Monday, August 28, 2017

Remembrance Day

We just found out today is Rainbow Remembrance Day, 
so we wanted to honor those who have gone before.

This is all but one of the gang from many, many years ago. 
The woofie was Skippy, the sweetest Dachshund ever to walk the earth. 

Skippy LOVED little kids. Especially at Halloween. Handing out candy to tiny tots in costume was one of her most favoritest things ever. And walks? Oh my. That dog was a walking powerhouse! But don't let a thunderstorm pop up, because she hated those with a great passion. No sleep for anyone those nights.

Next up - Tiger, the tabby lounging on Mom. She looks so much like me, Leia, doesn't she? A lot of the same sweetness too.

And Yasmina, the lovely gray and white lady on the end. Mostly, Mina. She was given to Mom when she worked for a Stabby Place so long ago (yes, this was a great betrayal!, how could she work there??). Her people just left her when she was 8 weeks old and never came back. Plus, they named her BABY. Oh, don't get Mom started on the inappropriateness of such a name. Mina had the most regal demeanor, even as a wee one. She also had a life long battle with cystitis. 

And finally, this guy:

Meet Munchkin. This picture and his name did not do him justice, really. Mom got him when she worked for a different Stabby Place. He was about 3 weeks old, and when she met him, he was guarding his sibling with ferocity in the cage.  

He grew very tall, and long, and lean. A mighty hunter always. And he would N O T be kept inside. Really, he was feral at heart, though also sweet. He enjoyed inside and normally was in at night, but he simply found ways to get out. Mom is huge on indoor only cats but occasionally, there are those that will not conform. 

Mom's favorite story? The day he brought in a snake. She opened the door to let him in without really looking at him (he would hang off the window pane until someone let him in) and failed to see he was carrying a black snake; he dropped it so he could get some water, came back to find it - which was under Mom's feet at the time. Good thing she's short!

**Skippy, Munchkin and Tiger were co-parented. All four lived very long lives.
***All pictures were pre-camera phone era.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It's Wednesday

Yeah, I know, mom is still all gushy about that little girl and her great hunting ability.

I could have gotten that lizard, y'know. If I'd REALLY wanted to. But clearly, I was busy doing impawtant stuff.

So there!

PS: mom, turn off the lights!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Breaking News!! "I Rule" - Leia

I, Leia, may be a tiny Princess but I will bite you in three pieces and 
run off with the biggest part to eat. 

Mom didn't know until today, but I knew - there was a lizardy thing in here.
I've been carefully, patiently, monitoring the situation the last couple of nights.

Today, Mom saw the wriggler in the kitchen and well... she's not like me, she has no hunting ability, only the very polished ability to freak out over stuff. But her useless efforts did alert me it was time to head back into the kitchen and deal with this once and for all.

And I did. It took about two hours of patiently sitting in the kitchen, 
mostly by the fridge where Mom saw it scurry under, until it emerged and ...

P O U N C E!! Splat! Kow Pow! EPIC battles!

Tail in TWO pieces, not one, but was I distracted by those wiggly bits?

NOOOOOO... I knew to go right for the big piece, where all the good stuff is.

And then I grabbed it and ran off to the bedroom to show Toby, and possibly to share with him.
Unfortunately Mom saw me scamper by with my prize. 
I dropped it, she grabbed a throw to toss over it and scoop it up, 
where it was deposited outside.

 (this is my disappointed face)

Drat. I am getting very high praise though, so that's something.

And Toby? Well....

He made an appearance after the fact to see what the fuss was all about. 
And just between us, he's got about as much hunting ability as Mom does!

I rule. - Leia

as far as I know, the lizard is still alive. The tails are made to come off, and I didn't kill him, just tossed him out the back door. Please, never come back.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Mom's Orange Helper

I have *always* been a great help to Mom. 

All the things I do around here! I make sure she gets up to feed us... 
and give her early morning pre-work snorgle times... 
supervise everything that goes on... the list is endless.

Here I am helping her put together her poster board of Grand Admiral Thrawn (Star Wars) drawings. 
It's impawtant work, she couldn't do it without my feline assistance.

Mom, I really don't feel this is the best placement for this particular drawing. 
It should go over THERE.

Happy Caturday to all!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A GASP! On Caturday

::Toby: I am NOT talking about this. No way, no how. So I'm sending in
Cornelius Croc to speak for me::

Uh... hi!! 

It's been awhile since I've hosted the bloggie of my BFF Toby and her Most Royal Supreme Highness, Leia. Today, Toby is V E R Y upset and just can't bring himself to -

:Toby: she THREW it at me! at MY HEAD!!::

Umm.... ok.. continuing on...
I can confirm that there was a very unfortunate incident here at Bloggie HQ.

::the Lady - tell everyone it was an ACCIDENT!!!::

Yes, ma'am! It was an accident, absolutely, not intended at all - 

::Toby: I don't care! I'm TRAUMATIZED::

.. Maybe we should just have the Dramatic Re-enactment now. Cue picture evidence:

Credit: Grumpy Cat as Toby in this Dramatic Re-enactment.

And now the Official Statement:
Approximately 1:15 pm today, the Lady, upon completion of a lot of very hot and messy yardwork, opened the front door and tossed in her headphones and iPod prior to coming in herself.
Without looking.

This, sadly, landed square upon Toby, who was about where G C is now.
This did not go well.

::Toby: my head! MY HEAD! Or maybe some other body part, 
I can't remember but it landed on me!!::

::the Lady: I didn't MEAN TO!::

Cornelius the Croc:
You know, this SpokesCroc stuff is really hard some days.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

It's Wednesday

Yeah, yeah, Orange Boy, I know all about your "exhaustion" attack. ::rolls eyes::

Moving on... This is an ottoman/storage bench we've had for a few years but 
recently Mom cleared it off and made me a comfy little bed, so now I love it!

PS: Brody, do you want to teleport over and nap with me? I'll move over a bit.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Mom, I would NEVER try to keep Leia from getting into her little house.

The very idea !

I merely collapsed here from sheer exhaustion. She can leap over me.