuses to share with us.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mancat Monday - INTERRUPTED!

Nope. Not gonna do Monday this week. It's because of Mom  - they are being mean to her at that place she gets our green papers from, so to show my support, I'm boycotting today.

and that wore me out, so now I'm off to nap.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Finally Friday AND Leia Talks Fairies

Happy Finally Friday to all of us! Not that we felines care that much, really, but we know our hoomins think it's a Very Big Furry Deal. And they are easier to live with if they are happy.

Moving on...

This little fairy is named Madi Rain. She's an inside one though, as we are concerned that if we put her in the actual fairy garden the real fairies might take offense. We hear they can be mighty mean when they are put out. Who wants to risk that? Another concern is NOT putting gnomes out in the garden. We know some hoomins do that, but how do we know the two clans actually get along? They could be at war, for all we know. A very delicate, touchy business and best to be avoided altogether.

I, Leia, approve this fairy girl. 

Toby what do you think?
Toby, no! She's not for whapping.
Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's Wednesday


am not...

gonna look..

 at you.

Fine. Happy now?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mancat Monday / We're BAAACKKKK

Dear Furriends,

You can't imagine how awful this past week was! And the worst part - the very worst-est part! - was that Mom and Auntie Mary went off and LEFT US!! For days and days and days (Mom: 1.5 days. It was an overnight trip, Tobers) we were left alone.

Except - and this is also a really bad part - Mom hired a PET SITTER to come in. A pet sitter! Seriously, what the fluff, Mom? We are most definitely not pets. We are cats. While Mom & Co. were off without us (and we assure you, purrmission was not granted for this unauthorized absence, not that we were consulted at all) having fun in a far off land, we were left to our own amusements and had to suffer the indignity of a stranger in our house three separate times. That woman even tried to talk to us. Leia, that traitorous wench, actually sniffed her fingers. It was reported that *I* acted like a proper cat and gave her The Hideous Stare of Doom (trademark pending. I plan to franchise it).

However, we begin this week as normal. Auntie Mary has returned whence she came and our routine has been restored. I need a very long, long, long nap to make up for all this!

Toby, you are becoming a major drama llama, anyone ever tell you that?

Ok, so the hoomins went off to Charleston, SC last week. And saw these guys
(and I'll let her tell the rest):

We took a mule drawn carriage ride throughout the historic district. Beautiful place, and I recommend it to anyone who loves the past. Beware of the heat and humidity, and especially in season hotel prices. All of which skyrockets. Parking is just impossible; plan on a lot of walking, even if you are willing to pay to park. We left our car at the hotel garage and took it out again when we left for home. They do have bike taxis. Everyone sells cold bottled water for $2 per. You will want that, trust me.

I love the way the residents manage their small yards and courtyards. 

One last, but very important BEWARE: bedbugs. We found one in our hotel room. 
No surprise, it's a heavily traveled city, with people from everywhere. 
The manager handled it superbly so I won't name the place, but be careful if you go.

Happy Monday!