Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Uh Oh.

Hey Leia, look-y what you got ! A brand new PTU.

Um, Toby dear, that isn't for Leia. It's for you.

Mom!!! NOOOOO!!!! It's... it's.... a totally girly color. I can't go in that!

I know, I tried to find a mancatly color for you,
but they're hard to find in your size.

Hmpf. Righttttt - you're just being cheap, aren't you, Mom?
Well... at least it has a nice second door on top.
I guess that's not too bad.
And it does look roomy enough for a guy with my fee-seek.
But you're still gonna have to shove me in there, Mom.

I know, Toby, I know!

Mom's Note:
Move Day is this Saturday.
Keep your paws crossed that all goes well.
My biggest regret is that the
cats have to lose their screened in porch.

PS: That PTU really is a ghastly shade of blue!!


  1. Ooooh, I like the top escape hatch, very James Bond. Its not too girly either, perhaps your mummy can put some man kitty type stickers on it - like "beware, tiger in transit" hee he :) xx

  2. We're crossing our paws for you all!

    The mom loves those top-loading carriers, never mind the colour. LOL. The top-loaders make getting us in all too easy. Good news for the mom, bad news for us!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. I hope moving day goes as well as it can!

  4. Mommy thinks top loaders are the best! but me hates all PTUs! Me kicks them and bites them and me has hissy fits! Me knows how yous feels Toby!

  5. That is NOT a good present, Toby! At least you will have a new place to explore once the drama is over.

  6. Love your new carrier. Can you enclose the porch area for them ?

  7. Run, Toby, run! Moving was the worse experience of my life--it may be for you, too!

  8. That's definitely the kind of *present* we can do without, Toby!

    We are purring and praying that moving day goes smoothly. Sorry to hear about the porch. :(

  9. I don't think the color is bad at all! If it is close to how the photograph looks it isn't bad. Good luck this weekend! Even without the screened porch, I bet you have some great windows!!

  10. Paws crossed for you. So sorry about the porch. My mama thinks the top loading PTUs are the best. I hates them all.

  11. We do not have a top looks nice, well, as PTU's go.
    Hope everything goes well tomorrow.
    ~ The Bunch

  12. I love "mancatly" color! :) hehe.

    I hope your move goes without any headaches. Always so hard!