Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Evo Recall

Mom says the food we eat, Evo Dry, has been voluntarily recalled along with pretty much all their dry dog and cat food and dry treats. Natura will clean their plant, which could take more than a month to produce noms again.

She's putting us on Wellness Inner Core Dry. Whatever we end up on, that's where we're sticking. She says no going back to Evo once they are clean again, because the switching is too hard.


  1. I was lucky this time, the purr gang doesn't eat any of their products. At the last big recall, Riley was a baby and ate the kitten cans that were recalled. I was scared to say the least.

    Hope you like your new foods.


  2. We didn't eat Evo's dry or wet food, but we loved their treats. Mom Paula had to take back 3 bags yesterday for a refund.

  3. Before we switched over to all canned, we ate the Wellness Core dry and we liked it quite a bit!

  4. How about Addiction? We hear it's great!

  5. Momma had to buy me another 5L of Taste of the Wild. I love that, but momma said it's a bit pricey.