Saturday, January 11, 2020

Oh, Meghan

The herd made it safely to WI. Raji didn't eat for the two day trip - during her mystery illness I'm told she didn't eat for eight days! - and all are doing well. 

And now, since I have no more cat or dog stories, I'm going to talk about M & H.

I was an admirer of Princess Diana, so I've followed her sons when they appeared in the news.

I like Duchess Kate; she's doing all she can to become a proper Queen (whatever her title ends up being). She wasn't born to the nobility but understood that her life would change dramatically. I respect William for doing all he could to prepare her for the realities of royalty.

But H & M.... !!

1. Massive, massive disrespect to the Queen. If anyone understands what it costs to be a proper royal and adhere to duty, this woman does. She deserved better than what her grandson did.

2. It boggles my mind how little time M has actually spent doing royal things. If you deduct the honeymoon, her maternity leave and holidays, it's maybe been.... a year? I think when she wasn't able to instantly reinvent the royal family to her liking, she began planning.

3. I was on the fence until now about her. But I've read too many stories accusing her of being a social climber, and ditching friends who couldn't help her climb, to be able to ignore them at this point.

4. They want to have fame and fortune on their terms, when and as they want it. Sorry, kids, fame - and life - does not work that way. Whatever you choose, there is a price.

5. Family - on the small scale, not THE Family. I hate to say M has encouraged and possibly created this wedge between H and his family but.... if the tiara fits. And I think fairly soon, once the novelty wears off, he's going to regret this big time - and resent her. I also read today that though Harry is staying in London to work out details with The Family, she's gone back to Canada. Nice partnership.

People should be able to have the life they want, if they can; I don't begrudge them that. But this could have been done in a much more respectful and private manner. Seriously, she's 93, did they really have to be this way about it all?

However, I don't think it will end well.
Far too many complex issues, citizenship and taxes, family and security realities,
marital and children problems.

It all takes its toll. I think at heart, Harry has been mad at the world since his mother died - I can't blame him - and M showed him what he thought was a way out. For her there is no downside.
For him, I think the cost will be far higher than he realizes.

(I'm not even touching the "work towards financial independence"
for people who have a combined estimate personal worth of $36 million)

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


All of my roommates left for Wisconsin this week. The house is completely empty except for my room. I will also leave for my new place next weekend. Coming home to a place devoid of furry people, once again, was really hard. Here a few pics and some stories to wrap up my time with them. 

I really love this pic. Mattise had just come home from his dental and
wasn't really sure what planet he was on. 

Sarah, my girl!, had her tail stepped on by Tombo the night before they left.
He didn't mean to, he just wanted to join the group chat in my room, and misstepped.
Sadly she took a hard swipe and caught him right across the eyeball. He seems to be ok though.

I sent him off with this bed that I got him. He needs all the plush he can get for those old bones.
To the very end, he spent most of his time in my room.

Princess Raji. I miss them all, but I worry about her the most. She's the most fragile. 
Since Oliver has been gone, her purrsonality has been emerging, but this sudden change,
and that 16 hour drive, could cause health problems to crop up. 
She's already endured one long mystery illness.

I did get to see her rolling around on the kitchen floor this week - wow, she has a big tummy!


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Raji Has A Message

She wants everyone to know that the world has gone wonky, and hiding in my closet is the only sane response.

Mattise had a successful surgery and is recovering. Two teeth were extracted. He would like everyone to know that pain meds are niiiiiccce. 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Oliver's New Home & Tombo Haz a Sad

Last night Oliver went to a home with two young people. They already had a 1 year old; they are hoping that Oliver will help teach him better catly ways, and be a companion. I admit I was *very* nervous about potential adopters but honestly I was quite impressed. And when it comes to cats and humans, especially young ones, I am NOT easily impressed. Paranoid would be more accurate. I think he will be pleased to be alpha cat in his new home. There were too many ahead of him here.

It was always intended that he be found a permanent home. It just got easy to keep putting that off, but with the out of state move looming, it became imperative. I considered seriously taking him myself, but I just don't have the financial resources right now. And although I liked him, we just never quite connected, not like I did with Sarah and Raji, and Tombo. Had one of them been available, no one else on earth would have gotten them. I feel kind of guilty about that.

Now, poor Tombo LOVES his cats. So he was not happy to lose one of them. He's already having a rough time with some health issues, including a paw sprain that happened yesterday. Being old is just not easy.

Tomorrow morning Mattise goes under for his dental and extractions.
Please keep him in your prayers. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome 2020

I pray and hope for all of us that 2020 will be a wonderful and blessed year,
bringing peace, happiness and plenty, better health and love.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Post Christmas

I hope everyone and their fur people enjoyed their Christmas. 
Not much happened here, except the usual catly antics.
Which, even though they are just normal parts of living with cats,
never cease to be entertaining. Even when they are frustrating.

Lately Miss Sarah has laid claim to the chair in my room, the one
I often use to be on the laptop. She's so attached to it that if I'm in it and she wants to be,
she slips into it. That gray is me. You see she didn't let me sit in her way. In fact, as she slid
in behind me, I kept having to shift forward. I'm sitting on the very edge here.
I'm pretty sure she is wondering when I'm going to do the decent thing and just get up.

Speaking of laptops, sitting on mine is a popular pasttime,
especially with Princess Raji. She was doing catloaf when I got the camera but moved.
She is just the prettiest cat. She and Sarah enjoy chasing each other.

Finally, a cat is using Leia's bed ! I was very happy to see this.
Mattisse has been in it several times over the past week.
Speaking of, he's getting a tooth extracted next week if his health allows.
He's 18, so I hope he comes through this well. He has other health problems too.