Saturday, July 4, 2020

Vina Gets Out, and Brekke Makes a Furriend

Happy 4th! For sure an odd one this year.

First up - Miss Sylvina got out into the backyard. By herself. I passed by the laundry room, noticed the door was open - which it never is - and investigated. There she was, sitting calmly in the grass, just looking at me. I called to her mom, and we got her back inside with no trouble. I was afaid she'd take off but she was ok with coming back in. Most likely Brekke got the door opened, and the cat decided to enjoy a late July afternoon.

Later, I explained that she is a Princess, and must never go out alone, without her bodyguard and attendants. It's simply not done

Brekke had a visitor today, Mr Bojangles. He's about 4 years old, a recently adopted rescue pit bull mix, half her size. He's due to begin heartworm treatment next week, and has just been neutered. Today was their first meeting. It went well, mostly; she is very socialized and enjoys company. They spent their time running around the yard and doing various dog things.

However, the "mostly" did have one hitch. I've been warned that Brekke does NOT put up with any male... shenanigans.. and will react very aggressively if one tries to show dominance. Mr B did try to prove that he was a male, but her very fierce snarling put an end to that game right away. I was actually quite impressed; she's such a sweet dog but do NOT play that with her. She's been known to put males on the ground at the dog park if they won't back off.

Here's hoping we all have a quiet and peaceful evening.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Brekke Wants Everyone To Know..

how horrible and awful and no-good thunder is.

That is all.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Neko Atsume

I'm not personally a fan of video or computer games, so when my roommate (the one who has two feet) reccommended this app called Neko Atsume, I was reluctant. But yesterday, I downloaded it. 

It is VERY cute.

It's not really a game. You don't do much, and neither do the cats. There is a yard where you place food and toys, and bags, etc. if see if they come. They won't if you are watching, you have to close it and come back periodically to see if you've been visited by a feline.

When they are there, you can take pics of them if you want for their album. Sometimes they leave you gifts, in return for the stuff you left out for them, and you can use that to "buy" more stuff. You can also use real money to buy things, but I'm not doing that. So far I've been visited by six felines. 

I have an Android. I don't know if there is an iPhone version.

Anyway, it's adorable and gentle and very low key. Who among us doesn't get all gooey when we see a lovely kitteh???

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Jetta Update

Happy Caturday to all.

Jetta should have gone to her new home two weeks ago but I found out Friday that she hasn't. The woman who is fostering her doesn't want to give her up, and has been avoiding my coworker's phone calls.

So... I'm of two minds on this. 

On the one paw, my coworker was responsible for saving Jetta, and getting her into experienced hands to care for her early weeks. And her two young children have been eagerly awaiting her arrival. The daughter has been drawing pictures of her kitten-to-be.

But there is the pesky back paw to be heard from.

This would be the first cat ever for this household. And young children are not always that careful. Also, Jetta will likely be emotionally and medically needy throughout her life, as well as remaining quite small. Purrhaps they would be better suited to a robust kitten who is of standard size and had their mom during the critical time. I can tell you from Toby's experience, these things matter. 

In the end, I don't think the rescue / fosterer has the right to make this decision for my coworker. Sometimes they can be very rigid and controlling, though with good intentions. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Oh NO, They Did NOT !

Yes, yes they did, my dear Sylvina.

Her mom's friend brought a tiny dog with him.
So small, he's about HER size.

She is not amused. 

So I've offered her sanctuary in my garage, which was graciously accepted.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Finally Friday

Hidey-ho furriends!

Not much going on here, just trying to get through each day as it comes.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

It's Caturday

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. 

First up, the Princess:

My wall of boxes changed recently, so it gave the Royal Explorer more opportunities to indulge her desires to go UP. She very much appreciated my recent reorganization.

Also, speaking of exploring, Sylvina has been going outside lately! She gets buckled into her harness, put on a leash and transported to the back yard. She absolutely loves this. With Miss Summer as the  example, I've been encouraging her mom to do this. Summer has shown has that cats do indeed love their adventures. The only problem is that she is kind of addicted to outside now, and wants out constantly. 

Unfortunately for Brekke, we've become rather stormy here, which is typical of this time of year. But it does wear her out. I came home this afternoon during a storm and there she was, hanging out on my bed, just looking at me. Which surprised me because I had closed my door when I left, but her mom does have a standing invitation to let her in my garage during storms, so that was ok. Just kind of funny.

I saw a pic of tiny Jetta yesterday. So cute! And doing very well. She can't quite manage dry food yet but eats wet or smooshed food just fine. She'll go to her forever home in about three weeks. It will be my co worker's family's first cat, so they are in for an experience.