Friday, July 30, 2021



Happy Friday!

I was looking at her yesterday and I swear her coat is softer and shinier than on Sunday. 
It seems improbable but her coat was so dry and dull that day, and now it just isn't. 

I have to handfeed her everything; right now she loves Tiki Cat Creamy Tuna and Temptations treats. This morning she gobbled up the Tiki and demanded treats for dessert. 

Also, I noticed that Little Miss will in fact eat her regular kibble (if I'm not looking). There is a noticeable dent in the kibble population now. She does it when I'm asleep or she thinks I am. There is just this tiny little crunching noise..... In reality I think, I hope, her appetite is being stimulated by the constant feedings, and she's getting hungrier.

This weekend the petsitter has been invited to meet with the family to discuss her "temporarily" assuming care. There is a neighbor/friend who would check on the pets and knows Allison, and supports this plan. I think that will do a lot to convince them. Because if not, this cat will not survive if she goes back. 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

A Surprise Foster


Allow me to present the lovely Lagniappe.

Lovely, but painfully thin. 

Today I was asked by my roommate, who has a friend who petsits, if we could foster this ladycat. Because of Vina's stern disapproval of other cats, she needed to be kept in an isolated space. As you can see, I said yes.

Very sweet, very friendly but has an undiagnosed illness. The suspicion is thyroid. She has been to the vet recently for fluids but not bloodwork! She doesn't want to eat, and the usual options have been tried. Tuna, baby food, Whiskas wet... I got her to eat a bit of baby food from my fingers. But not nearly enough.

Miss L lived on a lake with her 94 year old mom, who went to New Mexico. She is in the hospital there, they are not sure what her illness is. The likelihood of her being reunited with her cat is tiny, and frankly, she needs to be with someone who is willing to get her vet care, and will surely need medication. The lady is unlikely to be capable of that.

I'm pretty sure the vet care has been worked out. Long story but I do believe the bills will be taken care of. I hope she gets an appointment this week, because she desperately needs to eat. I had problems with my two occasionally but nothing like this.

My role is to monitor Lagniappe, try to get her to eat, and above all, buy time for decisions. Most likely the petsitter will adopt her. She is a long time vet tech as well as petsitter with the ability to handle advanced care. At the moment she is petsitting in a client's home, and can't take her right away.

I was thinking of getting a plastic syringe tomorrow, and seeing if I can get her to take a slurry, if she doesn't want to eat directly. 

And no, this will not be a foster fail, for several reasons. I am glad to be able to help, and hope that I can get her to eat enough til the vet appt.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Update on Gargoyle Giving

 I thought everyone could use a nice happy thought for today.
Frank's human posted the latest numbers on what his admirers have given to date....

Total  $297,077

$35,680 for the Cinncinati Zoo from Team Frank merch. (inspired by Fiona the Hippo)

$10,485 for Leashes of Valor, part of the Gary Sinese Foundation

The remainder went to the Dayton Hospice for a bed, and several food banks.

And all because of one disagreeable woman - and another who has a giant heart.

In other news, Vina would like everyone to admire her magnificent tailio.
Seriously, she wants you to admire deeply!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Frank the Christmas Gargoyle

This is the story of Frank, a porch gargoyle. Frank has been guarding his human's house for three years. A neighbor - a "Karen" - complained that Frank should be taken down because he isn't "festive" and is not what she considers "in keeping with the Christmas spirit." And that, my friends, kicked off an epic prank war that Frank's human will never lose, because she is amazingly awesome at this. It culminated in a fierce, no holds barred battle between the porch denizens. You will be relieved to know that Good prevailed. With help from Chris Pratt and a terrifying weresloth. 

She's a veterinarian, with cats, so we here in the Cat Blogosphere already give her two paws up. But she wasn't content merely to entertain (most of) us, oh no, she took Frank's fame and channeled this into good works for others. She asked for donations for area food banks, which has raised well over 100k (the money was given directly to them, she has no part in this). 

Frank is known throughout the land now, with multiple news stories. Even George Takei weighed in! 

Frank can be found on his Facebook book. Well worth the read through all posts, beginning mid December.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Oh Vina. Dear Vina...

 This week's feline escapade brought to you by....

Miss Vina decided some time ago that she no longer cared to share one of the two water dishes with her doggo sister, and demanded separate accomodation. Her mom obliged with her own cup of water in her office.

All went swimmingly until two days ago. When she of the magnificent tailio knocked over the water cup..... splashing all over her mom's Mac laptop. The one she uses not only for rec purposes but also for her PhD studies, and for her teaching job.

This sent the laptop to Davy Jones' locker, permanently. Another EXTREMELY expensive Mac laptop was procured, but a week's worth of work was unfortunately lost.

At last report, Vina remained unrepentant, as only a feline can.

Happy Friday, and may your kittehs be less expensive in their naughtiness!

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Happy Caturday


This very strange picture is what Brekke looked like yesterday, playing outside, with a freaky filter applied. My roommate couldn't get Vina to stay still long enough to try her.

Happy Easter !

1 Peter 1:3: "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Beaches & Barfs


Miss Brekke went to the beach on Sunday, an activity she very much enjoys. And yes, she is wearing a life vest. Safety first!

I love how this dog has a very full life, even in the midst of a pandemic. She has doggie play dates, goes on outings.... all kinds of things. 

And now for the barfs. Vina has always gone into MY bathroom and used MY rug, bypassing all else of her mom's. So... should I be honored? I am very confused.

Today she had two rounds on my rug.