Saturday, November 30, 2019

Happy Caturday

Just some random pictures of the fur people.

The window is always a popular attraction.

Sarah is warning off other kittehs from HER space.
Sometimes I think her personal space lines get bigger every day.
She is, however, besties with Tombo. 

Everyone enjoys open windows. Just can't beat fresh air.

This is actually Leia's blanket. I hesitated before putting it down but...

Saturday, November 23, 2019

A Caturday Naming Party

I found this little guy today at a thrift store.
How cute is he, with his little suit and walking stick??

I was just thinking recently how I'd love to have a troll doll again,
I had a few when I was younger.

Now, normally I would not bring any troll, goblin or gnome figure in my house.
I'm very much on #teamfairy, and they don't get along well with others, but he's an exception!

He agreed to make an appearance with Oliver here.
After he got whapped, he decided once was enough.
(and yes, I did see it coming, because... cats.)

I need a name for him now. I'm open to suggestions, 
so please toss your choices out in the comment section.

Enjoy your pre-holiday weekend, guys!

Friday, November 15, 2019

A Warm Cat

So, my roommate prefers to keep the house chilly to save money. I do not prefer this. However....

Sarah slept on my bed the last two nights.
It's toasty warm with my electric blanket.
And she's smart.

Once she realized it was warm, it was an easy sell. Last night she got on the bed without coaxing. 

Also, it's free of other fur people. 
She has strong personal boundaries and prefers to not have other cats around. Tombo is acceptable, apparently, 
due to his canine origins. 

Happy Friday. Stay warm.

Friday, November 8, 2019

It's Friday, Y'all

We made it. All hail the great and glorious Finally Friday!'

I found this guy on the Publix Halloween clearance table last night.
Only one eye... I had to take him home. No one wanted him. He looked so lonely
just sitting there among the sad remnants of a holiday past.

This isn't new. When my grandmother died some years ago, I passed by a stuffie that had some damage. I can't remember what now; but I bought him because I knew no one else would. There should be a place in this world for those of us who aren't new and shiny and perfect.

Miss Raji loves her hiding places, more than any cat I've known.
She moved faster than my camera, but when I found her,
she was being a catloaf looking at me between my shirts.

She is also very attached to this warm blanket.
I put it out in the chair because it was getting cooler outside.