Monday, June 30, 2014

Kittehs Unite!

Dear furriends, once again, we have heard of an innocent fellow kitteh being maligned and framed, framed! for someone else's mistake.

Wee lil Viola from the Colehaus Cats was the wronged party this time. How can anyone look at that sweet, purrfect face and think even for a second that she could do anything wrong?

Even I, Toby, was subjected to a vile accusation of lamp breaking recently.

We have to take a stand! Put our paws down and say NO MORE!!

Who is with us???


  1. I'm with you! Everyone knows us kitties never do anything wrong.

  2. I am totally with you! Just the other day I was blamed for a hairball on the rug! I think there's someone else here now whose hairballs would look like mine.

  3. We're with you too! Kitties should not be accused of any wrongdoing.

  4. I'll raise my paw to that, Toby! We cats are being unfairly targeted.

  5. We are SO with you. Everyone knows cats never do anything wrong!