Friday, March 11, 2011

The Paw of Toby

Mine is a busy, multi-talented paw. It excels at many things - batting bits of kibble around, bringing it to various bug life and smacking Leia occasionally when she gets in the mood to put the bitey on me.

But nothing gives me quite the same thrill as sneaking it in my Mom's mouth. Watching her go EWWWW and get all gag-gy is great fun. Best time is always when she's mostly asleep.


Our hearts go out to the people of Japan, but especially to the animals there. We can't help wondering how the residents of the cat cafes are doing.


  1. My Mommy kisses my paws all the time! :)

    What are "cat cafes?"

    Our hearts go out to the people of Japan too....we are also worried about the west coast of the U.S.

  2. MOL. Moosey does the same thing to us when we are sleeping!

    We are purring and praying for Japan, too. I have cousins there, but they are further south (so I think they are probably okay).

    Thank you for your ongoing friendship. We really appreciate all you did for us during Maggie's illness, and when she had to go to the Bridge.

    Love and headbonks,


  3. You are very welcome! - Toby & Leia & Cathy

  4. We's been purraying for all the peoples and pets in Japan and where the Tsunami hits or might hit!
    Yous opretty dextorus with tha paw!

  5. My mom love to touch my paws and kiss it ! Pretty weird for me but she love to do it : )

    I'm purring and praying for all in Japan, too.That was shocking news !

  6. Haha! You have a sneaky paw.
    We are purring for all the furries and people affected by the tsunami and earthquake.

  7. The Paw of Toby ... we love it!
    We are purring and purraying for all affected, hurt or killed during the earthquake. It is just nearly beyond comprehension.


  8. Putting your paw in your human's mouth - what a great trick!

    But isn't it kind of gross, getting human slobber on it?

  9. OMG Toby my paw is nearly as talented as yours! How exciting!

    Teddy Westlife