Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Cats Are Smarter Than I Am

.... which will be a surprise to no one who knows cats. I was horribly unsuccessful in trapping my guys, and the rescue is coming by this evening to retrieve their traps. Others are waiting to use them. The first day I put out a trap, it was sprung twice, but without a feline on the inside. My real problem is these guys just aren't that hungry; they come by to graze. I know for a fact they are fed at at least one other house. 

Since both are tipped, the urgency is lacking but sadly so is a lot of fur, so I wish I could have gotten them. I can only hope it's just a spring thing and the fur returns. 

In other news....

Image may contain: cat

I found Jenny the Garden Cat on Facebook recently, and I am completely smitten with this kitten.
She looks a bit like my Leia, and seems to have a gentle, sweet purrsonality. She was born in or near this garden, and returned recently to see if there was an opening for Garden Cat.. and there was! Jenny interviewed the humans there and found them to be acceptable staff. 

This is actually a weather garden for a TV station, and it's beautiful. I wish so much I had something like this; I'm not jealous of people who have luxury cars or big houses with every amenity known to mankind, but I get very wistful over gorgeous outdoor space.  

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sunday, March 10, 2019

And Now, We Wait

The other patio also has a trap, with food, just waiting.. waiting... waiting...

I went out for a short while and came back to see SOMEONE had been playing in the refilled water bowl, but had not yet decided to partake of the gravy soft food.

Smart, but not in her or his best interest, but when have cats ever cooperated with going to to the vet?

This is my first experience with rescue groups and trapping cats.
I do have some good news though - looks like Shae does indeed have a tipped ear.

I showed the pics to the wonderful lady from the rescue group and we concurred, this is a tipped ear. Next time vet people, PLEASE make it a little more obvious. Not Shae lost half an ear, so there is no question about him.

So why the vet visit? First, rabies shots! Very important. I was told that's the first thing they do after sedation. Hopefully it's the three year shot, I can't imagine they'd do the one year for ferals.

Also, missing fur patches. I noticed it a week or so ago, especially on Not Shae but now she is missing fur too. Ringworm? Mange? Fleas? Allergies, pollen??
Those with experience of outdoor cats, feel free to weigh in.
All I know is from indoor, tame (grading on a curve here) felines.

I am so very open to suggestions to help the cats get in the cages. Probably not much to do but wait. Here is the kick though - these are not starving cats. They like my food but I've watched them several times. They both graze, and do not inhale that food like it's been three days. I know there is or was a house up the street that also feeds them, and I suspect they are very good hunters on their own.

And now, a huge THANK YOU to the awesomeness that is Chewy. I asked them about traps; they didn't carry them but sent out food. A lot of food. So much that I gave the 22 lb bag of Friskies to the rescue lady for their use. I still have the 16 lb bag of Meow Mix, the eight boxes of Wellness Gravy Food (64 packets) and the 24 cans of other food to use. I was also afraid that the big bag would go bad before I could use it all. 

So please now join paws with me in hopefulness as I wait to get these guys the help they need.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Always and Furever

I can't say I'm doing well. I have accepted their loss but can't quite deal with how they just aren't here anymore.

Sometimes I lay in bed before sleep and remember how it was. What they would do, how it would sound. 

I told my sister I was having an especially hard week, so last night we went to dinner and shopped. That was fun. 

And now for something cute. I found this on Facebook; I'm sorry I don't know who to give credit to, but wow you're talented. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Shae, Part Trois

This morning I went back there to replenish the buffet. I made a rather nice little house for them, with a piece of foam insulation board cut to fit (that took ages to do) and a lot of straw. Shae was in it, sound asleep. I saw her curled up.

Of course she woke up, saw me, came out and gave me a small hiss. Not the kind that says, I want to disembowel you, just a complaint of being woken. But also, I came bearing food, so I was forgiven.

When she came out, slowly, after the hiss she stretched, butt high. Straw bits on her head, it was so cute. The last time she was in the house and saw me, she shot ten feet away. Today, she was ok with me standing there watching her eat for a few seconds.

And now for the dreaded words: I think she's pregnant. Her belly sure looks that way.

Monday, March 4, 2019

The Saga of Shae

... and, well, Not Shae too. Both cats know the feeding schedule - when I leave for work, I put out food and water on the back patio. Often now there is one cat waiting for me.

Tonight, BOTH cats popped up. Meowing. How is that cats not even mine are demanding food from me, I'd like to know?? Plus, until now the food has been put out in the morning, not night. Frankly, I was concerned that they might become too dependent on a renter.

And also, tonight brought a much more significant development: I touched Shae. Really, my fingers grazed her fur, but she walked right up beside me while I was standing back from the food plate. I didn't even intend to try to touch her, but... here is a cat, here are my fingers. It just kind of happened. But that was all, I didn't try to grab her or really pet her, just a fur graze. Not planned but I think it was the right move. Cats must be allowed space, and autonomy. Based on their efforts to communicate with me, I'm starting to think these aren't true ferals, but cats abandoned.

So now there are all kinds of thoughts and emotions swirling in me. I didn't want this - I didn't want more cats, I certainly didn't want to be in the position of handling friendly ferals or long abandoned strays, of maybe rehabbing them into house cats. I KNOW they are both in need of a vet - vacines, no doubt packed to the ears with parasites of all kinds, and who knows what else needed. Not Shae is missing fur too, I saw today. Skin condition, fleas or fighting? I didn't see wounds but clumps are missing.

I know this is selfish of me; I'm not done grieving for my loved ones, and I don't have the resources, especially and including money, to take on two like this. We've always kept a very careful, remote distance, for over a year now. How is that now they are circling closer to me??? Did a neon sign go up and I didn't see it?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wandering on Wednesday

This is one of two cats I feed. I don't know how often the other cat comes around, but this one I see a lot. I get a girl kitteh vibe so I named her Shae. I figured that's good for male too, though it leans female. I read years back that cats respond to the sh sound so that led me to this choice.

Shae will meow at me, and often will be waiting on the front patio for breakfast, which is served on the back patio.  She won't come near me but the fact that she tries to communicate with me makes me wonder if she wants to be friends. Or if she's saying hurry up! I've started talking to her but I don't try to touch her.

In other news... I'm already prepping for hurricane season. I was horribly unprepared for that five day outage. Collecting is also expensive so I'm doing this in stages. I have added several good LED lanterns, and Monday a very impawtant accessory arrived: my cell phone power bank. It gives 8 charges, according to the specs. I spent a lot of time last fall trying to keep charged.

Of course, THE accessory to have is a generator but darn, those are expensive. It won't be this year. Perhaps 2020.