Monday, April 6, 2020

Oh Those Achy Bits.... !!

Happy Monday to all. 

On Caturday morning, early, I bent over and OOOWWWWW evil bees! Evil bees!

Also known as a pulled muscle in my lower back. Google says technically, pulled back muscles are rare, this is really a nerve issue but I. Do. Not. Care. It HURT!

On the plus side, I used the new telemedicine app my company subscribed to for us, as of April 1, and while I lay in bed on a heating pad, talked to a very nice doctor who prescribed the good Motrin and a steriod for inflammation. Getting in my car to pick it up just about made me cry but I managed, and now on Monday morning, I'm a lot better. Still hurting but much more manageable. However, I am off today, since I can't really sit more than two hours at most. 

Incidentally, bee stings are pretty much what it feels like to sit for too long. 

In other news..

I watched Queen Elizabeth's national address. Can she lead us too ? Please? 
(apologies to our founders but you had no idea what was coming so.... )

Also, I started watching The Good Fight on CBS yesterday. I was hooked 20 minutes into the first ep. Excellent show. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sylvina's Brief Adventure

So the other night, my roommate was doing a final tail check before bed. How often we all do that!
And realized she was one short. This kicked off a frantic hour long search for one small cat.

We looked everywhere, including the back yard and in the front. Finally we decided that somehow she must have gotten outside, because where else could she be? She's not the type of cat to hide, she's quite sociable. And then, while roomie was out back one last time, I heard....

a faint meow. And I knew she was inside somewhere.

Turns out, she got herself into a kitchen cabinet while her mom was getting something out of it, and got closed up. Her mom did check all the cabinets, but I guess Syl wasn't ready to emerge from exploring. This was a corner cabinet with murky depths.

She had to endure hugs from both of us after she was found, but did get some treats so I think she was ok with that. I'm profoundly grateful that she did not in fact get out. 

In other news...

May I present my newest co-worker, Mr E. Bun? His job is to sit with me at reception and make me smile. He does this quite well, and is very needed. Normally I'm the backup to the backup receptionist, so I'm not downstairs much. But the receptionist is an older lady in the high risk group, so she's on leave for the duration. The second receptionist is working from home now, quarantined after a beach vacation (not sick, just a precaution). So I'm it, and I have to tell you, our callers are getting more and more irate, and impatient with hold times. It's very wearing on the spirit. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020

Finally Friday: The Princess Box

No matter what, it's still Friday.

This box is kept under my desk and is half full of papers. For reasons known only to felines, Sylvina loved getting into it. But of course, could never get comfortable. Because it was lumpy and cold.

The box is still under my desk, but has undergone major renovation. It now has the seal of approval from HRH.

The papers were evicted and stuffed into a drawer. Seriously stuffed! But one does what one must in the course of duty to our feline overlords.

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Brekke hates two things:
being alone, and waking up/getting out of bed.

Usually I wake up and she's with me. My bed is comfy PLUS it has an electric blanket, so yeah, she's there.

But in the mornings, I make her leave before I go to work. She detests this, and it's always a struggle. It's hard not to laugh at her total reluctance to get up, it's just like watching a teen get out of bed.

I have to drag her partly off the bed to get her started. Then she does this thing where she puts her front paws down first, her back legs stretched out behind her, and then as slowly as anyone possibly could, she sliiiiides off the bed entirely. Then she walks away, her tail wagging. I assume she's saying she knows I've done this terrible thing - again - but she forgives me. Again.

Yesterday she got to the end of the hall and stopped, turned her head to look at me, like she was saying "how COULD you??" before walking away. 

The lovely Sylvina usually sleeps elsewhere but pops up somewhere around 5 am. She wants feeding and cuddles. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

And The World Keeps Turning

I went to a drive through for dinner, and saw something that made me very happy. And I wanted to share this.

This drive through is right next to a Chinese buffet, and near a Publix. Also some tiny patch of woods. I've seen cats, or a cat, hanging out there. Of course I've worried about them.

But today, I saw two ladies putting a drop trap in the back of their SUV, with at least one kitteh. I hope this is one that will get a chance at a real home.

I thought we could all use some good news today.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Finally Friday

Good luck finding any!

Happy Finally Friday.