Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our New Fountain

Mom bought us our first ever waterfall fountain. 
It's the Drinkwell Pagoda. It has a bowl and twin streams to drink from.
 She wants to make sure we drink more. Oh, and two new dishes with plenty of whisker space.

So far we haven't used it much, and certainly not where she can see us.  :)

And yes, Mom, we do know HOW MANY green papers it cost you!
Mostly cuz you never let us forget. ****

Oh, and here is the new nip turtle we got today. That's been fun.

Here's to a whole new week for all of us!

Mom: I've been planning this since Tobers got sick. It's expensive so I couldn't
just run out and buy it, I had to wait on the money. Finally I got it, found a great price
and brought it home. I was anticipating how much they would love playing with the
streams. Like watching kids on Christmas morning. And they are all "meh"! about it!!!

C A T S !!!!!


  1. That is a very smart fountain. Running water always tastes better. We had a raindrop drinking fountain but mum used to have to turn it off at night because Eric used to scrape all the water out of it. She used to find a flood in the kitchen every morning. I need to tell her to get it out again.

  2. We've got that some fountain, 'cept ours is all white. We like it.

  3. That's awesome! We bet you kittehs will get around to enjoying your new fountain soon enough. We have one like that, and Moosey and Zoe especially like it. :)

  4. We like that fountain. We like ours but rarely let Mom Paula see us drink from it.

  5. What a snazzy fountain! Remember to only SECRETLY use it...

  6. Hey, if you two are so "meh" about it, you can send it here! We want one!

  7. I've not had luck with the couple of fountains I tried several years ago, possibly because of the sound of the motor. That and that the boys don't like running water. LOL.

    1. This one doesn't have a motor sound. That's why I chose it. Also because of the streams. They love drinking from the faucet when they can.

  8. Thanks for the reply re: the fountain, both here and on the "other" blog.

    I have nothing of particular importance or interest to say (small life and all), which is why I seldom note publicly that I have the non-cat blog. :-)

  9. I like something like that too, but I don't think Mom will buy me anytime soon.

  10. Mom got our Drinkwell fountain about 4 years ago when my old sis Olivia needed to start drinking more water. Well, wouldn't you know, it took Olivia WEEKS to stop being afraid of it! Anyway, it might just take a little time--every one of us has loved it!