Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Reading

Good morning, furriends! Recently we were offered a pet compatibility reading and just got the results back yesterday. If you would like your own reading, please contact Sunny Minorics (
If you are a cat owner (or from their purrspective, are owned by a cat), it’s no secret that our feline friends can be hard to read. Cats can be just as secretive as they are temperamental. However, as is the case with humans, the stars can help reveal the secret personality traits of our pets with the help of pet psychics. By taking a look at the specific pet zodiac signs of Toby and Leia, the experts at Hollywood Psychics are able to determine how Cathy can help strengthen her bond with her cats.
Cathy is born under the sun sign of Cancer. For those born under Cancer, creating harmony in the home is a top priority. Not only is Cathy sensitive to her own needs, but she is also ultra-sensitive to the needs of others; this intuition all comes from Cathy’s Cancerian influence, which grants access to deep emotions that are often unattainable to other signs.
How do the signs of Toby and Leia affect their relationship with intuitive and expressive Cathy, as well as each other?
Cathy and Toby
Toby, or “the Great Orange One,” is a presence. He is born under the Libra sign so he has a fun, sociable, and very pleasing personality. Libra pets also know how to use their personality to charm the pants off of anyone and are highly capable of getting what they want. What they usually want, however, is love, affirmation, and to make the others in their household happy.
Given Cathy’s desire to make others (including her pets) happy, she and Toby are a great match. He just wants to make her happy and she just wants to make him happy. Does it get any better than that?! Cathy’s positive reinforcement rearing its head in line with her Cancerian nature meshes well with Toby’s Libra love of being loved. Continuing to praise Toby as well as giving him attention and stimulation will keep Toby pleased.
Cathy and Leia
Leia is born under the sign of Leo -- “the lion.” Much like the lion, Leo pets like to be the center of attention and “king” of the household. In this case, Leia the Leo reigns as “queen.” Leo pets desire the best food, toys, and accessories; don’t try to get away with giving them hand me downs! They like to rest and take it easy, but also expect their housemates to continue paying attention to them. However, they only want attention on their terms. Sometimes they just want to bathe or take a cat nap so they can continue to look their best.
Cathy’s intuition allows her to generally understand when Leia needs her alone time and when she wants attention. This keeps a harmonious energy between the two. As long as Leia feels she is in charge and is calling the shots as to when she gets attention, she will be satisfied.
Toby and Leia
These cat companions actually work together pretty well for the most part. Being a Libra, Toby needs companionship and it is usually recommended to give Libra pets a second pet to bond with. He is passive and non-aggressive, so he won’t be threatening to the Leia the Leo; he just wants her to be happy. However, there are most likely times when he oversteps Leia’s boundaries, not knowing she was in need of her space.
The Trio
Both of these cats are charmers and seek attention, so this duo may take advantage of Cathy’s strong desire to nurture and please others at times. Cathy also might feel conflicted on which cat to pay attention to since both will want plenty of it and may, at times, compete for it. This can cause Cathy to follow the other side of Cancer, which is reservation and withdrawing into her “shell.” This doesn’t bode well with Toby and Leia either because they both crave the loving and attentive side of Cathy’s Cancerian personality.
Nonetheless, this trio works together pretty well most of the time. If Toby and Leia both get their desired amounts of attention, they will be at their best, generally get along well with one another and working together to build a warm household that fosters love and happiness.

Our thoughts:
This is pretty much accurate, I think. BUT while the cats do often want my attention at the same time, I don't withdraw from them (the rest of my life is another matter). Also, Toby has never entirely forgiven me and Leia for her coming into our lives, so her happiness is NOT a priority of his. Anyway, it was a fun experience to have. Thank you, Hollywood Psychics, for the opportunity!


  1. That was an interesting and fun reading, especially from my pov because Nicki also is a Libra. But others' happiness is NOT his priority, IMO. LOL.

  2. My human is also a Cancer - she withdraws from other humans frequently, but never kitties!

  3. Wow, that was really interesting! How neat that it was pretty much accurate!

  4. Interesting! It would be hard to do us, cos most of us aren't telling our purrdays.

  5. Seems like so many bloggers are getting a pet psychic reading lately. Glad you enjoyed it.