Monday, June 16, 2014

Tabby Tuesday

My mom has many nicknames for me - why do 'rents do that anyway? 
- and the one she has been using a lot lately is Princess Pretty Paws.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.... I am a Princess. 
And I do have pretty paws. But somehow I suspect she is using 
this nickname to make fun of me a bit. I'm just not sure how...

Anyway, she is home for this whole week. That thing hoomins
call "vacation". While we enjoy having her home to wait on us,
it's also kinda annoying, since she also snorgles us when
we are trying to sleep. But we will get through this.


  1. Surely not. I think Princess Pretty Paws is a nice name.

  2. It could be worse, Leia, - she could be calling you Princess Patty Paws, which would necessitate you whapping instead of patting!

  3. That paw pic made our Mommy kind of mushy. She likes the name "Princess Pretty Paws".


  4. um. We mancats understand that nickname purrfectly! You have VERREH pretty paws.


  5. Well, we think that nickname is just fine. You should hear what our human calls us! Some of the words are HBO words, frankly.

  6. I think she should call you Queen Pretty Paws!

  7. We kind of think Princess Pretty Paws is a rather nice name. :)

  8. Well, if you keep dangling those pretty paws like that, we understand completely the snorgling obsession. Purrs...

  9. Ohhh... I think that Princess Pretty Paws is a great name... for a girl. Lately, my Peep #1 has gotten into the habit of callin' me Niss Wiss. Not sure what I think about that. Actually, I AM sure. Sounds like cheese in a can or somethin'. The nickname has gotta go.