Friday, June 22, 2012

Cousins Max & Lola

Life is good.  I *finally* convinced my hoomin to get me a stroller 
so I can enjoy running with the big dogs.  And yes, my walking 
companion is a big dog.  90 pound Great Dane puppies just are BIG.  
Now, if can just convince the horse to quit crashing into my stroller, 
life will be GREAT.


  1. Wow, that stroller is very cool! We're not so sure about 90 pounds of Great Dane puppy, though. Maybe a saddle -- you could ride atop, instead of in the stroller!

  2. You've got your very own transport, now. Pretty neat! purrs

  3. Oh Wow! What a cool PTU! Me might even like that!
    Me and my hairy slobbery sister Bob has dropped by to thanks yous for all your kind words and thoughts! Bobby is feeling much better today.
    Kisses and nose nudges
    Nellie and Bob

  4. What a great stroller! And what a GIANT woofie! It's only a puppy? Wow!

  5. Max, love your new wheels! And Lola, you are just a puppy! You are both adorable!

  6. Hey Toby and Leia... guess what? You won an award. That's right... an award! Ya gotta check it out on my blog. purrs

  7. That is totally pawsome! I say you move that big galloot over by repeatedly using a squirt gun! You could haz your human install it so all you gotta do is step on it. We think it would be heeeeelarious!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan