Friday, May 24, 2019

Second Attack

I feed two ferals. The one I call Shae scratched me about a month ago; I was talking to her right before I fed her, and she reached up and swiped my arm. It was very small and I chalked it up to hungry impatience.

So I stopped trying to touch them and mostly just fed and talked while I kept moving. This morning, after I put down the food, she attacked my arm while I bent over to fill the water dish. Claws and I believe one puncture with a fang.

So now what ????  She's always been more vocal and will come closer to me than her sister. Her sister was present at feeding time yesterday and Shae hissed at her. Maybe this morning was a reaction to that ?

I love cats. I do not love being attacked for doing nothing.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

For Crockett

Today, we honor the sweet and much lamented Crockett from Lone Star Cats.

He was famed for his tongue razzies; I was always a big fan of those.
Never seen a cat do them with such style and enthusiasm.

He passed a few days ago in a tragic accident. It's incredibly unfair that such a young, healthy being should have to leave so soon, but so much of life is accepting the inexplicable.

To his family, I offer my deepest condolences. I, along with many in the blogosophere, mourn with you. We share our stories, and our pictures, and our heartaches. And our losses. He may have lived with you, Lone Star, but in a very small way he was ours too. 

Angelique and Travis, please take good care of your people. I hear Angie is already doing an especially good job of that. Travis, I know you miss your BFF terribly. 

Orange has long been one of my favorite colors but I actually don't have anything orange to wear,
but in my heart, I am all over orange, I promise you.

- Cathy

Friday, May 3, 2019

A Whiskery Friday

At some point after I got Leia's pawprint cast, I started thinking it would have been nice to have something from them. Maybe it was just a stray thought born from my grief, but the next day, I found a whisker. And I was overjoyed.... From one of my beloved furriends, and naturally shed.

It took months of vacuuming before I found the second one, but as you see, I have one from each of them now. My little display is really just temporary for now. I'm hoping in the future I can hire an artist to create something lasting and beautiful.

Friday, April 26, 2019

A Tail Would Have Been Better

This morning I step onto my patio to go to work. There was half a lizard laying on his back. Not just the tail, which they can regrow.... No, literally half a lizard. The poor lil guy looked like a shark victim from Jaws.

You will be glad I skipped the photo op.

Even better, I tried to sweep him off the porch and he.... Started.... Wiggling....

I was, and still am, thoroughly squicked out. I guess I should have dispatched him completely but I just couldn't.

So, why? Did my feral choose my patio for a snack and got bored with half? Was this a tip for the meal service I provide? I really hope this doesn't become a habit!

Happy Friday.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Today my sister and I went to Maclay Gardens, a beautiful state park here in Tallahassee. It has a very nice lake, picnic tables, and so on. (It also has gators but we aren't talking about those today.)

After we paid the entry fee and were driving to the picnic area, guess what crossed the road in front of us??? Yep, a beautiful big kittycat. Sadly I have no pics but trust me, he was pretty awesome. Seeing him made my whole day. 

I do have pics of the ebil squirrel that stalked us for our lunch. Seriously, he WOULD NOT go away. We had to keep shooing him off. I draw the line at feeding park squirrels, my friends. 

If you should ever visit the City of Too Many Trees, make time for this park. It also has a section for flower gardens.