Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's 10 PM. Do you know where your hoomin is ?

More impawtantly, do you know what they are doing?

Our mom is on vacation this week, so she doesn't really have a schedule. We didn't really notice any thing different until tonight. Late at night, when we have gotten all comfy and cozy and settled in, what does she do?

Gets up and starts MOVING THINGS AROUND! Not just small stuff, oh no - Mom is going for the big stuff! She said she has the bug to rearrange.

We decided we don't want that kind of bug. Sure hope it's not catching.


  1. Humans, they can be so weird and unpredictable!

  2. Yikes! Once in a while our human gets that bug too, though not at night. Only in her case, she moves everything around...then moves everything back because it all looked better in its original spot!

  3. Maybe it's the kind of bug you can *eat*!

  4. Oh yeah, that's how it is when our mom and dad are on vacation. Very confusing, isn't it? :)

  5. The nice thing about when the Mom-hoomin moves stuff around is that generally she reveals a milk-ring or a scrunchy or even one of those balled-up pieces of foil the hooMan keeps dropping on the floor instead of the trash can. And MAN are THOSE fun to chase!! (Dunno why the Mom-hoomin gets all cranky with him about droppin' stuff....he's just making kitty-toys, right??) Maybe you'll find something fun to play with, too.

    --Snickers, Romeycat, and Marigold...

  6. Sometimes the cat people can be as mysterious as their cats. Imagine that!