Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tombo Has A Message

He wants our readers to know he is not jealous of the cats who visit my room too.

Not at all, not even the littlest bit. Just because he gets under my arm and leans against me when I was petting Sarah, means nothing at all.  Perish the thought.

Also, he likes the new bed I bought him.

I had to, I couldn't stand seeing this anymore.

** to be fair, Tombo is my constant companion when I'm there. Cats wander through periodically, but the dog stays with me. He's earned some right to feel like that's his special place. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Serene Sunday

Ah, what a peaceful, serene start to the morning! My furry roommates gently 
making their presence known after I awoke from undisturbed - 

Ha. Nope, not how it was at all!!

1. Oliver hopping all over my room furniture trying to get my attention to wake me up to FEED HIM.

2. I get out of bed and see it's 7 am, so I try to get Tombo out the door for a walk. His human wasn't here last night so I know he has to go. Does he want to go outside? OF COURSE NOT! I practically drag him out the door, to the accompaniment of wailing cats also trying to crowd around the door while I attempt to get the dog out of it. Don't ask me why they crowd the front door when they are hungry, I have no idea.

3. Return to my room to see Miss Raji taking up residence on the chair, like the polite young lady she is. (not sarcasm.)

I get on my knees and we have a short conversation, during which she meeps and because my head is so close to hers, I realize she sounds congested. ::cue worry. for this cat that is not my cat::

4. Ready to leave for my own breakfast when Tombo decides he MUST go outside RIGHT NOW. I struggle to get the leash on the prancing pup while three cats wail like banshees because they have the hungrumblies, and are also crowding the front door. 

5. Sarah, the three legged cat, zooms out the front door! MOUSES! MOUSES ON STEROIDS! I drop the leash that is still attached to the dog that really wants to go out NOW, and rush outside. Thankfully she's just sitting on the porch so I'm able to scoop her up and bring her back in. 

6. Go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and realize Ollie is standing on his hind legs licking the sticky tape that keeps my Gazelle Glider parts together. AND it looks like he's chewed through part of it, and may have ingested some. I then have to remove the tape he can reach. 

Now ask me if I'd trade any of this for a sterile residence free of anything furry. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Meeper

I swear Raji looks like a tiny mountain lion with her markings. 
I've never once heard her meow but I have heard many, many meepings.

I've started calling her Meeper, and sometimes Meeperette. 
She doesn't seem to mind. Tonight we had a very sweet, extended discussion about life.
She plopped down and exposed her tummy; there were even air biscuits!

She prefers to be petted like this - head down, elevator butt.
I do not know why but if it makes her happy, then sure.

Oh, Tombo! My canine furiend, you are a ....lot... too big for this bed.
The first time I looked over at him and saw he was in the bed,
he had managed to tuck all four legs under him but looked like the ultimate muffin top.

It was made for a small dog. Even Toby could only fit half his body into it.
I put it out in the hopes of snagging a feline.

Happy Friday to all.