Saturday, June 29, 2013


My responsibilities don't just include
supervising Mom when she puts things together.

I also carefully inspect all packages and purchases.
Like these clothes.

Really, Mom? This is the best you could do?

Tsk, tsk.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Game Time

How To Play with Your Hoomin.

1. Sit in front of them.
2. Stare at them with big, anxious eyes.
3. Watch as they tie themselves in knots trying to figure out what you want.
5. Repeat as needed until it's time for the next nap.

It's hilarious. Guaranteed.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Poem


You can have the CDs,
       I will take the string.

You can have the TV,
        I will take this fuzzy thing.

You can have the kitchen set,
       I will take this crumpled foil.

You can have the car,
       I will keep this rug I soil.

You can have the beach house,
       I will take this tissue box.

You can have everything,
       Ooo I want those dirty socks.

You can go to hell, I will see to that,

For how dare you come home,
       smelling of another cat??!

From "I Could Pee On This, and Other Poems by Cats" by Francesco Marciuliano

Monday, June 17, 2013


Sometimes, it's very hard to choose between two different desires. 
The struggle can be intense. Who knows which way to go??

Like today. Mom came home early, and I reallllly wanted some 
snorgle time. I get very enthusiastic about it; often twirling all
around her, purring up a storm. 

I feel it's impawtant to show your hoomin you love them,
otherwise they get sad and mopey. Makes them hard to live with.

But today... oh my Ceiling Cat... today she let me start on
my very special snorgling and then - furrriends, she pulled out the clippers

Held me in confinement and everthing. It was awful.

Only I wasn't done with the snorgling. I came back to 
her almost immediately after she let me go - actually, I 
escaped, I'm quite agile - for more snorgle time.

Didn't feel quite right about it but.... what's a kitteh to do?

Run or snorgle?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Good Place To Be

Hey, furriends. Here I am, hanging out in one of my 
less well used, but no less loved, hiding places.

It's in the living room, so it's a good place to rest 
monitor Mom and that pesky Leia.

I settled in here this morning before Mom
went off to day hunting and was
still there when she popped in for lunch noms.

Now I'm back off to sleep.....zzzzzZZZZZZ.....

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Peace on Sunday

This is how we do it.

Plus, it makes Mom really happy.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Catmas on Caturday Report

Furriends, we got so excited on Caturday! 
Mom brought us three presents:

So far, we're much more interested in the
cardboard lounger, but Mom 
purrsonally likes the curved one better.

Next Caturday, we get the third. 
We've been told it's a toy of some kind.

So we get two Catmas on Caturdays in a row!

Happy week, furriends and families.