Friday, November 30, 2018

Finally Friday

Yeaaa!!! It's that day that makes most hoomins very happy, especially our own. Enjoy it, furriends!

I, Leia, am pleased to announce a private showing of some of my finest art - the Chewed Paper.
The special corners edition, you understand. Can't find this just anywhere.

Mom says she sees impressionistic style; *I* say she is an ignorant peasant 
because as the artiste here, I was going for abstract.

Hoomins. No culture at all.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

It's Tuesday

Mom, I'm so glad you turned the sun back on. Look at me, my orange was starting to fade. We gingers need a fair amount of sun time to recharge our batteries, you know.

Lately it's just been raining far too much.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Tiny Tabby Tuesday - Results Are In!

Excuse me for getting some rest here, it's been a long few days.

Mom said we got the blood work results today - and it's good news!
I don't have any signs of the big stuff, like kidney or thyroid or diabetes.
So yeaa!!

No one told Mom they also did a UA; *I* could have told her but she didn't ask about the stuff they did to me while I was out of the exam room. Hmpf.

Turns out I do have some bacteria but right now they aren't treating that, 
just said to keep an eye on habits. They don't want to over medicate me.

Of course, the cause of my tender tummy is still unknown. So right now we are going to treat symptoms, maybe go on a fun prescription diet. 

We want to thank our furriends once more for their kindness, and for caring about me.

Unfortunately, we have to share some very sad news - Caroline, she of the most beautiful blue eyes, has passed to the Bridge. We have followed William of Mass Destruction for quite a few years now, and are heartbroken that she has gone on. Please visit her family if you can.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Happy Caturday

We hope all our furriends are having a good weekend. 
Our hearts go out to those in California; Mom says it's rough out there. 

This morning we were BOTH cat-handled, shoved into PTUs and whisked off to the Stabby Place. 
In the cold, even.

I, Tobers, just went in for my routine rabies vac. and exam. Once again, the mean vet lady said insulting things about my weight. They always do that. Like I can't hear them??  And once again, Mom was informed of how... stern... I was about the behind the scenes visit. They won't even examine me in front of Mom anymore, since I get very, very cranky about the whole thing. I have STREET CRED there now. 

Leia was - of course! - once again praised for her beauty and sweetness. (Shrimp-y suck up).
They stole her bloods and sent them off to some lab. We'll get results next week. 

We want to thank everyone who helped Leia get to the vet today, 
through green papers and/or purrayers. 

And now for something totally unrelated to anything with fur:
Check out this awesome video!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday's Update

Yeah, yeah, I know this is pink BUT I am choosing not to care. 
It's in the purrfect place to hang out right next to Mom in the office room. I sit or catloaf here a lot.

And yes, technically it IS Leia's, sent to her by her special mancat, Brody. 

Speaking of Leia...

We had a quiet week and then last night, she started throwing up again. 
It's not bad so far, but it's clear that whatever made her sick before is still an issue. 
So we need bloodwork to see what's going on. 

I don't want to make a big deal of this in any way but this morning I started a GoFundMe for her. I hate doing this, and I strongly suspect there is no group asked for money more than cat people, but sometimes there is no other choice except to ask for help. Of course, purrayers and good thoughts for her are just as impawtant.

Ok, mom fixed the link, above. This time we supervised her. See what happens when you don't watch your people every second??

Thanks from all of us here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Monday, November 5, 2018

It's a Monday

Hello, furriends.

We did have a rough weekend. Here you see Leia cuddling with me, and you can see how NOT happy I am about it. But mom asked me to be gracious, since our girl was feeling so badly. 
So I put up with it for awhile.

See what a nice mancat I am? I think I deserve a statue or something, don't you?

Mom's note:

I finally got Leia to eat a decent amount Sunday, for her condition. It wasn't easy; I pulled out every trick I've used, plus the ones I've read about. Fried chicken bits and Gerber's Turkey baby food helped a lot. And tonight, more fried chicken, and then finally - finally! - she ate some of her proper Fancy Feast, seafood version. 

Joyful, joyful, is the sight of a sick cat finally eating!!

We came closer than we ever have to being in the red zone for that liver disease. I still don't know what caused this; I'm hoping for a simple case of a GI upset. We need bloodwork to determine if it's something else, and right now we just don't have that money to spend but by midmonth I should be able to get that done.

Vet care, especially the 4:30 am variety, can be astronomical. And then you have the sighs and quiet disapproval of the vet staff when you just don't have the resources at a moment's notice. 

This episode has made me realize just how much Leia is the heart of this household. Both Toby and I are pretty low-key people. Leia is our spark; even when she refused food she wanted her wand toy. 

As of Monday morning, we appear to be back on our regular routine. 
Leia asked for food about 9 pm last night, her normal FF; I am so happy about it.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Not Happy Caturday

I knew someone was throwing up - a lot - but I didn't know who until the third day, when Leia informed me it was her doing. I watched anxiously but it never got better. And if she ate or drank,
it just triggered more. A body can only take so much of this.

So around 4:30 am we went to the vet (my regular vet who is a 24 hr vet).
Thankfully, all vitals were good, no evidence of anything nasty.
She had lost almost half a pound since her visit on Oct. 15.

They gave her fluids and an anti-nausea injection.
We will go back mid month for some blood work and see if anything is going on inside. 

Best case, it's just one of those things that happen to all of us, and this supportive care has ended it.

When we came back about 5:45 am, Toby was waiting for us.
He was rather confused about it all, since he was deeply asleep when we left.

Please, everyone, have a better weekend than ours has started out to be!