Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monday Begins

Mom calls this my "bed fur" look. 

*I* call it rude. Can't a guy have a nice long nap without having 
to wake up every five minutes to make sure every fur is in purrfect order??

That's what the time BETWEEN naps is for.

Any civilized purrson knows this.


  1. How would your human like it if you took photos of her just as she was waking up?

  2. Seriously. What is it with moms and dads? Like they'd want US to take a picture of THEM right when THEY woke up!

  3. Ditto! Our human doesn't like having her pic taken even after she's "groomed" and dressed, so it's certainly not fair to snap our pics when we're not at our very best.

  4. I think you should demand that she brush you if she's so perturbed!